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Well not much really.

Wednesday night we ran the trivia night which was pretty well attended and enjoyed.  Only two questions that noone got right, but twenty-three that *everyone* got right - whoops!

Thursday had a training day which I always find a bit draining, but learnt some things, even if I won't get much exposure to them in real life.

Friday night we had dinner at Hero Sushi and did some clothes shopping.  The girl at City Chic was quite nice and unthreatening which made the whole process of clothes shopping not *completely* stressful.  And only spent nearly $300 on four items.  Hrmmmmmmm!!  (Vinnies was *much* better value!!)

The weekend was pretty much just *getting things done*.  Had dinner at Annie's last night, but really the weekend was just getting things done that hadn't been gotten done on account of trivia nights and stuff...

Tonight we watched some Voyager, and Particle Fever, which was pretty interesting.

And I made a zucchini bake using one of Serena's epic zucchinis

Epic zucchini

A Day in Waiting

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So where we?

Last time I blogged it was Sunday night and I was saying I really should download my photos.  Yeah I got around to doing that today.

Monday to Wednesday was a training course.  Which was relatively easy.

Friday night we had Nat and Andrew over for dinner - pasta bake!  We played a game of Geek Battle, but had more fun afterwards just reading the questions to each other.  Then we played all 32 races of Mario Kart, which kept us going til nearly midnight, but the sweetie actually stayed up for the whole thing which was nice.

This, kids, is why you should not drink and drive - normally I would come third, this result was pitiful!
Don't drink and drive

Today I cleaned the house.  As you do.  Did a bit of photo sorting.  But the afternoon was spent in waiting for a call to go into work to do some testing.  Except they had a problem with a storage system, so I still don't know what's happening .. The sweetie and I played Diablo for hours.  I didn't even get to watch Airport, as I figured I'd more than likely get interrupted.

Very sleepie..

Training, Day 3

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Day 3.. meh .. still not learning a whole heap.. just a few bits and pieces.
Not helped by not being able to breathe :/

Went and saw the DPC today which was pretty cool.

Got back to hotel at 5pm and it was still sunny, so headed out again for a wander.  Got some Haigh's chocolate, had dinner at a very mediocre Japanese restaurant (takoyaki was pretty dodgy and their okonomiyaki was ok but I think I like my (Lisa's) version better!) and walked around in squares around the CBD.

Only one more day to survive then go home.

Training, Day 2

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Felt pretty sick today.  If I'd been at home I might have stayed there.

Was an ok day two.  Learnt a few things, but not a whole heap that I hadn't already learnt by playing with the device.

Had lunch with Daniel and Pablo.  Stoopid cafe with far too many people that kept bumping into me - very stressful :( But a nice catchup after I calmed down.

Felt a bit better in the evening.  Went to the Mitre Tavern with Phil for a pint of Mountain Goat and salt and pepper squid.

Another early night for me though.


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Sick of being sick.

Fortunately today wasn't too taxing.  Small course, only four people, and I know two of the others.  Turns out Canberra was cancelled because the dude wasn't in the country or some such nonsense.  Whatevs.

So didn't learn too much today - knew most of what was being talked about. 

8:30pm.  Think will go to bed in a minute.
So this week had me on a six day SANS security course.  It was pretty good.  Although it did vary too much between really technical stuff and more management-level stuff.

We saw this dude on the first day and asked him where he got his t-shirt from.. :) (apparently it was a one-off limited run - doh!)
I'm a photographer not a terrorist
We had the biggest room at the Convention Centre which gave us a nice walk up to get our food at breaks
Lights at the Convention Centre
So since I was going to be out most of Saturday, Stu invited Damien over for a war game.  I came home part way through it. Wargame middle

Wargame battle
So after the game Damien stayed for dinner (mmmm pizza) and we watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Today we attacked the weeds in the garden, and went to Scotty's for a lunch.  Whole family came long so that was all very nice.  Kerry did a spectacular roast, was yummmm.

Various kids, big and small
This afternoon I battled with Vista and mrtg and our router to try and get some pretty graphs of our networking.  Discovered that our router doesn't support snmp booooo :(  But did get vista working, so that was a start heh.  Of course this is with mrtg running on my old computer, so at some point will need to get it installed somewhere more useful..


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It's going to be a very long, tiring week...

Highlights of today included sniffing packets and deciphering them.
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