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Monday would have begun our week off.  Except it wasn't really a week off for us.  Well not that we could fully relax anyway.  But, I did get stuck into the house work I wanted to do.  Monday I cleaned out the spare room cupboard and organised everything in there.  Had sausages for dinner.

Tuesday I cleaned out most of our bedroom cupboard, although we still didn't find Stu's fitbit.  Kit cooked us some ribs on the bbq for lunch which was nice.  In the afternoon I cleaned out the ensuite cupboard.  Chris and Zac came up for a swim, then Chris Bell came over as well.  With Dumpling Inn apparently closed for the break, we did a big pickup from Chong Co instead.

Wednesday I cleaned out one of the kitchen cupboards which had been annoying me for a while.  That one is a lot more organised now.  Cooked up some pasta for dinner, and we watched Wag the Dog, which seemed a bit far fetched for me.

Thursday morning I didn't really get anything useful done.  Went out during the day to Bunnings then to the chemist and had lunch, and finally our food shopping.  Did a bit of sorting of stuff in the afternoon.  Mum took us to the Labor Club for dinner with Chris and Zac.  Had a swim in the pool afterwards.

Overnight I woke up at around dentist time and couldn't get back to sleep til around 5am because I was just too hot.  The cooler was working really well before Christmas, but this entire week has been stoopidly humid which means the cooler is pretty much useless.  No fair.

So Friday was a slow start.  Mum went home, then got stuck into sorting the year's receipts and other such things.  In the evening Ben and Serena came over for a swim, and we got pizza for dinner then chatted for a while.

And so now we're up to the last day of the year.  I still have a few more bits and pieces I need to blog today.  There's *heaps* of stuff on my todo list that I wanted to get done this week but couldn't because it was too hard to concentrate.  But at least I have another couple of days left which I might be able to get some of it done.  The ftp backup of my blog is *still* going :/  I did manage to do an sql dump of it all though which was good.  123mb, although a huge chunk of that is the search terms that people use on the sidebar.  Go figure.  Might see if I can delete some of that.

Edit:  deleted nearly nine years of activity history, and the sql dump was cut down to 25mb :)

Not Home

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So it feels like I haven't been home in days.

Saturday work most of the day, a bit of touristing, and dinner was salmon at Chrissie's.  Today out all day on a massive photo project which involved thirteen locations, 261 photos and 14000+ steps.  So tonight I collapsed with a couple of beers, some chicken kiev, and a bit of Survivor.

Oh, it rained a little bit on Friday night.

This jetty usually has about 15cm of air *under* it
Lake Ginninderra overfull

This duck was enjoying the newly expanded Lake Ginninderra
Lake Ginninderra expansion

So were these swans
Lake Ginninderra expansion

Ginninderra creek is usually about a metre wide at this point
Ginninderra Creek flood

Yesterday it was more like twenty
Ginninderra Creek flood

Scrivener had one gate open today
Scrivener Dam one gate open


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It snowed in Canberra last week.  I woke up (a zombie due to lack of sleep) and walked out into the kitchen and thought it was a super heavy frost before realising it was snow.  That woke me up somewhat!





Then last night we had the warmest overnight July night temperature in recorded history.  Craziness.

Tonight I only geotagged some of day 24's photos, and didn't do any fish tank rescues, but did attack the piles of crap next to my desk.  Still a long way to go.


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My lower back has been hurting a lot today :(  Meant today I hardly achieved anything, other than a bit of work on the trivia night.

But stepping back a bit.

Thursday I *finally* got another one of my firewalls in and working.  Not really any dramas to sort out afterwards which was good.

Friday the sweetie took me to Smoque for dinner, and then we had a quiet night and went to bed at 10:30.  But was too hot and uncomfortable to get to sleep.  Until 4am :(:(:(:(  I'm thoroughly sick of all this hot weather :(:(

Smoque wings

Smoque platter

Saturday Stu had to go to the club for a committee meeting, and we spent much of the afternoon in the pool which was nice.  EffanC came over for a while last night and we watched random things on YouTube.

Club dragon

Today was just discomfort from my spine.  Watched an interesting documentary on the Last Days in Vietnam tonight which was really good.

Hot Zombie Day

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Didn't get to sleep til quite late.  Woke up at 5am.  Got maybe half an hour more sleep after that.  Was a zombie most of the morning.

Did a whole heap of data entry today - putting a stack of device information into my whizz-bang database.

Tonight just suffered in the heat.

Dear summer: it's autumn now.  Go away!!!

Stinkin' Hot

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I'm completely sick of this heat.  Woke up at 3:20 and couldn't get back to sleep.  Maybe got another hour or two's sleep.  Zombie day today.

Tonight was beer and pool.  And Chrissie and pool.

Still Hot

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Tonight consisted of beer, pool, Chrissie over for dinner, pool, Kit and Ben over for pool, and now bed time.  

