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Friday I finally got one of my new firewalls live.  Seemed to all work ok.  Now think I may make our (my) deadlines.

Friday night a cool change came through which was *heavenly*.  I opened the entire house up and the relief was amazing.  Dropped into Kit's briefly in the evening (she fed us a couple of slices of Aldi/enhanced pizza which was just what we needed and saved us ordering evil pizzas).

Saturday was a trip to the Canberra Show, but I'll save that for another post.  Got home completely wrecked (on our feet for about seven hours, 16000 steps, with only a rest at Zierholz in the middle).  Needed to just *sit* for a while to recover.  Started watching Back to the Future III, but ended up down at Kit's for a while cause she had some friends over.  Got to bed on time, but woke up in the middle of the night for an hour or so.

Today just houseworkey stuff and shopping.  In the afternoon we watched Das Rheingold.  This was a production Stu saw at Dendy a while back by the New York Met.  It was quite well done (although lonnnng heh).  Stu cooked home-made salt and pepper squid for dinner and we finished watching Back to the Future III.

Also this weekend (as well as watching some House - we're into season 8 now), we started watching Fuller House.  I loved Full House as a teenager and they're doing a remake.  It was chocked full of references to the old show, and they have a couple of serious digs at the Olsen twins.  It's a little bit more adult focussed - not quite as family friendly I don't think.  Hoping that it finds its own feet though and not just a complete remake of the original series.

Of Mice and Men

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On Friday night I went along with Kit and Ben to see Of Mice and Men.

But let me backup a minute.

A few months ago I was looking at Kit's bookshelf and happened across the book by John Steinbeck.  I'd never read it before.  Never even knew the story.  So I borrowed it and read it a little while ago.  Like I said I knew nothing about the story.  I *did* know that Warner Bros cartoons referenced it ("Of Rice and Hen" anyone?). 

So I'm a few pages into the book and it's like I'm watching a Warner Bros cartoon.  Lennie sounded *exactly* like a cartoon.  I swear, whenever Lennie said anything it was with the voice of Mel Blanc.  

Seriously.  Listen to these.


So having only just read the book, I was quite surprised to find the play was almost identical to the book.  Except the dude who played Lennie should have been bigger ;)

Also, amazingly, my legs didn't play up during the show.  But I attribute that to the glass of champagne I had just before going in, and another one at intermission.

Weird day today.  Next to no sleep, maybe a couple of hours.  Power tripped during the storm.  Got home and reset everything.  Then everything turned off again.  Bit of a bang.  Looked out the window to a little plume of smoke rising into the sky.  Things don't work when people let the smoke out.  So figured out how to open the garage door manually and headed to ANU with Theatre-Buddy-Dave to see Fiddler on the Roof which we'd seen advertised at work.  It was a pretty good production and my legs weren't even too restless.  Parking at ANU is mental.  Was glad I was super early getting out of the house, cause otherwise I would have been super late.. Power wasn't off for too long which was good.  Was half expecting it to still be off.  So that was good.

Eighteen months ago today we explored the Scottish Highlands north and west of Fort William.

Japan Day

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Today we had a very Japanese-themed day. 

Except maybe the cleaning of the house that we spent all morning doing.. hrmmm

So at lunch Nat and Andrew came over and we ate lots and "viewed the flowers" - aka "hanami"!   It was super awesome.  I cooked heaps of food, and will have leftovers for at least ten meals (and now for my next trick - finding freezer space!)  It was pretty cold and windy, so we decided to setup inside.  But we did have the blue tarpaulin and we could see the tree, so it's still authentic!

Hanami leftovers

Afterwards the others watched a very strange Japanese movie while I geotagged Alnwick Castle photos.

