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Well not much really.

Wednesday night we ran the trivia night which was pretty well attended and enjoyed.  Only two questions that noone got right, but twenty-three that *everyone* got right - whoops!

Thursday had a training day which I always find a bit draining, but learnt some things, even if I won't get much exposure to them in real life.

Friday night we had dinner at Hero Sushi and did some clothes shopping.  The girl at City Chic was quite nice and unthreatening which made the whole process of clothes shopping not *completely* stressful.  And only spent nearly $300 on four items.  Hrmmmmmmm!!  (Vinnies was *much* better value!!)

The weekend was pretty much just *getting things done*.  Had dinner at Annie's last night, but really the weekend was just getting things done that hadn't been gotten done on account of trivia nights and stuff...

Tonight we watched some Voyager, and Particle Fever, which was pretty interesting.

And I made a zucchini bake using one of Serena's epic zucchinis

Epic zucchini


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Other than going out on Saturday to do some clothes and food shopping, pretty much all I did all weekend was work on our next trivia night.

A Light Touch - lights in the Canberra Centre

And tonight was finding images to make it all pretty.

Except Open Office is completely retarded.  It crashes spectacularly when it runs out of memory.  But it doesn't just crash, it corrupts the file as well, so half the slides will lose their background, or all the images will disappear.  Super frustrating and I lost maybe half an hour or an hour's work when it did that to me - twice.  So I've got fifty thousand backups of backups in the hopes that further corruption won't lose too much work.  At least it's pretty much finished now, so hopefully won't have to change much more on it.


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Well that was fun.  NOT.

Wait, that was a few nights ago.


So Friday night after getting home I slept really well.  Fine all day Saturday.  Saturday night I woke up in the middle of the night for hours and was a zombie on Sunday.  Sunday night I had a few drinks and slept pretty well so was fine on Monday.  Monday night I slept quite well.  Tuesday was also good, but Tuesday night I woke up in the middle of the night for hours and was a zombie on Wednesday.  Can't. Fricken. Win.

Wednesday night we (read: DC and Duncan and Doc and Chris and even Jai, but not me) won the fricken trivia night.  A-fricken-gain!  

But at least I slept well.

Today the second-place-getters at trivia took us up on our begging offer to run the next trivia night so that was a huge relief!  

Tonight Ben was going to come up but then didn't.  hrmmm

So instead I watched the video that came with one of my installs of Windows - Windows ME I think - which had Alanis Morissette cutting off her hair - which suits her sooooooo much better than the long hair around her face.  And that got me onto watching one of her episodes of You Can't do that on Television which I can't believe I've never actually referenced on this blog!  (sorry: scratch that, I did mention it once, two years ago).


"You Learn"

I recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyone
I recommend walking around naked in your living room
Swallow it down (what a jagged little pill)
It feels so good (swimming in your stomach)
Wait until the dust settles

You live you learn
You love you learn
You cry you learn
You lose you learn
You bleed you learn
You scream you learn

I recommend biting off more then you can chew to anyone
I certainly do
I recommend sticking your foot in your mouth at any time
Feel free
Throw it down (the caution blocks you from the wind)
Hold it up (to the rays)
You wait and see when the smoke clears

You live you learn
You love you learn
You cry you learn
You lose you learn
You bleed you learn
You scream you learn

Wear it out (the way a three-year-old would do)
Melt it down (you're gonna have to eventually anyway)
The fire trucks are coming up around the bend

You live you learn
You love you learn
You cry you learn
You lose you learn
You bleed you learn
You scream you learn

You grieve you learn
You choke you learn
You laugh you learn
You choose you learn
You pray you learn
You ask you learn
You live you learn

Hi Luc!

Totally Trivial

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So Wednesday night was the trivia night.

The problems started during the afternoon when we went to test the AV equipment.  The data projector and/or the long vga cable was faulty and the display was all horrible (missing grey).  Two different hdmi-vga dongles, and two different laptops including one with native vga and it made no difference, it was just stuffed.  Not to mention we had all sorts of dramas getting the amp/audio to work as well.  Then Doc accidently walked off with my phone and I started freaking out that someone had stolen it.


So we plugged the laptop into the tv instead with just hdmi, and Tony brought down a big speaker to use (audio through the tv wasn't working properly - it kept cutting off the beginning of the audio clips I had - more stress and drama).  But in the end got the whole lot working.  

