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Six Months

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I download photos from my Canon today.  For the first time since April.  And processed the photos.  For the first time since January.

In six months I've taken all of 155 photos on that camera.  Hrmmm.

I keep telling myself it would be different if I had a new camera.. that was still better in low light.. that could deal with difficult lighting as well as my phone.. 

The Canon 600D Dad got in about Feburary or March 2012.  I inherited it when he carked it.  So it's over eight years old now.  Still works fine, is just aging... 

I'd like to go back to mirrorless.. better idea of what you're going to get once you take the picture, and a lot quieter...  

I took this one morning at the end of January. 

Haunted sun

Got to see the DC-10 Air Tanker at the airport when I flew up for Ryan's birthday.

912 Air Tanker

Stikeez!!  This is all but two of the specials.  Kaibrya has a bagfull she'll send me if we ever go back to work, I might get lucky and get one of them in that.  I took this just before lockdown in March.


Rainbow in April


Happy tree in April

Happy tree

Black cockatoos in April.  Look at what the vandals are doing to this tree!!

Black cockatoo

Black cockatoo

Mess made by a black cockatoo

These were taken on a walk in late April

Red tree hill

Belco view

Thirty years ago today Mum took this photo of David's train set in the garage downstairs.  Dad originally built this on a different wall of the workshop downstairs, but moved it to this spot where it stayed til David moved out of home and took all his trains with him.  It was pretty amazing because Dad was into electronics and had everything wired up - including working signals!  It was probably Dad's toy as much as David's ;)  

David's train set

Forty years ago today someone took this photo of the locomotive at the Zig Zag Railway.  I have no idea if I was there or not.  I probably was, I do remember going a couple of times as a kid.  It was before Mum got her Minolta camera, so likely Dad took it and Mum got it printed.

Zig Zag railway

But what was funny is that just after the top picture of David's trainset in the photo album were these photos of the Zig Zag railway.  So they would have been taken in 1990 as well - almost exactly ten years after the photo above.  Probably David took those ones.

Zig Zag railway

Zig Zag railway


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Twenty years ago today I took photos of all my Yowies setup on the buffet.  I collected I think the first three or four "series" and had some of the specials as well.  They were pretty cool.  Wonder if they're worth anything now...








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I wasn't going to collect these things.  I didn't collect the Little Shop things.  Fiona got some Stikeez while she was here and took them home.  But then Stu got given a couple with petrol, so I thought stuff it, and got them whenever we went to Coles.  I took the duplicates to work and left them lying around.  Then Connor brought in some, including the glow-in-the-dark cucumber, and the display box.  So it was on.  I took any I got into work.  We put the uniques into the display box and left the duplicates out for trading (although some people just came and took them without giving us any in return :( ).  Quite a few people contributed, we traded a few to get missing ones, and by the other week we had ALL THE STIKEEZ!!  Even the four "rare special" ones.  Of course we didn't get the Golden Banana, that was never gonna happen heh.

Coles Stikeez Complete Collection

Coles Stikeez Complete Collection

Coles Stikeez Complete Collection

Coles Stikeez Complete Collection

Coles Stikeez Complete Collection

Coles Stikeez Complete Collection

Coles Stikeez rare specials

What I didn't know until the end of all this, was that Stikeez are nothing new.  In fact there's all sorts of series of them out there.  Silly really.

Space Warp 5000

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This was one of my birthday presents this year.  It was second hand so sadly missing a couple of the metal balls.  I wanted to get my hands on some marbles to see lots of balls going at once, but I still haven't gotten around to finding any...  I've also got some video of it going.  It's pretty cool, but I haven't gotten the videos online..

Space Warp 5000


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Annie gave me another landmark Nanoblock set for Christmas - I've now got three landmarks that I've been to sitting on my desk :)

Nanoblock pyramid and sphynx


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Earlier in the year they resurfaced our road.  But they did it using their new horrible method of just putting a bit of tar down and smooshing a bit of gravel into it.  Absolutely appalling way to resurface a road, and there were potholes in it within a couple of months.

So I was all WTF when for this little rest area on the Federal Highway just at the north end of Canberra where they did a full hot-bitumen treatment *for a carpark* !!  So wrong.


And some little kid lost this troll head near our house.  Someone put it on top of our letterbox where I found it when I got home.  I considered leaving it back out there in case the kid came back, but it was just a Maccas happy meal troll, not particularly exciting or irreplaceable.  So I still have it on my desk.

Troll head

Friday, August 6th 2004...

FQ Topic: Childhood

FQ1: Where did you live out your childhood years?
Como, Sydney, Australia

FQ2: As a child, what was your favorite toy, book, television show, and cartoon character?
Toy?  As a little kid it was "Ducky" an elongated rubber duck thing.  In 1983 I made "Cutie" - essentially a pompom which I still have and travel the world with.  
Kazza and Ducky  Cutie on Lake Galilee
Favourite book?  I didn't read many books, I found reading long stories tedious.  I liked TinTin and Asterix comics.  Choose your own adventures.  Horse books.  
TV show?  I remember lots from my teenage years.  As a child?  Probably my earliest memory of a favourite tv show would be Whacky Races.  I was always Penelope.  We used to watch it with a kid from our school, Cosmos, before we went to school.
Cartoon character?  Dunno.  I liked Warner Brothers cartoons later on, and Inspector Gadget..

FQ3: Charm us with a favorite childhood memory...
Here's a whole blog of it...

FQ PHOTO-OP: Show us a photo of just how adorable you were as a child.
meh.  This was me on our front balcony.  
Me at home

This is the same view forty years later..
Patio view

Compare with last time ...

Dec 2013.

This was the little Nanoblocks Neuschwanstein castle I got for Christmas from Annie.  How cute is it!

