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Scrivener Open

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The quest for ACT dams continues.  This time Scrivener with one of its flood gates open!

Scrivener Dam
Scrivener Dam
Molonglo River in flood
Scrivener Dam
Scrivener Dam
It was pretty awesome!! :)

Tonight we watched James May's Toy Stories (Airfix) and a documentary on Berlin.

And opened the Laphroig - yum!

And am attempting to delete my failed Recycle Bin ... hopefully it'll clear 31gb ..

Windows 7

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Formatted my C: drive last night and installed Windows 7 proper.  Copped plenty of flak at work for buying it retail, but now that I come to think of it, it's probably the first time I've *ever* paid full price for an operating system.. The last couple have come with the PCs and before that it was all uni stuff.  

I decided not to get an upgrade, since I didn't want to spend time trying to find my Dell recovery cds or deal with any of the hassles of trying to get a key to work (having read horror stories about it).  

So backed everything up just in case (data is all on d: drive, but it was scheduled for last night anyway) then backed up my users directory to make sure I had things like my Google Earth place markers, Live Messenger history, and Chrome history/session data.

And then installed Windows 7.  Went totally smoothly.  In fact a few minutes after it started I went and hung out all my washing, then came back and it was nearly done.  Installed and restored Chrome and I was up and running again, hurrah!


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I knew this was coming in March, but didn't think it'd give me so little warning :/

Windows is a big poo

I haven't bitched too much about Windows 7 yet.  Probably because I haven't really had the time to poke around with it.  

But I did try to install a printer today.  Just our ancient HP 2100.  

I failed.

Windows 7 doesn't come with a driver for it, HP doesn't have Windows 7 drivers, and the Vista driver doesn't work.  PCL XL error.  Dunno if trying any other drivers (eg for server 2008) would work.....


Friday stuff

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  • sliced my fingers open cooking dinner
  • went on strike
  • watched Innerspace, was fun
  • captchas on my blog still broken. 
  • ftp doesn't work very well in windows 7.  CuteFTP, windows ftp, both have all sorts of connection problems, either in passive mode or not
Turned on my monitor this morning and found the puta had dropped off the network.  Had to hard boot it again.  This is unacceptable and unusable.  Will do a bit of investigating, make sure there's no driver updates etc, but if it keeps up I'll be going back to Vista ( **shudder** )..

Windows 7

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Well today I went and bought myself a new hard drive (500gb Seagate for $139). 

Brought it home but didn't get to touch it, as Caroline came over for dinner and was busy cooking and eating and watching tv and playing Wii.

Finally got around to installing it.  Didn't take too long to figure out how to pull apart my case (which turned out to be rather simple).  Swapped out the old drive for the new one.

And ran Windows 7 setup.

There was a tense moment as it seemed to have hung in the same place it did last night, but it carried on and installed fairly quickly.  Once in windows it took a hard reboot to kick the network interface.  But apart from that it seems to be going ok. 

I'm a little worried about attaching the USB hub.  While I was having all these other troubles, the computer hung at the Dell splash screen when the thing was attached.  Whether or not it'd do it now I'm not sure.. I'm almost not game to try - what if it kills this disk too??  I'm sure I'm being paranoid.  Pretty sure the disk problems started happening before I first attached it.... Wonder if I could retrieve the old disk's windows event logs to see....

So anyways.. we'll see how this goes..

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