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It's been an absolutely glorious weekend.  Except I've spent most of it inside sorting holiday photos :/

We did go for a walk together on Saturday.  And go to Bunnings.  And ran into Kit there.  On Saturday night Annie and the family came over for pizza for dinner and Stu showed them some holiday photos from his phone on the tv.

Sunday Stu gardened for a couple of hours while I did holiday photos.  I cooked pork medallion roast for dinner, and it was possibly one of the best pork roasts I've ever done.  Every bit of the crackling was perfect, and the meat was lovely too.  Also cooked a whole heap of veggies.  In the evening we had to watch something Russian-inspired, so we watched The Hunt for Red October.

Today I woke up at 4am with a sore spine, took ages to get back to sleep and ended up sleeping in fairly late.  Stu gardened while I did holiday photos.  Felt like I was wasting the weekend away indoors.  Around lunch time we went to Officeworks to pickup a HDMI cable, had Hungry Cracks for lunch and instantly regretted it, then had a wander around John Knight Park.  And ran into Kit there.  Seriously it's like we're stalking each other heh.  At least I got a bit of vitamin D.

When we got home Stu had a voicemail that Telstra had fixed our line.  The stats on the router aren't much improved, but download speeds and latency sure are a lot better.  We'll see how it goes..


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We've had a pretty quiet week.  We did go down to Kit's for a little while last night though which was nice.

This morning we got up relatively early .. scratch that.. Stu got up relatively early .. I'd been awake since 5:30am on account of having a sore spine from our dumb mattress.  Anyway.  Got ready and went to the farmers markets.  I actually find the farmer's markets somewhat stressful - too many crowds and too many transactions to get stuff from multiple vendors.  We had pies before we started, which were stressful in themselves due to having nowhere comfortable to sit to eat them.

Did a load of linen washing, fixed the hinge in the laundry door (the pin had almost worked its way out), and fought with our network for ages.  I still can't get the NAS working on the Cisco switch (which turns out to be unmanaged, so can't see any sort of logs), and one of the network cameras (which I swear was working this morning) is also being a poo.

Went to Coles in the afternoon and remembered why I hate it so much - there's still no trolley bays in much of the car park, so you have to walk your trolley all the way back into the shopping centre to get your money back.  Fills me with so much rage.

Got invited over to EffanC's, but we're still potentially contagious, so decided not to go.

Have been resizing holiday photos, but geotagging is super painful due to our super awful internet right now.  Our SNR Margin is 15.  Our loop attenuation is 66.  According to Draytek our internet shouldn't work at all....

Well not much really.

Wednesday night we ran the trivia night which was pretty well attended and enjoyed.  Only two questions that noone got right, but twenty-three that *everyone* got right - whoops!

Thursday had a training day which I always find a bit draining, but learnt some things, even if I won't get much exposure to them in real life.

Friday night we had dinner at Hero Sushi and did some clothes shopping.  The girl at City Chic was quite nice and unthreatening which made the whole process of clothes shopping not *completely* stressful.  And only spent nearly $300 on four items.  Hrmmmmmmm!!  (Vinnies was *much* better value!!)

The weekend was pretty much just *getting things done*.  Had dinner at Annie's last night, but really the weekend was just getting things done that hadn't been gotten done on account of trivia nights and stuff...

Tonight we watched some Voyager, and Particle Fever, which was pretty interesting.

Loonnnnggg Weekend

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Had a pretty quiet Australia Day.  I had hurty that kept me awake for a couple of hours in the middle of the night.  Did a little bit of house stuff.  More hurty for a couple of hours in the afternoon.  For dinner we took some sausages and salad down to Kit's and had a bbq with her.