Dear summer: please piss off now.  Seriously. 


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It's too damned hot.  Couldn't sleep last night.  Too hot.

Washed my hair tonight.  Maybe a wet head will help keep my temperature down for a while ..

So what else happened.

Saturday night we picked up EffanC and went to Scott's place.  We were very late getting there.  It would have been a nice night, except I was overheating and the music was turned up to a level that killed my enthusiam to talk loudly over it.  Ended up being quite late home too.  At least we had a very nice salad for dinner that C made (and lots of yummy cheese!).  Had a swim when we got home to cool off.

Sunday I was pretty tired on account of not getting enough sleep.  Didn't get a whole lot done.  The heat was too miserable-making.  Did manage to do food shopping.  Kit came over briefly to dip her feet in the pool.  Had salmon and salad for dinner.

George is a spud

But last night I couldn't get to sleep *forever* - too damned hot, even with the fan going at full speed.  Dear summer, it's the middle of February, feel free to bugger off and bother someone else.  Felt like a complete zombie today and all the stoopid got to me and made me grumpy.  Also panicking slightly about my firewall project and getting it done in time.  Even our resident expert is not sure what is going on.  We did make one of them work nicely today though, so just need to figure out what *that* means.

Tonight cooked up a bunch of stuff for dinners/lunches during the week.

Stormy Weather

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On Friday night we watched the *original* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live action movie with Elias Koteas.  I always liked the movie as a teen and had only ever seen it for sale on dvd once before, but it was super expensive so I was waiting for the price to come down.  But the price never did and then the dvd disappeared shortly afterwards.  So I was pretty happy to find it on Bluray at JB for $16.

Saturday was house stuff, then went out to the club for "Italian night" which was pretty good.  They joeys are getting bigger.  The older one was hooning around and not as keen to be held.




Passionfruit Semifreddo

Today a bit of house stuff, but also went in to work to have another go at the proxy upgrade, which fortunately worked well this time.

Tonight we watched a special (Back in Time) on the Back to the Future movies which was pretty cool.  Will have to watch all the movies again, haven't seen them in years.  Could be as much as ten years ago, given that I got the dvds in 2004 ...

Also tonight is rain and thunderbolts and lightning.  Yayy rain!!  Lots of cool yellow and orange stuff all over the catchments.

Winter Weather

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Just some of the weather-related pictures that have been accumulating for the past few months..

Some morning fog in June

Morning fog

Morning fog

This winter *felt* very cold, although the pool only froze over a few times - and only once or twice thick enough to hold things

Pool ice

Snow out past Queanbeyan

Queanbeyan snow

Queanbeyan snow

And snow in Belconnen for TJ's farewell (didn't get any good photos of it - taking photos through a rain-soaked window is difficult - who knew?)

Belconnen snow


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Friday night we had dinner at home then headed down to Junee.

Played Cards Against Humanity for a while (it was dead even the whole game, and we had a couple of tiebreaker rounds before Stu finally won) before going to bed.

Playing Cards Against Humanity

Saturday morning we started a jigsaw.  Had some Aldi lasagna for breakfast.

Went into town (hacking portals).  Saw the Explorer arrive, then went and had lunch in the Railway Cafe.  Saw the XPT leave.  Jigsaw most of the afternoon.

Junee swan

Railway cafe tasting plate

Railway cafe lasagna

Junee XPT

Then we thought we'd celebrate Independence Day by watching Independence Day.  That was a lot of fun.

Independence Day

D cooked us up some curried lamb for dinner, and we did a Naked Gun marathon (I've never actually seen any of them).

This morning we finished the jigsaw, then packed it up to leave.  Silly really.

Bran Castle

Stopped for some lunch at the Scottish Restaurant in Gundagai, and dropped in to visit Annie and co on the way home.


Gundagai bridge

The house was 7C when we got home.  There was still ice on the pool.  The heater has been running since we got home this afternoon and now at 8pm it's only finally 19C.  Craziness.

Freezing house

Cooked a thoroughly evil cauliflower bake for dinner.

That was the weather today.

Loved it :)

For some reason it reminds me of *Canberra* - going home to a nice cosy house and listening to the rain is just so awesome.  Even though we didn't actually turn the heater on - apparently there's some rule against turning it on before Anzac Day heh

Whoops so I didn't post all weekend..

This ring tail possum was at the club on NYE.  I touched its tail because I could.

Ring tail possum

Friday was super hot.  The birds were suffering.  Crows and magpie larks were coming to the fountain at the Labor Club to get a drink and cool off in the shade.

Crow at the Labor Club

Did our food shopping and came home.

Saturday I did some housework, and got a bit annoyed that it feels like I'm *always* cleaning the house.  It's just never ending :/

We did jump in the pool to cool off though which was nice.

