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Wii Unfit

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Mum came back from the little brother's tonight.  We had a very nice swim in the pool and talked about family and life and stuff.

Pool with eggnog

Then I cooked dinner - cheesy meatballs and cutlets.  Yumm!

Then we played on the wii for a while.  I checked in for the first time in two years.  I might have put on weight.  Sigh.  Mum lost weight.  More sigh.  At least I won at bowling and tennis heh.

A Day in Waiting

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So where we?

Last time I blogged it was Sunday night and I was saying I really should download my photos.  Yeah I got around to doing that today.

Monday to Wednesday was a training course.  Which was relatively easy.

Friday night we had Nat and Andrew over for dinner - pasta bake!  We played a game of Geek Battle, but had more fun afterwards just reading the questions to each other.  Then we played all 32 races of Mario Kart, which kept us going til nearly midnight, but the sweetie actually stayed up for the whole thing which was nice.

This, kids, is why you should not drink and drive - normally I would come third, this result was pitiful!
Don't drink and drive

Today I cleaned the house.  As you do.  Did a bit of photo sorting.  But the afternoon was spent in waiting for a call to go into work to do some testing.  Except they had a problem with a storage system, so I still don't know what's happening .. The sweetie and I played Diablo for hours.  I didn't even get to watch Airport, as I figured I'd more than likely get interrupted.

Very sleepie..

Day of Rest

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Well mostly.

Doc came over last night for Mario Kart/Buzz/Singstar which was a lot of fun.

Today just mostly did jigsaw and computer stuff.  Did go out and do some food shopping and I did a roast chicken and a bunch of veggies which will provide lots of leftovers for the week.

What else ...

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Saturday: breakfast at Black Pepper, food shopping, jigsawing, house stuff, computer stuff, Angel and Buffy

Sunday: jigsawing, house stuff, computer stuff, Andrew over for Mario Kart (he won out of 16 races), Ticket to Ride (I won), lamb roast, Buzz (Stu won one and I won another) and Wii Olympics (gave up on the London one cause it's retarded and went back to the Beijing one).

Better Sunday

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Alternated between doing jigsaws, cleaning the house and catching up on blog entries.

Andrew came over this afternoon and we played a couple of games of Roborally, then a few races of Mario Kart, then had a nom nom nom roast pork for dinner, then some Buzz and some more Mario Kart.  Quite a nice evening really :)

Fairly quiet weekend

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So apart from having Doc wander up for some Mario Kart and Singstar on Saturday night, we didn't do anything this weekend.  Well not outside the house anyway.  Just the usual cleaning and tidying and photo sorting and catching up on rss feeds.  

Oh we did watch the first episode of Brideshead Revisited this afternoon.  Jeremy Irons is pretty hot even at 33.  And plenty of been-theres at Oxford :)


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I'm totally going to have Wii arm tomorrow.  Might have been playing Mario and Sonic and the London 2012 Olympic Games :)  Haven't played through all of it yet so the jury is still out on whether it's better than the original or not.  Some things so far are a bit more annoying, but there's a couple of new events which could work out well.  The party mode is a bit "huh? what's going on?" but I suppose that's cause I'm no good at video games.  Will have to get Nat&Andrew over soon to help ;)

And I'm going to the VIP dinner at Brick Expo this year.. should be awesome :)  Book early if you want to go too!

Anzac Day

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Didn't really do anything to mark Anzac Day.  Boring...

I had plans to work on the back yard yesterday, but I couldn't work up the enthusiasm.  Instead I worked on the hobby room.  Made a little progress rearranging the clutter in there..

After dinner Doc came up and we all played some Mario Kart and some Buzz before staying up quite late doing lots and lots of SingStar :)

Happy Birthday Nat!

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Yesterday we met up with Nat and Andrew at what used to be Kitschen, but is now Kingswood Bar and Grill, who of course don't take Entertainment Book vouchers.  Lame.  Food was ok (my pasta could have been a little moister).. Andrew's chips rocked though.

Nat and Andrew
Then they came back to our place and we played Buzz (Nat won one and I won one), Creationary (had some fun collaborative play), Pictionary (Stu and I won) and Mario Kart (Nat won - who else? ;) )

Creationary play
Super fun afternoon :)

Cold October weekend

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So yesterday morning I woke up to snow.  


Actually I suppose you'd call it sleet, as there was plenty of rain too, but mixed in were little flurries of snow, which was epic cool!!

October snow
Did our food shopping, then spent the afternoon trying to tidy up the house.

I like how these coins arranged themselves when I dropped them on my desk the other day.

Coin drop

Then headed over to Nat and Andrew's and ordered Crust pizzas for dinner.  The winner for me was the "Peking Duck" pizza - with a hoisin sauce base and duck and a couple of whole leaves of bok choy.  Yum yum yum.