Friday I took a Random Day Off and Got Stuff Done.  Piled up a bunch of stuff and took it out to the Green Shed.  Only came home with a jigsaw, four small candles and some cookie cutters.  Did a bunch of errands and shopping all over the place, and final stop was food shopping.  Coles have now introduced coin trolleys which is a pain in the @$$.  They've always needed trolley return bays at that carpark, but now they REALLY need them.  Painful.  Cooked roast beef for dinner and watched Z for Zachariah in the evening.  Ok, but introduced a whole new thread that the book didn't have (I read the book in high school so don't remember a huge amount about it, but the things I did remember weren't in the movie.

Saturday was another quiet day doing mostly house stuff. Chris and Zac came over for a swim in the afternoon.  Cooked lemon ginger chicken for dinner from a recipe I got out of the Coles magazine.  Watched the first Hunger Games in the evening.

Sunday yet another quiet day (although two quiet days I didn't really get that much done :( ).  Ben came over for a swim in the afternoon.  The sweetie cooked Scotch eggs for dinner which were pretty good.  Watched the second Hunger Games.

Scotch eggs

Last night I just couldn't get to sleep - too hot and uncomfortable, so was a bit of a zombie today :(

A few days

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Late Thursday afternoon Ben invited us over for dinner (lamb roast, with Serena's awesome gravy) so that was nice.

Cheese at Ben's

Ben dinner

Friday night we watched a German movie - Look Who's Back - about what might happen if Hitler existed in modern day Germany.  It's labelled a comedy, and yes there are some funny moments, but it was all just a bit *scary* for me about the possibility of history repeating itself.

Saturday morning we headed out to Fyshwick to go to Material Pleasures to see if I could get some clothes for this boat trip we're going on.  Except the place was shut down until Monday for Christmas.  So that was a waste of a trip.  So we went to Hardly Normal to look at vacuum cleaners.  Except every fricken cordless vacuum cleaner comes with a roller brush head that would get tangled up instantly with my hair.  So that was all very frustrating.

Came home and just did a bit of house stuff.  Not much, just taking down Christmas decorations. 

This morning I woke up at around 3am and I've been awake ever since.  Stressing about vacuum cleaners (the one Stu is looking at is basically a glorified dustbuster, which I can't see how would be any improvement on the vacuum cleaner we already have, aside from easing the hurdle of actually *starting*), and that my bowels hurt (I think I'm dying).


Quiet Weekend

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Friday night we finally did a big food shop, then we went down to Kit's for hamburgers for dinner.

Saturday was just getting stuff done around the house.  In the evening we watched a documenatory on Leonard Nimoy and then Die Hard.

Sunday was more house stuff.  Went out for lunch and did a Bunnings run.  Did more house stuff and repotted plants in the afternoon.  In the evening did a three cheese and bacon roast chicken and Kit came up for that, then we went over to Annie's to give Noah his birthday present.

All in all a nice weekend.


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Before the last big club event we decided we needed to clear some freezer (and fridge) space.  Which meant eating as much as we could of what was in the house.

We haven't actually been proper food shopping in weeks.

With leftovers from a Melbourne Cup event at work, and the big club event, we've managed to get by with only buying a few essentials here and there.  But we really do need to do some proper shopping very soon ..


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Five and a half years ago, before our trip to the UK in 2010, I bought a new pair of walking shoes.

I wore those shoes nearly every day for five and a half years.  Millions of steps.  

Recently, however, they started leaking through the soles in the wet, so it was time to get new shoes.

I got the exact same thing.

As you do.



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Did you know you can't buy real denim anymore?  At least not in Target.  The only "denim" they have is the thin stretchy stuff that wears through after only a year or so.  I know this because I've had the same stuff from Jeanswest for the past few years and I'm sick of it wearing out so quickly.  Is there anywhere you can get *real* jeans anymore?  Will have to do some more searching.  

Also in Target I couldn't find any pyjamas that inspired me (seemingly no sets at all).

Also in Target I couldn't find any bras of the same style as I got last time, which means I need to start all over a-fricken-gen and try more on.  Why can't you buy the same thing in a couple of years time?  Why do they insist on *changing* things all the time??

So the sweetie took me to Max Brennar and we had italian thick white hot chocolate - soooo evil but soooo good!!