So yeah after that the night went well.  Other than the questions being generally too hard.  But thirteen tables plus the bar - the place was packed!

Trivia night marking

Last night was a bit of p0ker with Ben and Serena.  With some very very weird rules - like no blinds and two packs of cards.  I think I was winning, but then Kit came up and we stopped playing.

Today I did house cleaning type stuff, as well as blogged some of my USA 2000 trip - which I realised recently I'd never actually blogged digitally.  The photos are online on conspiracy, but the journal was in a notebook.  So I'm digitising that and will put the photos with it.

Also went for a two hour long walk with Chris this afternoon (somewhat longer than I was intending, but over 14000 steps on the pedometer today to show for it).

Tonight we watched the very last episode of House, followed by the Bourne Supremacy.


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In March 1996 I went to the denist for a checkup.

I hadn't been back since.

So twenty years later I went again.

Just for a checkup.

Apparently my teeth are in pretty good condition (except some scale buildup which he scraped off), but my gums are a bit susceptible to damage - mustn't brush too hard! hrmm!

So busy at work I don't know which way is up.

And spent all of tonight on the trivia night - had a run through with the sweetie and he suggested a few things to check and change.  So it's done now.  Open Office is still crashing though :(


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So I spent pretty much the entire weekend doing trivia night stuff.  Saturday was researching all the questions to make sure they were right.  This morning was gathering pictures to make it look pretty.  This afternoon and tonight was *fighting* with Open Office.  It kept crashing and corrupting my file.  Very upsetting.  So it took about ten times longer to do than it should have :(  Worried the thing will crash during the presentation.  

Other than that, cooked epic lasanga (with epic zucchini instead of pasta sheets) - a bit better than the last attempt, watched Thirteen Days and The Bourne Identity with the sweetie, and went for a little walk with Chris.

Zucchini lasagna

I'm tired.

Half the week

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Wednesday Luc was in town, so we went for a drink after work, then back to our place for dinner (duck stir fry) and chatting.  Mostly chatting about travel.

Woke up at about 3am Thursday morning.  And never got back to sleep.  Stoopid brain just would. not. shut. up.  Super frustrating.  Took Luc to the airport then went and saw the balloons again (sadly no sun again).  Although the sun was out for the drive home, which made for a super pretty drive under all the balloons (which of course I couldn't document - doh!).

So Thursday was zombie day.  Good thing Lachie was busy doing other stuff, I don't think I would have been able to concentrate on the other stuff we're doing.

Also finished drafting the trivia night questions so the weekend will be spent researching, prettyifying and copying and pasting.

Last night slept for around nine hours, so feel a lot better today.

Crap. We won.

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No thanks to DC, Duncan, Aquila, Neil and Ben, we won the damned trivia night tonight.  Which means we need to run the next damned one.



On a lighter note, I came home with three bottles of wine :)

Team Blank!!

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Had a work trivia night last night.  We came second by one point.

Best.  Outcome.  Ever.

You see the trick is to not actually win these things - because otherwise you need to run the next one.  And they're an awful lot of work.  But second place you still win a prize to make your night break even.

I could only claim one point where I knew the answer but noone else did (largest freshwater lake by volume - Lake Baikal).  And there were a few we knew because we'd done them ourselves in previous trivia nights :)

So thanks Duncan, DC, Doc, Neil, Lorna and Remy for a fun night :)

Soldiering On

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Thursday: work drinks, then Amazing Race, not sure why but I'm *still* surprised how loud, tedious and *dumb* Americans are.  Do they not teach you how to tell which way is north in America?

Friday: Watched part of Leon with the sweetie, then Air Crash Investigations and the Bourne Ultimatum.

Saturday: Went to Kingston and Fyshwick with the sweetie and was successful in part of our shopping mission, but not all.  Went hard on the trivia night, got pretty much everything ready except the whole process of getting it into the slide show.  I tried, but I couldn't connect up the work laptop for some reason, and then I couldn't connect to webmail either because I couldn't remember my pin.  So had to abandon that idea.  So I went ahead and finished geotagging all my holiday photos.  Also finished watching Leon with the sweetie.  Quite a good movie, enjoyed it.

Sunday: Cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and started culling holiday photos.  Also went out with EffanC for C's birthday.  Pics soon.  Then back to their place to chill out and chat for the rest of the afternoon.  Quite a lovely afternoon.  Food shopping, then home and then watched Frozen.  Hoping I don't get hungry later, because I really haven't eaten much since lunch time..