Crust Peking Duck Pizza

Had a go at iPad scrabble since we had four i-devices to use.  Worked ok, except that the phones kept dropping out :(  

iPad scrabble

Also played all 32 races of Mario Kart in a row.

Mario Kart scores

Today was final cleaning of the house, and then the Canberra Killifish Study Group which we had at our place.  Six fishy geeks plus Stu :)  After they had a tour of all our fish tanks they had their meeting.  I heated up lunch.

Afterwards headed out to Corin Dam, but will put all of that in a separate post.

I still don't have pictures for this entry.  If anyone cares, come back in a few days.

The first half of the long weekend was great.

Friday night we went over to Nat and Andrew's and met Suki.  Soooo cute!  Had pizza for dinner, then played some Wii music (some bits of it were fun, others were tedious), Singstar, Wiiracas and Mario Kart.

Suki and the sweetie

Saturday we went to Belco markets for breakfast and to look at fish shops.  Got back and got some housework done then spent a good chunk of the afternoon doing fish stuff.  Stu did a big tidy of the fish stuff in the garage and I cleaned out the danio tank and took the five danios back upstairs.

Sunday was doing more housey stuff when I started having an immune reaction.  So went and lay down around lunch time for a couple of hours.  The rest of the afternoon went in slow motion.  Did do a little tidying of my hobby room, so at least the day wasn't a complete waste :/

Today was just a mopey blah sort of day.  Did a jigsaw.  Ripped some of my cds.  Did the food shopping cause we had to.  That was about it really.

Opera House Jigsaw

I did freecycle a couple of inkjet printers which was good.  Although a bit sad giving away a printer I spent $300 on back in the day.  Nowadays it's practically cheaper to buy a new printer than it is to buy new ink.  So stoopid.
Yesterday morning (well actually Friday night), the sweetie decided we should go out for breakfast.  So after making sure servers were working after patching reboots we went to Black Pepper in Belconnen.  Wasn't too bad.  I had eggs benedict with some really yummy bacon, although I don't think I'd have it with the farmhouse muffin again.

Recycled posts

Black Pepper Belconnen
Eggs Benedict at Black Pepper

After brekky we went for a walk to the Hub to see if they had any Japanese coffee-in-a-cans that Stu still misses about Japan.  Then for a wander round the lake to look at the swan that was there.

Black swan
Black swan
Belconnen Arts Centre

Spent much of the day trying to sort out four and half thousand photos that haven't been filed since around September last year :/

After their film group night, Nat and Andrew came over and we played some Wii.  First up Mario Kart (eight races, always fun), then some Kirby Airride (the general racing wasn't too bad but the mini-maps were too painful to control), and then some Mario Kart Double Dash from the Gamecube (like Mario Kart but with two characters on each cart and a few different tracks, a few the same, a little weird but still fun).  Which took us well and truly into tomorrow (today)!

This morning I went along to Kerry's baby shower.  A room full of strangers was really not my idea of fun :/  They played a couple of baby-shower type games (a version of Pictionary was the most fun, of course heh), but I ran away again when it came to "playing dressups" and a tea party relay.  Potty's colleague Danielle was nice though, and she's due shortly after Kerry.

Baby shower
Baby shower
Baby shower
I wanted to upload the rest of the photos I took to conspiracy, but the server disk is pretty much full, and I can't FTP anything :(  Wondering if I should finally move my blog somewhere else .... :/

Came home and did some more photo sorting, and we put quite a few books into shelves too.

Watched an ok doco on the Titanic disaster.. really must get Stu to watch the 1998 version... heh

And had a dip in the freezing puddle to cool off from this stoopid heat.. bring on autumn!!

Last night

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Last night we had Nat and Andrew over for dinner and Wii. Did a nomm pasta bake and garlic bread and Bavarian cheesecake and we all ate too much heh.

After dinner we played the epic version of Mario Kart - a single competition with all 32 races!! I actually ended up winning with 371 points - very squee :) Then we played some Donkey Konga which was a lot of fun, until our hands hurt too much heh :) We also played some two-player Flight Control which was hard but fun.

And then it was today...

Been keeping busy

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So we've been keeping busy doing not a lot :)

Realised last night we hadn't left the house in four days :)  Bliss!!

Yesterday morning I finished rebuilding the Millennium Falcon.  It only took twelve hours this time instead of eighteen (so that was six hours of my life last time just hunting for pieces in the bags!  This time each little section was in its own bag from when I pulled it apart carefully).    I found the two 2x3 grey plates which I couldn't find during the first build.  I think I must have added them by mistake in the engines.  Either that or I just missed them this time around :)  But the missing left wing never showed up, and I was still left with a right wing instead.  So think there must have been a mistake in the packaging - doh!  