In the evening we went over to EffanC's to have a glass of bubbly and some cheese before we went to the movies.  

Pre movie bubbly

Wine at the Palace

Palace Electric wine

Then back to their place for a fairly late dinner (of some very nice quiche and salad).

Sunday was more suffering in the heat.  

In the afternoon mum came down from Sydney to stay.  She *finally* had a swim in our pool (for one reason or another it'd never happened before).  I had a beef stew going in the slow cooker all afternoon.  For dessert we had Heston Blumenthal's Hidden Orange Pudding.  I'd seen these advertised on tv before Christmas, but didn't get one.  Then on Friday saw them for half price so grabbed one.  It was pretty good.

Hidden Orange Pudding

Hidden Orange Pudding

And today was back in the deep end trying to stay afloat again.  

It rained

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It rained a lot last night.  

It rained

Water streamed into the garage, but fortunately didn't do any damage this time.

It rained

Bits and stuff

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One of the coldest nights we had this winter was the 5-6th August.  The ice on the tub of water was so thick it took a *lot* of effort to break through it to see how thick it was.

Chunky Ice

This candle was at @CLBradley's.  I thought it looked like a tower out of Lord of the Rings.

Tower candle

Sometimes George comes in hoping to be fed (rarely happens but doesn't stop him investigting).  He rarely ever stops for more than a few seconds at a time so this picture of him laying down on the sweetie is pretty rare.

George pillow

Have seen balloons (and frost) a few times this week.

Frost and balloons

On Monday morning it was *cold*.  Freezing in fact.  The ice was so thick on the tub of water out the back that I have no idea how thick it actually was.  It held up a potplant with no effort.


There was slight freezage of the pool that morning, but just a few crystals.  Same with this morning.

George came by yesterday and said hi to the fish.

George and the fish


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Have had a super busy couple of days at work.  But most of that has been doing (or procrastinating doing) paperwork.  I'd much rather be *doing* than writing about what I'm doing so it's a tad frustrating.  But hopefully things will improve soon...

Also, today was the first day this year that I felt like I should have worn a jacket .. Canberra has been *that* mild this year..

Last Sunday morning we headed home from Sydney with a car load of crap in tow.  Caught up on housework/washing etc in the afternoon.

On Monday I finished packing up and inventoring Jake's Lego.  

On Tuesday I suffered from major lack of sleep.  We went to the Dumpling Inn for dinner (mixed chow mein and shredded beef peking style) then did our food shopping.  Came home and dismantled most of the Star Destroyer (that had also been constructed at Christmas 2009) while watching TV.

On Tuesday night I still couldn't get to sleep, so Wednesday was more misery.  Watched some pretty cool rainstorms out the window at work.  When I got home however, there was a small stream of water going across the garage floor.  Which would have been fine, except it intersected with my old desk that I've had for thirty five or so years, and the chipboard at the bottom all swelled up :(:(:(  So that was pretty annoying.  My parents still have the matching beds, and I still use the matching set of drawers.  I was hoping to sell/give away the things as a set one day so that's a bit of a poo.  In the evening it poured with rain again, so I collected a whole heap of it and put it in the pool.

Garage flooding

Garage flooding

Wednesday night I finished dismantling the Star Destroyer, and started the remaining section of my Life jigsaw. 

Life - section 3

Thursday night we got pizza and watched The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy which I hadn't seen since I saw it at the movies in 2005.

On Friday a bunch of us got pork knuckles from Zierholz.  Omigosh they were *huge*.  I got through all the meat/crackling on mine (but only just) but didn't quite finish the sides.  Pretty much everyone said the experience of it was good, but noone would really be interested in having it again - simply too much food.  I reckon it'd go well shared between two people.  I didn't have any dinner that night.

Pork knuckle

Friday night was more jigsawing while watching Angels and Demons, which I hadn't seen.  

Saturday morning I cleaned the gutters and flushed the downpipes which were all completely clogged.  Then we headed out to the club, but I'll leave that for another post.

Today was catching up on housework as well as doing more jigsaw and tv show catching up.

Life section 3 sorted

Life section 3 progress


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So last night F&C came over for dinner.  We had a swim first up, accompanied by wine and nibbles from the Spa Bar.  Then the sweetie did some very nice marinated salmon.  Somehow it came up that we should watch Meaning of Life, so we did, while sampling some very nice single malt whiskeys.  Then another dip in the pool because it was still super hot.

Today I did housework and Lego dismantling and then our food shopping.  This evening Fiona and Bruce came over and we had more wine and cheese in the pool followed by pizza for dinner and The Big Lebowski.

It's too danged hot.

Three months ago yesterday we walked the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong and went up to The Peak and I explored the ladies markets.  Three months ago today we took a ferry to Lantau Island and visited Tai O and Ngong Ping, and watched the Symphony of Lights.

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