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Before and After

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So here's some before and after shots of the fish area in the garage, the other corner of the garage, and the fridge.

To the untrained eye, they may not look that different in the before and afters (except the fish area), but trust me, they are *much* tidier!

Fish tank area - before fish tank area - after

Fridge - before Fridge - after

Garage - before Garage - after

So mum was here overnight Christmas night.  So didn't really get anything much done Boxing Day morning (we did beat the rain on a walk down to Chris' and raced back up during a brief lull - it pretty much rained solidly all day which was *awesome* for Canberra).  Around midday she headed down to visit the little brother in Junee.  I built SPACESHIP!! as well as started a jigsaw mum brought down for me.

In the evening Kit and later Ben came up for a while.

Yesterday morning I completely tided up the fish tank corner of the garage.  Things had been dumped there for months and you had to climb over things just to feed the fish.  Felt so much better to be able to go up to the fish tank without tripping over anything.

I also cleaned the kitchen and then almost completely cleared out the fridge.  I pulled everything out except the condiment shelf, cleaned the shelves, threw out some yukky stuff (including something of Potty's that had rotted in sealed plastic cups that once they were out of the fridge expanded and went off with a BANG - it was soooo loud it made my ears ring and I screamed.. Stu put ear plugs in and took the other cup outside and popped it out there), and then rearranged everything back into the fridge in an orderly fashion.  Felt so much better to have a clean fridge and be able to find everything again!

Then mum arrived back from Junee so didn't get anything much done after that.  Leftover roast pork for dinner.

Today while mum was out and about I spent probably six hours tidying the "workshop" corner of the garage in front of my car.  Mostly just organising all the crap that had just been dumped there over the past year or so.  Felt so much better to be able to walk around that area of the garage without tripping over anything, and be able to find stuff again.

Also did a wander to feed Doc's cat, and pickup a key to feed Annie's cat.


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Had a pretty productive weekend.  

(we also had our first fogs of the year this weekend)

First fog 2014

Yesterday was breakfast at Edgar's (Pulp Kitchen was too crowded to get a table).  I had the eggs bendict which was ok, but the bread was a bit of effort (too tough).

Edgar's Eggs Benny

Stu had the rosti stack (which I was looking at too) which was pretty good.

Edgar's Rosti

Did some food shopping after that, and then I hacked a bunch of portals while Stu got a hair cut, converting most of Civic for the Enlightened :)

Most of the rest of the weekend was spent clearing out piles and piles of paper.  Three in-trays *full* of paper cleared out, filing cabinet drawers tidied, *kilos* of paper thrown into recycling.  I even vacuumed the pool and put its cover on, although I didn't get to vacuuming the house.

This was really sad, since just that morning there were 2 Terabyte drives for sale in JB for $99 ... this is like two and a half thousand times the price!

HDD 1997 price

Tonight's dinner was very simple - just a pack of bacon bones, some split peas, an onion and a carrot thrown into a slow cooker with a bit of water, and come back in six hours.  And I took Julie Goodwin's suggestion and chucked a handful of frozen peas/corn in right at the end.  Super simple and very tasty.  The sweetie wanted thirds - must have been good!

I was slightly shocked to realise this pile of newspapers I've been meaning to go through dated to early 2009 - ie, just after we moved into this house!

The whole lot is in the recycle bin now :)

Other than that, had a lovely day.  Went into town and had breakfast with the sweetie at Cafe Essen.  Walked around Civic for a little while.  Then out to Jamo to do our food shopping.  Was a really nice morning with the sweetie.

Came back and turned on the heater and had a nice quiet afternoon doing a mix of computer things and non computer things (like unpacking - still haven't finished that!).  I put a beef stew in the slow cooker and it's been bubbling away all afternoon.  Can't wait!


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So I've had a productive day and it's only 2:30pm ..

Got up with the others at 7:30 and had breakfast.  Then after they left, tidied up the house, dusted and vacuumed and did a couple of loads of washing.

Then played Olympics for a couple of hours and got Wario a crown.  Seven crowns down, nine plus one to go.

Then because last night it was established that the other spare room had too much junk in it to lay a mattress out on it, I decided it was time to get that room organised.  Which involved lots of moving of crap around.  Which led to tidying up the garage.  Which is shiny now :)  Climbed lots of steps too.  Pity the pedometer ran out of batteries...


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9734 today according to the pedometer.  Was only about 5000 when I got home from work, but after dinner while watching last week's Amazing Race, we went for a little walk and then I got stuck into tidying.  From the upstairs you wouldn't notice I'd made any sort of dent, but the laundry is now clear again so that makes me feel a bit better.
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