Nanoblocks Neuschwanstein Castle

The little teeny pieces are quite difficult to work with and once attached it's quite hard to pull them apart.

There were quite a few leftover pieces too.

Save Bucky Balls!!

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So most Australian states have interim bans in place for the sale of Buckyballs.  Not sure what that means for imports.  Just in case, I did another stocking up trip.  This time direct from Get Buckyballs.  And saved a fortune.  Buying 216 from them was only slightly more expensive than buying 125 from Australian Geographic.  I got myself another 216 originals and 216 blue-green ones.  And got Stu a couple of packs of cubes.  And a set of "Bucky Bigs" to have at work.  And because I got in during a promotion to "save our balls" I got a tshirt, case and sticker for free as well.  

More Buckyballs
They matched my fingernails last week
Blue buckyballs
C60 - but you have to imagine the hexagons in between
Twelve of the above balls make a "mega buckyball"
Mega buckybal
I think I should have bought myself another couple of packs of 216 though...

Bucky Balls

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A couple of weeks ago, the US moved to ban the sale of "Buckyballs".  So I went out and paid a fortune for four sets from the Australian Geographic store.  These were the smaller 5x5x5 cubes of only 125 balls, rather than the 6x6x6 set of 216 I got a couple of years back.

Word on the street is Australia is set to follow suit.  This may be your last chance to buy Buckyballs, so go get some before they ban them!

Strong warnings are not good enough.  People are still too stoopid.  Stoopid people get fun stuff banned. (I'm looking at you, you idiots who liked to blow their faces off with fireworks).
All my Buckyballs, I think there were two leftover
The four 5x5x5 packs *almost* make an 8x8x8 cube

Eee PC - number 2

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So I might have accidentally bought another toy today ..

Eee PC
Another little Eee PC (the first one we got three and a half years ago between our wedding and our honeymoon).  While the first one was adorable, it was too underpowered to work with the photos off my new camera, getting photos off it was a pain (you had to do a cp -p to preserve the timestamps on the files), the screen was *tiny* and difficult to use Firefox on, and the final nail in the coffin - it runs Linux, but I need Windows or MacOS to run my GPS software.  

I wanted an SSD for it, but they're really hard to get in netbooks (apparently people want more space so they can use them for downloading holiday photos).  The Macbook Air certainly looked pretty swishy, but at three times the price, and the pain of me having to learn a whole new OS and find replacement applications put me off.  I decided I just wanted something reasonably cheap that wouldn't be the end of the world if anything happened to it while travelling.

JB HiFi had the R051PX for $397, Dick Smith had it for $399.  So Phil looked up MSY and they had it for $299.  So out to Fyshwick I trekked this afternoon :)

Haven't played with it much yet, just doing lots of updates.

Not sure what we'll do with the old one (which we paid $500 for - ouch!!), maybe give it to the kids for Christmas or something..??  
And I still have that old 98 laptop too - and it even still boots!  But couldn't get the GPS software working on that either - it installed ok but then wouldn't actually run :(


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Waking up at 5:30 after going to sleep after 11:30 will do that to you ..

OK day today, lot of wandering around chasing things and people up.  
For dinner, cooked a tomato bake and an experimental cabbage bake that the sweetie liked and wanted seconds of! Win!

Here's a nice sunset photo I got at work a couple of weeks ago.
Work sunset
And Buzz Lightyear with a halo (of Christmas lights that I really should take down..)
Buzz Halo

And so it ends...

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I still miss my three month uni summer holidays .. I know, it's been fifteen years since I had one, but I still miss them!


So the end of the break and I actually had a really relaxing day.  Was sort of at peace, so to speak.  Got my desk mostly cleared.  Paid some bills.  Sorted out some finance stuff.  Sorted some receipts.  Played Loops of Zen.  Played Canasta.  Did some kirigami.  Went through some newspapers.  Edged some of the front lawn.  Played with my magnets and made a buckyball.  Played with HDR, Camera+, and Instagram on my iPhone.  Cooked a nice red curry for dinner.  Watched some Star Trek with the sweetie.  Kept the kitchen cleaned up.  Did some washing.  Downloaded photos.

Really good productive day, with lots of fun as well.

I got this 7x7 cube for Christmas.  I haven't been game to muck it up yet!
7x7 cube
Bucky ball!
I'm really liking making my own red curries at the moment.
This one has:
A little bit of leftover pork, garlic mince and half an onion fried in peanut oil in a wok
Mushrooms and zucchini added next
Finally some red capsicum and pak choy
Add in three teaspoons of red curry paste and a tin of light coconut cream
Nomm!   (I also added a small handful of cashews on top).  The sweetie went back for seconds :)
Red curry

Toy Story Lego

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Today in between crapfullness to deal with for work, I finished assembling all my Toy Story Lego .. 

Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!!
Lego Buzz Lightyear

*I* am your father!
I am your father!
This isn't flying, this is falling with style!
This isn't flying - it's falling with style!
To inifinity and beyond!
To infinity and beyond!
A good soldier never leaves a man behind!
A good soldier never leaves a man behind!
Woody's Roundup!
Woody's Roundup!
Toy Story Lego!
Toy Story Lego

Two years ago today we left Vienna and headed for Salzburg, wandering around the old town and exploring the fortress, was a great day :)
Got this last week (20% off at Myer) .. built it tonight...  :):)

Lego Buzz Lightyear
And is this the cutest thing in the universe or what??

Lego Alien
Still kicking myself I never got an original Buzz Lightyear in 1995.  We got them for Luc and Luc but I never got myself one.  Doh!!   I did get an original alien tho :)

Toy Story Aliens


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Accidently mucked up the 5x5 cube at work the other day, so brought it home to fix

10 hour day at work today.  Hanging for beer o'clock tomorrow.  If I can get enough work done in time :/
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