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Think I slept fairly well last night. Although I finally remembered to run sleep cycle which indicated I was somewhat restless till quite late (but that's pretty normal). The pillow was a bit thick for my liking, but then I realised this morning there's another one that's squishy so will use that tonight.

Breakfast was ok this morning.

After breakfast we headed up into Carnarvon Gorge.

We walked up with the rest of the group and the guide for a while, but mum wanted to show me the Amphitheatre, so we made a break with one of the other guys and walked up to it. It was quite spectacular and well worth the hour's extra walk.

Then we met up with others back at the Moss Garden.

So we ended up walking for over three hours, which is the healthiest day we've had so far.

Lunch was back at the lodge area. I had battered bassa and chips and that was quite nice.

After lunch we went on a helicopter ride!! I'd never actually been on a helicopter before (neither had Cutie, so she came with me). So it was pretty awesome. We went up to Moolayember Gorge and was appropriately spectacular. Shameless plug to Heli-Central :)

Came back to the room via kangaroos and echidnas and did photo stuff for a while.

Then out again to the sunset at Bandana (sp?) which is a cattle property near the gorge which run evening sunset drinks and nibbles. I thought it was a *tad* overpriced (they're only allowed to serve two drinks without a liquor licence) but after one of mum's glasses of wine I felt better and enjoyed the old farmer's stories and song.

Then back for dinner (I had steak tonight which was a little tough on the ends but nice in the middle, and chocolate pudding which was very nice) and suddenly it's 9pm ..


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Waking up at 5:30 after going to sleep after 11:30 will do that to you ..

OK day today, lot of wandering around chasing things and people up.  
For dinner, cooked a tomato bake and an experimental cabbage bake that the sweetie liked and wanted seconds of! Win!

Here's a nice sunset photo I got at work a couple of weeks ago.
Work sunset
And Buzz Lightyear with a halo (of Christmas lights that I really should take down..)
Buzz Halo

So James smsed me today.  He was in town and was I busy tonight..?   :)

So went to Bella Vista (again) with him and his colleague Quoc.  :)

I had the pollo saltimbocca which was delicious and we shared a bottle of Mount Majura Pinot Gris (my favourite!).

Pollo saltimbocca at Bella Vista

After dinner we were waiting for the sweetie, so went for a wander around the lake.  In the end we gave up waiting and James gave me a lift home.  Where Stu was waiting - he'd not heard my phone calls.. doh!

Random leaves
Sunset over Lake Ginninderra
Lake ripples

Something nicer

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Was actually going to post this in my last post, until I got the anal probing email from ThinkGeek and that made me explode.  Still quite pissed off with them.

But anyways.  This was the sky this evening.  Pretty, huh?


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