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My first time at Ace Sushi at the Belconnen Markets.  Tried the takoyaki.  It was pretty average - no noticable bits of octopus

Ace Sushi takoyaki

Sushi and Grill

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With all my travelling to Sydney (and working in the CBD for the first time ever), I decided to go on a mission to find the best takoyaki in Sydney.

The one that's winning so far is from Sushi and Grill on York Street.  Actual chunks of octopus!

Not the best of photo of the takoyaki on the left and some croquetty type things on the right.

Sushi and Grill

Eating Out

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I've got a whole stack of photos of new food and fooderies around the place, but somehow never got them online.

This was just after Chong Co Express opened in the mall.  I've been wanting a place that does nice lunchtime chicken red curries since I left Sydney.  This wasn't quite it.  It was a tad too spicy for me, and a little pricey too (around $10 from memory).  Haven't been back.

Chong Co Express Red Curry

This was Adana at the back of the mall.  The chicken dish (top I think) was really good, the meatballs ok, and cutlets pretty good also.




Beef nachos from Cafe on Benjamin.  The beef was ok (I got chicken the next time I went) - strips of beef rather than ground beef.  But the chips were awesome - super crispy and yummy

Cafe on Benjamin Beef Tacos

In Sydney I'm on a quest to find good takoyaki.  These were ok - from Kura in Chinatown.  They were burn-your-mouth hot (as they should be) but didn't have much octopus in them.

Kura Takoyaki

These were from Lord of the Fries on George Street.  I went there because they did a "Canadian" style topping - supposedly a poutine, but I suspect probably just a cheese sauce.  But they didn't have any of that so I got their Italian sauce.  But they were pretty average so don't know that I'll bother going back.

Lord of the Fries

This was crispy duck from Asian Noodle House shortly after it opened.  Not too bad, altho not so crispy under all that salad.

Asian Noodle House Crispy Duck

And a dosai from Spice India in the mall.  Weird because they didn't put the filling in the dosai.  And it was ok, but not super awesome, not like Ruchi's.

Spice India dosai

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