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For Tony

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Can you figure out what this is?  Answer in extended post ;)



We caught this spider back in April in our van.  I think she's a wolf spider.  With babies!

Wolf spider with babies

Afro spider!

Afro spider!


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A wolf spider in our front yard just before we went overseas.

Wolf spider

Bacon!  To go with the alliteration of Buttons and Blobby


The bristlenose I got for the angel tank


Just me and a chicken - at @CLBradley's

Just me and a chicken

Just the sweetie and George

Just the sweetie and George

Just the sweetie and George

Just Kit and a donkey

Just Kit and a donkey

George was excited by this possum in our cherry tree

Possum up a cherry tree

Stu caught this gecko in our ensuite bathroom


Work wasn't too stressful today.  Spent all morning going through my emails.  Spent the afternoon catching up bits and pieces.  So that was nice.

Tonight I began the long slow process of looking at all my photos, resizing a copy of them and geotagging them.  Then I can start culling to select some for blogging.  Also before too much longer I'll need to sort out the "people" photos before I forget who's who.

And here's a photo of a spider at Kit's at the end of last year..

Spider at Kit's


Yeah so we accidentally won the social club trivia night, no thanks to DC, Doc and Aquila.  Sheesh. Now we need to organise the next one!  Bah!   ;)

Before the tables were ready, Aquila and I went for a wander to hack some portals, and document this spider (sorry Tony!)

Belconnen spider

Australia Day morning we went to Black Pepper for breakfast, and then did some shopping.

In the afternoon we went out to the club with new tent in tow.  Even though there were storms forecast.  Hrmm.

So we got there and assembled the tent.  It took quite a while because we'd never done it before, and the instructions were pretty crappy.  Got a bit hot and bothered.  So had a little break in the middle to have a drink and a chat with some of the people there.

Continued on. 

Made it in the end.

Our tent!

Inflated the air mattress, and filled the tent with all our crap, then went up for a swim.  And it being nearly 5pm, we declared it beer o'clock.

The swim was really nice .. until they setup the water volleyball net.  Hrmm.

Dinner was a lamb broth for entree, then another lamb stew, and haggis! and tatties and salads.  Lamb for Australia Day, haggis for Burns night.  The haggis wasn't quite as good as I remember from Scotland, but not too bad.

Lamb broth

Lamb stew and salads


Desert was a cranachan made by Chris


Did I mention the storm?  It *poured*.  And continued to rain for hours.  Apparently not as bad as back in Canberra though.

So we got back down to the tent to assess the damage.  The tarp on the vestibule had been covered in water/mud/leaves, but the interior of the tent was ok.  Just the end of the mattress/sheets were a bit wet from being pressed up against the edge of the tent.  Unfortunately neither of us could get to sleep.  The air mattress is quite sensitive, so each little movement rocks the other person around.  So I think we kept each other awake.  For hours.  Plus I was stressing about my bladder.  And of course the more you worry about needing to go, the more you think you need to go, even if you don't really need to go.  Blah.  I think I got to sleep around 2am.  Woke up at 4am for at least another hour.  Then another couple of hours sleep til 7am.  Yeah four hours sleep is probably not enough.

So we got up and had leftover haggis and tatties for breakfast.  Stu fried it, so it turned out more like the haggis we'd had in Scotland.

Leftover haggis and tatties

Then back down to disassemble the tent.  After removing spiders.


I wiped the tent down with a towel and we didn't try to properly fold it up, would do that at home after properly drying it all.  Just a quick fold and put it in the back of the car, with all the rest of our crap on the back seat.

And then home.

To find the power had been out since 7:10pm the night before :(  Fortunately the seals on the fridge are pretty good, so everything was still cold to touch, and stuff in the freezer was still frozen (a bit of meltage on the ice cubes but still mostly frozen).  

Rest of the weekend was pretty quiet.  We did go over to Potty's so he could build a Cornetto stand for the sweetie.  Because he's a manly man.  And has power tools. :)

Manly men

Spider Season

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The spiders are starting up again in full force.  This one spun a small but nicely formed orb web in the family room.  We took it away.  No webs in the house please.

Indoor spider

In yet another attempt to get our step count up, and to do a walk I've wanted to do for several years, today did the Mount Majura to Mount Ainslie walk.  Not that there's actually a defined trail.  In fact between the mountains there's tracks criss-crossing all over the place.  Definitely a two-car job (unless you really want to walk all the way back again as well!)