Yeah so we accidentally won the social club trivia night, no thanks to DC, Doc and Aquila.  Sheesh. Now we need to organise the next one!  Bah!   ;)

Before the tables were ready, Aquila and I went for a wander to hack some portals, and document this spider (sorry Tony!)

Belconnen spider

Club Trivia Night

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Had a quiet Saturday morning.

In the afternoon we headed out to the club.

And we might have accidentally bought this.


Had a brief swim in the pool - it was a little too chilly to stay in long - before heading in for happy hour and dinner.

Graham and Anne cooked a delicious creamy pumpkin soup and the most amazing chicken and chirizo dish - it was fantastic!

Pumpkin soup

Trivia night food


Afterwards we had a music and movies trivia night.  Sadly I was separated from the sweetie (he's the brains in the family).  But as it was it didn't turn out too badly - our table lost, so we walked away with vodka cruisers anyway :)  And the sweetie's table came third, so he ended up with more vodka cruisers and a bottle of wine! Win!

A good fun night, and next time we don't have to drive home afterwards!

Well that's what someone said.  Two people actually.  Or something that effect.  

Which is nice :)

Cause at first I thought everything was too easy.  Then I thought everything was too hard.  Probably an ok mix.

Biggest fails were the Google Doodles (too easy) and the Celebrity Birth Names (too hard).  And those big filler rounds were a pain to mark!

Anyways .. until next time... hrmmmm... :)
You know I've been extremely busy when I haven't posted any photos in nearly two weeks :(

I finished my Saturday todo list at 1:20pm this afternoon.  Which left nowhere near enough time to get everything done today that I wanted to.  

I did make good progress on the trivia night preparations.  A lot less to do over the next couple of nights that I was fearing I'd have to.  

Alas it means that I don't have any UK photos to post :(  Maybe later in the week I'll be able to catch up...

Manic Monday?

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ok day at work.

Came home and in two hours had run and chlorinated the pool, put washing away, done a load of washing, cleaned the bathroom, done some jigsaw, had dinner and cleaned the kitchen.

Did a bit more jigsaw.  Today I did the balloons and the rainbow.

Life jigsaw progress

But also did some trivia night planning.

So a pretty successful night all up.

Team Blank FTW!!

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So we might have accidentally won at work trivia night tonight.  Just a little bit.  Whoops!!  (winning means you have to plan the next one - which is why we've come second or third for the last three ;) )

Fun fun fun and came home with wine and movie tickets!  Yayy!! :)

Thanks DC, Chris, Jeff, Neil, Rebecca & partner and Robyn :)

Trivia Newton John

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Went to a trivia night for Stu's work tonight.  Was lots of fun.  Only six rounds though, and *lots* of blank space between each round, so not a good enough range of scores and the night took *ages*.  I got a few that noone else got which was pretty cool.  Although they didn't listen to me when I said a bulls eye in archery was 10 points.  Oh well heh.  

The theme was "If I wasn't working here I'd be a..."   .. Stu thought he'd be a hobo :)

Stu the Hobo

Had a work trivia night tonight.  We were down on numbers this time, and a couple of people dropped out at the last minute, so had to do some last minute scrambling.  Ended up with seven on the table plus Neil (Me, Chris H, Windy, Duncan A, Lyn&Peter and Steve).  

And did remarkably well - winning the "mega round" - which we didn't think we would, and coming second over all!

(of course coming second is the best place to come - as you don't get pressured to organise the next trivia night ;) )
Although we didn't win tonight - only came third ;)

We got 101 points, second got 102.5 and first got 103.5.  So we were pretty close.

Definitely wasn't as well organised tonight as other nights (and yes, we did have our high standards for people to live up to ;) ).  But still fun anyway.  And came home with a box of Roses :)

It's not trivial..

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So after the cancellation last year due to lack of interest, we ran our trivia night tonight to a full house! Hurrah!

We only had to replace some of the current events questions and a few other questions here and there throughout the   set.  We did ten rounds of ten questions, as well as a couple of "filler" rounds - logos and ditloids.

Generally it all went fairly well.  Had a few *good* questions where people went "oohhhh" or "doohhhhh" when they heard the answers.  A few dud questions that really noone got, or *everyone* got.

Would we do another one...??  Don't know.. it was an awful lot of work .. DC keeps thinking of questions, so I have a feeling he'd be up for another one hehe :)
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