Then we all headed into ANU to see Za Kabuki.  There was a lot in Japanese only, so it was a bit tricky to know what was going on (you could sort of get the general gist).  The main play itself (The Sardine Seller's Net of Love) was mostly in Japanese, but a bit of English as well which certainly helped (the story was outlined on the program too so we at least knew what was going on).  Bizarrely, all the female characters in the main play were played by guys and vice-versa - very odd!!  They very nicely allowed photos (just no flash).

Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki

Did a few things this weekend, but nothing really photo-worthy (except some scanning - see below).

Friday night was Jesus Christ Superstar at the Q.  I'd never actually seen this musical before, and my only exposure to it was the John Farnham/Kate Ceberano/Jon Stevens version of 1992 where several singles made it to the charts.  I have to say I wasn't too convinced by the interpretation of the story.  OK so it was told by Judas' point of view, but I didn't really like the portrayal of Jesus.  And if you didn't know the story I reckon you'd be struggling to follow a lot of it.  The performance itself was decent enough (for an amateur production - always difficult to decipher lyrics when sung by a chorus unless the singing timing is spot-on) - the girl who played Mary was pretty awesome.  But yeah, not the greatest of musicals.  Give me Joseph any day ;)

Saturday was breakfast, shopping, cleaning the house and cooking (a reasonably decent veal scallopini which I'll blog about separately one day when I've refined the recipe).  DaveO came over after dinner for Buzz, Mario Kart, Singstar and, when his voice gave out, Sports Resort.  

Sunday was just pottering around the house, jigsawing, scanning photos, reading news feeds and sorting out thousands of photos.  Only 2136 steps so far today - a decent chunk of those from bopping while doing the jigsaw.  Also more cooking - a massaman curry, that didn't didn't turn out as well as the last one I did, not sure why.  Maybe too much steak/potato/stock and not enough paste.

And suddenly it's the end of the weekend .. *sigh*.  

Here's some of the photos I scanned today.

Me and Guy's cat Tutu at Lake Macquarie, March 1997
Karen and Tutu at Lake Macquarie
My first ever "CIA Pic" - some of the hardware supporting CIA in early 1997
CIA hardware, 1997
Marc Betbeder at 10 hours old - the youngest baby I'd ever seen at that stage.  Only surpassed by Violet at 3 hours last year.
Marc Nemo Betbeder-Matibet
The Broadway shopping centre being constructed, as seen from the offices of CIA in 1997.  I actually have this photo printed out and stuck to my desk, all these years later!
Broadway shopping centre from CIA
My bedroom in 1997, showing my new computer desk, which I'm still using at this very moment!
My room in 1997
A "snow" trip we did in 1997.  Pete's family had a time share in Perisher that we got to go stay at with a group of friends.  No lifts were running but we did have some fun tobogganing, and I even found some money under the chairlifts :)
Perisher Valley

Wishful Drinking

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Last Friday night went with Dave (the only person who responded to my request for interest) to see Carrie Fisher in Wishful Drinking.

It was epic awesome!!

She's very funny, and can sing!  Although looks nothing like her! heh.

It was almost like she'd invited you over to her place and was just having a chat about her life and telling stories and it was just way cool.  She was even in slippers and comfortable clothes like you'd just popped by as an old friend.  

Thoroughly enjoyed it :)

Carrie Fisher

Of course as soon as we got home we had to watch A New Hope :)  Meant for a very late night.. oops :)

Twelfth Night

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So Dave's regular theatre buddies piked on him, so the sweetie and I went along with him to see Twelfth Night tonight.

It was a lot of fun.  There were some modern touches to it and some Australianisms thrown in (including Floriade!) and even some songs! Tubthumping!?!  Funny stuff.  There were only seven actors, so some had multiple roles so it was *slightly* tricky to keep up with (since I've never read it and I did not know the story at all) but not too bad.

On the way to the theatre (there was the whole butthole at Baskin Robbins incident but I won't go there) we saw a poster for Wishful Drinking - with Carrie Fisher!!  This I must see!  Does anyone else want to come with me?  You have 24 hours to get back to me, your time starts now.. :)


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Last Saturday night, the sweetie and I went with Neil and Windy to see Spamalot.