Look at the difference in colour between the "old" light grey and the "new" light grey!
Star Destroyer and Millenium Falcon

Not quite the same scale :)
Star Destroyer and Millenium Falcon
Last night Nat and Andrew came over and we had some pasta to go with our cheese, and then played lots of Wii into the early hours.  We had fun dressing up Nat's Mii :)

Nat's Mii
This morning the little brother had a look at my battery and confirmed my suspicions that the thing was, in fact, rooted.  So called NRMA out again (last time they came in 20 minutes, this time it was closer to 120 :/  - me poor little brother was trying to leave but very nicely waited around for them).  So they sold me an overpriced battery but the good news is it seems to be working ok now, *and* we decided it was probably the central locking draining the battery too quickly, so that has been disconnected.  So hopefully will be betterer for a while now...

Today's effort

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(started last night)
But finished this in eight hours this time, instead of twelve the first time.  Dividing the pieces up into sections certainly makes a huge difference!

Lego Star Destroyer 10030
Also played some of Nat's Wii games and Sports Resort.

Coast Trip

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Left fairly early on Saturday (9am) for the coast.  It rained.  It was rainy there.  We saw the remains of one accident, Neil ended up being stuck behind a couple of accidents and some bicyclists so had a very long, slow run.  

Coast Trip October

DC and I played some Wii Sports Resort.  It's not too bad, I might get it.  Maybe if I can get a good price on it in a couple of months ;)

When Neil arrived we did a 500-piece jigsaw of a fairy that he'd brought down.  DC timed us, but we don't know if it was 1.5 hours or 2.5 hours.  Shrug.

At beer o'clock DC and I played some Mario Kart and some olympics. We stopped when I kept winning :/  Started watching Young Frankenstein. It was .. ok.. heh. Paused in middle to cook and eat dinner (pasta and herb bread).  Then jumped in the spa. It was too hot but cooled down after having the blowers on for a while. Went to bed around 12:15.

Sunday had a little bit of a sleep in. Played a few hours on the Wii. Started my "Fish and Chips" jigsaw with Neil before he went home.  The day went very fast because of daylight savings.

Coast Trip October
Coast Trip October
Coast Trip October

At beer o'clock lost three games of pool to DC so played some Wii. Pizza for dinner. More Wii. Spa til 1am.

Monday was just doing more jigsaw and wiiing.  The sun came out for a little while, and might almost have been worth going to the beach, except it clouded over and started raining again before we got around to it.  Oh well. 

Ever want to know where all the "i" info dots are on Wii Sports Resort?  We found them all :)
Coast Trip October
Coast Trip October

Run home wasn't too bad.  Lots of crazy clouds around from all the storm activity (which I'll post separately).  

Coast Trip October


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Nat and Andrew came over last night, and after watching Mrs Doubtfire and eating pizza, we played on their Donkey Kong bongo game.  It was so much fun! Did a heap of songs off that, before switching to Mario Kart when our hands got too sore (and we'd run out of songs we knew :) ).
So what else has been happening this week?

Well Tuesday we had Jeff & Ruth over for dinner.  Nothing fancy, just pasta, but some nice nibbles beforehand.  Conversation got all philosophical-like. heh.  Then we watched Stu's Japan photo dvd.

Thursday went out for dinner to Ginger & Spice in Gungahlin with Scott and Kerry and Jeff and Ruth.  I'd had a few beers by this point, so evening was perfectly pleasant ;)  They'd ordered by the time we got there, so when we arrived, so did the food.  So didn't get much conversation really.

Yesterday had a fairly slow day.  Went for a walk up Mt Rogers.  Then had Nat and Andrew over to play Wii.  Played some really freaky rabbitd game, and then some Mario Kart.  Actually managed to unlock two new cups to play. 

Today I came pretty much as close as I'll ever get to finishing the Olympics (as anyone who reads my Twitter feeds will have been bombarded with ;) ).  The only things remaining are Wario and Amy's 110m hurdles in mission mode, the perfect 10 in vault emblem, and the perfect scores in skeet and archery.  When I got the last trophy today, it put up a special congratulations screen and started playing game credits, with a "thankyou for playing" screen at the end :)   

I should point out that I was enjoying the glorious spring weather today while playing Wii.  Had doors and windows open and was gazing out at our cherry tree which is *going off* at the moment :)

Epic Win!!!

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All I have to say is EPIC WIN!!!!

Epic Crown Win

(and Epic YouTube Fail, the interface is just crap and twenty minutes after uploading I *still* don't have a thumbnail)


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So I've had a productive day and it's only 2:30pm ..

Got up with the others at 7:30 and had breakfast.  Then after they left, tidied up the house, dusted and vacuumed and did a couple of loads of washing.

Then played Olympics for a couple of hours and got Wario a crown.  Seven crowns down, nine plus one to go.

Then because last night it was established that the other spare room had too much junk in it to lay a mattress out on it, I decided it was time to get that room organised.  Which involved lots of moving of crap around.  Which led to tidying up the garage.  Which is shiny now :)  Climbed lots of steps too.  Pity the pedometer ran out of batteries...
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