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Fun Run leaves

Red leaves

Orange leaves

Dark red leaves


Thick ice




Rosemary flowering

Rosemary flowers

Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms


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Yeah so spring is nearly over.  And I've been accumulating photos to post for months, because I'm a slacker.  Here's a bunch of photos celebrating spring.

Pelicans come inland to breed.  I couldn't see this one's partner though.
Pelican on Lake Ginninderra

Dad always called these things swanlings.  Because he was weird.  And I call them that too.  Because I'm weird.

Cherry blossoms!
Cherry blossoms

Dad always called these things ducklets.  Because he was weird.  And I call them that too.  Because I'm weird.

More ducklets

After our Queensland trip I started bringing my lunch into work most days so I could control my sodium intake.  But that left me with the problem of not getting out and about for a bit of a walk.  So for quite a while, Aquila and I were doing Ingress missions to get some exercise.  We ran out of local missions though, so that's fallen by the wayside a little (and me being off sick for a week certainly didn't help).
This was taken on one of the mission days.

Same day, different spot
Belconnen panorama

Pictures of daffodils never get old

Saw these mystery flowers on a walk one morning.  No idea what they are.  Cause I'm dumb.
Purple flowers

More mystery flowers.  These things are from bulbs and pop up in our yard every spring.  No idea what they are.  Cause I'm dumb.
More purple flowers

Usually we associate storms with summer, but we've had more than our fair share of thunderstorms this spring
Storm clouds

Sunflower seedling.  It's quite a bit bigger than that now. 
Sunflower seedling

Wisteria flowers


These things only flower for like a *day*, but the plant keeps on pumping out new flowers for several weeks.  They're weeds around our yard, but I can't bring myself to pull them out.

Can you believe these photos are taken on a *phone* ???

I'm pretty sure I've never seen these flowers in our yard before this year, so no idea where they came from.  Or what they are.  Cause I'm dumb.
Mystery flowers

I do like azaleas but I think they take too much water and as such have no place in Canberra.

Irises in our yard

Mini wombok grown from seed.  Hoping I get to eat it before the bugs do.

The poppies are still coming

Oh, there you go.  Done.

Some flowers

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I like flowers.  I like spring.

Purple flowers
Rhododendron maybe


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Well after building up my flex time from minus hours up to about four hours, I blew the lot of it this afternoon on a BBQ at Tony's place.  This was to celebrate completing a project in record time - dev-test-prod-release in two weeks! Don't think that's ever been done before heh.

So had some wine, beer, cheese, fruit, prawns and other nibblies.. and then came the BBQ! Oops! :)

It was a gorgeous spring day too.. was definitely nicer than being at work :)


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I love spring, I truly do.  It's getting warmer and lighter and flowers are everywhere!  Walking around and seeing all the flowers makes me smile.

Had a nice walk around part of the lake and back today at lunch.  Although it's just a little bit too warm I think for walking during the day anymore.  I get too sweaty and I don't like that.  I'd done 12300 steps by the time I left work.  Then another 2500 on the walk up the hill.  Not quite as hot in the evenings, so will be able to walk home for a while longer.  After that I'm not sure how I will get my exercise quota as I really dislike getting sweaty.

It's amazing how much difference a month and daylight saving makes to the light when I leave work.  Previously the sun was on its way to setting.  Now it still has a couple of hours to go.

I love this time of year.


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