You can't drive very far up Majura Road before the road is blocked
Gate blocking the road up to the top of Mt Majura
They didn't have enough chains so used lots of padlocks instead
Chains (locks) on the gate
Pretty cool view of the airport, but not many planes, it being a Sunday and all
Canberra Airport
Looking toward Dickson and Black Mountain
Looking toward Dickson
Looking toward Belconnen
Aircraft radar at the top of Mount Majura
Radar on Mount Majura
Obligatory spider shot for Tony ;)
It was quite crowded around Mount Majura, lots of walkers out and about
Top of Mount Majura
We just need to go straight over there - no need to go down first, right?
Mount Ainslie from Mount Majura
Spikey flowers
Spikey flowers
Spikey flowers
Virgin Blue 737 taking off
Virgin Blue 737
Now here's something you don't see every day (anymore)!  There were a whole heap of them near the top of the trail on Mount Ainslie
Old-fashioned ring-pull
Made it!!
Mount Ainslie sign
Aircraft beacon on Mount Ainslie
Aircraft beacon on Mount Ainslie
Canberra airport from Mount Ainslie
Canberra Airport
Obligatory Black Mountain Tower photo
Black Mountain Tower
Houses of Parliament, so to speak
The fountain was fountaining
James Cook fountain
Canberra Centre and part of Civic
Canberra city
Magpie portraits
So this was the whole trip around the mountains, showing where you have to park on the north side of Mount Majura as the red waypoint at the top.

Majura to Ainslie GPS track
Here's a close up of the walking part itself from the top of Mount Majura (top) and Mount Ainslie (bottom)
Majura to Ainslie GPS track
The GPS track of the walk itself is here if you want to look at it any closer.

8.4km, ~13000 steps, nearly three hours of walking (with lots of stops for photos).
Nearly missed my bus the other morning taking photos of cobwebs covered in fog...

Foggy cobweb
Foggy cobweb

And the moon behind the clouds tonight was pretty cool

Cloudy moonrise

Fairly quiet weekend.

Spent a lot of it doing the jigsaw.  The stuff that's left (maybe 700 pieces) is just dark leaves and blotchy sky.  Really irritating to do.  Just want to get the thing finished so I can put it away and get the table back.

Today we went out for breakfast and did some food shopping.  

These boats were down at Lake Ginninderra
Belconnen Boats

The spider is still there near Black Pepper

The sweetie was feeling very tired mid afternoon, but instead of succumbing to sleep we decided to go for a drive and a walk.  Went down to Government House and walked around Weston Park.

Lake Burley Griffin
Weston Park walk
Weston Park walk
Weston Park walk
Weston Park walk
Weston Park walk
Weston Park walk
Weston Park walk
Weston Park walk

Tonight the sweetie cooked a spicy tomato and lentil soup, and I did scones.  My scones were a bit fail, but still edible.  I made up for it with a coconut cake which turned out perfectly.

I'm one step closer to getting Yarrangobilly pics online - they're geotagged at least now :)

Nothing to report.  Thai for dinner (filling, and quite hot).  Couple of ring-ins to our team dinner, nice night.

Didn't take any photos (shocking I know!!)

So here's a couple I prepared earlier.

Firstly one Tony will hate.  Saw this near Black Pepper and got grossed out..

Gross spider

And this from our back window the other morning

March Morning

This first spider was under the pool skimmer box cover.  At first glance it looked like a redback spider, but when I looked again I wasn't so sure.  Anyone know?

Mystery redback spider
And then there's the actual redback spider that's currently living in our garage under the push mower.  So long as she stays just there I don't mind.  But if she disappears I'll get worried!

Redback Spider

(but this thing was terrorising me.. and of course the morning before we went away to Sydney, so it had to be caught so it wouldn't set off the alarm!)

Huntsman close up


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Yesterday Damien came over to make use of the war room for the first time.  They ended up playing a game of Wings of War which they thoroughly enjoyed.

War games
War games
War games

Then it was war on technology, with the media server not working while Damien was here (it worked first go after he left) and the buzz controllers refusing to bind :(  And then my iPhone wouldn't lock itself automatically, even after a reboot.  Go figure.

Today it was a war on a huntsman that tried to terrorise Buzz ..

