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Couple of photos

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Woke up early this morning (6am) and couldn't get back to sleep.  So got up early and saw this..

January sunrise

January sunrise
Tonight I juiced about a dozen lemons (the slightly older ones).  There's still a dozen left!  Anyone want any lemons?  We have them coming out the wazoo at the moment..

Juice of many lemons

A rainbow taken out our back window

Some carrots Stu grew in the garden

And how they looked when he cooked them
Fresias in the front yard
Sunrise one morning last week
Another day, another sunrise
Completed Fish & Chips jigsaw - evil!
Fish and Chips jigsaw
Mr Fixit!  Me little brother stayed last night and fixed a bunch of things around the house.  Have I ever mentioned he rocks? :)
Mr Fixit

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