We had dinner at P.J. O'Reilly's first cause we had Entertainment Book vouchers which gave us a couple of free meals.  I had chicken kiev which was pretty average compared to others I've had.  But the beers were nice.

Spamalot was *heaps* of fun!!  They referenced both mine and Neil's tshirts (Ecky ecky ecky and the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch).  The singing was great.  I even got to sing "I have to push the pramalot" hehee.  One girl distracted the boys with her great .. tracts of land .. hehehee :)

Thoroughly enjoyed it :)


Two years ago today we toured Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein castles!!  Had been wanting to do that for twenty years so was extremely cool.  In the afternoon we went up Tegelbergbahn which was pretty cool too.  Then headed for Augsburg.

Managed to get out at the door just after 10am on Saturday and wandered down to Degraves Street to find somewhere to sit for breakfast.  It was very crowded, but found a table outside Degraves Espresso Bar. I had a delicious (but somewhat expensive) breakfast of bacon and eggs.

Degraves breakfast
Wandered up Centre Place/Way so we could go to Haigh's.  I've never even heard of it (go figure!!)  (oh, this was after walking past the Lindt shop on the way to breakfast and being very disappointed they didn't have lime Lindt.  Seems we are going to have to stock up on them next time we go to Europe!)  

Continued wandering up Elizabeth St.  Stu stopped for a coffee while N&A and I checked out Bernard's Magic Shop.

38 foot yacht
Carried on walking past La Trobe St.  The old City Circle trams are very cute.

Melbourne City Circle Tram
Finally we made it to Queen Victoria markets, where we spent a couple of hours wandering up and down looking at stuff.  I bought a photomosaic jigsaw and some beer stubby holders and was very tempted by some wooden landmarks like Tower Bridge etc.  But decided to be good and not get any heh.

I liked the big slabs of butter they had in this store.

Curds and Whey in Queen Victoria Markets
Eventually wandered back towards the city, stopping in at the Shot Tower cone in Melbourne Central.

Shot Tower
Carried on wandering down.. (skipping a browse through Myer because Stu was tired)

Nat and Andrew on shiny things
And went into Minotaur for a good while.

At this point Stu went back to the hotel, and Nat and Andrew and I went down to Flinders St to catch the City Circle tram out to docklands.

None of the docklands stuff existed last time I was in Melbourne so it was amazing to see how much stuff is out there now.  Now it's labelled the "entertainment and lifestyle precinct".  

Of course we were there to play at Glowgolf..

Glow golf
Which had some very pretty murals in some of the rooms

Glow golf
Glow golf
Andrew won and I got par so was all a bit of fun.

Then we hopped on another tram and went back to the hotel.

Picked up the sweetie then headed out again to find dinner.  If we'd had more time we would have gone to Lygon St, but in the end we just went to Tono Italian Restaurant on Bourke/Russell St.  Watched suicidal skateboarders while sharing some wine and enjoying some nice chicken.

Didn't have time to go back to the hotel, so went straight to the Regent Theatre to see Cats!

(this photo was taken the night before when the theatre was still in session)
Regent Theatre (taken last night)
I sneaked this photo in right at the end of the show.  I *loved* the hundreds festoon lights they had all around the theatre.
The show itself was ok.. not one of the better musicals I've ever seen.  It was well done and all, it just didn't have a *point*.  And I only knew two songs from the whole production.  So it was a bit meh.  Got to scritch a kitty .. Nat was so jealous :):)

Then we just went back to the hotel and crashed.

The 39 Steps

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We went along with Dave tonight to see The 39 Steps at the Canberra Play House.  Was a lot of fun, I quite enjoyed it.  The two actors who did all the other roles were great.  It's only based loosely on the book, but wouldn't mind reading it some time.

Woke up at 6:15 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so quite sleepie now...
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