Buzz huntsman

Buzz huntsman

Buzz huntsman

And not war related at all, but some pretty flowers in our garden :)



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Well I'm quite convinced that if I stopped blogging and tweeting noone would even notice, much less care.  My last tweet was a week ago and only two people commented - my brother and a friend who doesn't have a twitter account.  I considered stopping blogging/tweeting altogether.  I considered going somewhere else and starting again or going totally private.  But I have to keep coming back to the only real reason I blog - it's just too good a diary not to.  The years before I started blogging are almost like the dark ages, where I don't really know what I was doing from day to day.  I love the chronicle, and going back to find out when I did things.  And all the photos.  And occasionally reading a random month or search results and reading stuff I'd completely forgotten about.  Twitter is a supplement to the blog, and records stuff that doesn't seem blogworthy enough for a whole post.  It's crap as an online archive, but regular backups mean I still have an offline record.  So as much as I'd like to wait around for someone to miss me, I doubt that'll happen any time soon, and not blogging is hurting me more than anyone else.

So we got back from Japan and the UK on Saturday morning.  Managed to survive most of the day before collapsing at 4pm for a couple of hours.  Slept ok Saturday night and was basically fine on Sunday.  Although did stay up waaaayyy too late on Sunday night.  Whoops.  Monday was more recovery from Sunday than from jetlag heh.  

The holiday was decent enough.  The biggest downer was the weather.  It was grey most of the time.  Rainy a lot.  Very little sunlight.  Which is pretty depressing as a photographer.  And Legoland was closed the last two days we were there, which is when we were planning to go.  I, of course, was devastated.  It was supposed to be one good thing to finish the trip off on, and instead it was the biggest let down.  It really soured my mood about the whole trip and harder to think of the highlights.  Which included our first day in London, Harry Potter filming locations, some lovely cathedrals and Scotland.  We also missed quite a few things I wanted to see because we didn't have the time. And the things we did see were rushed.  But I'm not planning to go back any time soon (except maybe to Edinburgh, and Legoland if I can face it) as there's too many other places in the world to see.  I took around 12000 photos (haven't got an exact count yet).  I still haven't seen most of them.

Our weeping cherry tree was nice enough to wait til late September to flower this year.  It made me very happy to come home and see it in full bloom.

Cherry tree
In the afternoon there was a cool rainbow

October rainbow
Tonight there were storms south of us, and Mt Ainslie was all black, the sky was dark, but it was sunny on the foreground.  Made for some cool lighting conditions.

October rain
Although this spider freaked me out by coming up next to me while I was taking photos out the window.

I spent some time on the weekend building this model of Tower Bridge I picked up in London.  It was quite fun to build, but not really a puzzle, as all the pieces are numbered and there's instructions.  But a pretty cool result.

Tower Bridge model
And even cooler?  An email from Lego on the weekend with a Lego version!!

Tower Bridge Lego
This of course I must have.  The Lego version doesn't have the other piers on the ends, so I'll probably get some extra bricks off BrickLink and make up my own.

For reference, the real thing - 

Tower Bridge, London
So it was back to work today.  I had planned to spend an easy day getting back into things, reading emails etc.  And mostly that's what I did.  Took til around mid afternoon to get through five weeks of emails.  I did get given two projects, both of which are fairly urgent.  One will be significantly easier than the other though.  And also got caught up in *problems* which are just painful and suck time like you have it to spare.

Epic win of the day was an incorrect shelf price at Toys R Us, which meant I got the Toy Story garbage truck in Lego (RRP $99.99 and $109.99 normally at Toys R Us) for $65.99 !!  Epic win!!  Only one more Toy Story set to go now.  And the new Imperial Shuttle.  And the new Diagon Alley.  And the Eiffel Tower.

With daylight savings, and a beautiful warm afternoon/evening, it felt like summer.  Had a walk, dusting done and two episodes of Survivor watched before 8pm.  And the sweetie cooked dinner :)

Stinky Spider!

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I really don't like spiders.  I can appreciate them from a safe distance, and actually I'm generally more afraid of webs than spiders themselves - because if you touch a web, the spider will come running and bite you!!

So this spider was in our house for like three days.  And probably set off the alarm yesterday.  So the stinky thing had to go.  Caught it with a plastic chinese container and took it across the road to bother someone else.

Stinky spider!

Other photos I found

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Here's a few more from 2007..

The Hogwarts logo mosaic in pieces.  If anyone actually cares I'll publish the counts of all the pieces I used..

Hogwarts in bits

A spider that terrorised me by just being..

Laser spider

A penny farthing at church..

Penny farthing

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