Piling High

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Thursday I had a horror night from not feeling well in my stomach (I hadn't even drunk that much at drinks), to hurty hitting at midnight.  So not much sleep then.

Friday I donned my Sadie gloves for a little cleaning (although not as much as I would have liked).  That night I watched the Shawshank Redemption which I hadn't seen in years. I wouldn't mind reading the book some time.

Saturday morning first thing we had brunch, did some food shopping and went to Bunnings.  And then it was after midday.  How does that happen?

Lamb mint chili chocolate sausages from Market Meats Belconnen - they were pretty good!
Lamb mint chili chocolate sausages from Market Meats Belconnen

Then headed out to the club.  Did a bit of trench digging, but ended up helping measure curtains up for hemming.  We hung them in the bus later and they looked amazing.  Had dinner there and chatted to J&H for quite a while and I even went in the sauna.

Caravan spider

Bus curtains

This morning we came home earlyish via breakfast at Quangers Scottish Restaurant and Office Works.  

Bridge grin

I did some painting and fish stuff and gardening.  Accidentally started watching Secondhand Lions on tv and ended up watching the whole thing, was quite good.  Then went and did our food shopping for the week.  Tonight was Veronica Mars and dad's documentaries.

The piles of crap on my desk are getting higher and higher.  Really must clean them up ..


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So a neighbour complained about Kit's rooster yesterday.  I was hoping that since it had been a month or two since he started crowing that maybe noone would complain.  But alas not.  She put a collar on him (I think) but it didn't make him quieter, just a bit sadder.

Anyway *my* crap day started from about 1am, when I'd been in bed for three hours without sleeping.


And then I spent the day fighting problems (not my problems mind you) and basically achieving nothing by the end of the day.

Shopping.  Home brew (not mine).  Veronica Mars.  Bed. 

Let's see if sleep works any better tonight.

I still haven't done the vaccuuming.

Friday to Sunday

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Friday night we finished watching season 1 of Veronica Mars through.  I think that was my third time watching it through.  Still just as good.

I didn't sleep very well on Friday night.  Too many restless legs :(  Was awake for hours, so was tired and grumpy on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning I spent the entire morning cleaning the house.  Yay.  Although I *still* haven't done the vacuuming.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate vacuuming?

Marc and Jo arrived around midday and we chatted for a while.  

Then did a trip to Costco.  Because I'd never been and was interested to see the place.  It started off ok, looking around the home entertainment stuff and another non-food stuff.  But then we got to the food and thought we should see what inspired us for dinner.  Ended up picking up some lamb shanks.  But then we needed to find stuff to go with it, but it's really horrible to shop for fresh food there.  Smallest bag of potatoes was 5kg :(  Plus we didn't know where anything was and it was somewhat crowded, so it all became quite stressful.  Got through the checkouts, and then they take your receipt and count every item in your trolley to make sure it adds up.  And I'm like *what the??*  Seemed quite insane to me.  And the girl couldn't grasp that there was something buried under something else, which meant our tally was one item *under* and so she spent ages counting and getting confused.  Bizarre bizarre bizarre.  Then we thought we'd get some super cheap petrol (under a dollar a litre) but then we saw the queue, which was at least six cars waiting per bowser and thought screw that and just got out of there.

At home we started prepping dinner (it was like 4pm by this point).  But I was tired and stressed and grumpy and things just kept falling *down*.  Why does everything have to fall down??  Plus mess, and multiple people working just made it even more stressful.

But once we got dinner in the oven and cleaned up the kitchen I could start to relax a little.  So we chatted and looked at holiday slideshows before dinner.  Which turned out reasonably well.  The lamb shanks were *huge* and I didn't finish mine, and they could have done with being done a bit slower and longer.

After dinner we (read me - everyone else wussed out) went for a swim.

But then we started prepping breakfast (Marc's breakfast mince) and I accidentally knocked a wine glass onto the floor.  It *shattered*.  Into tiny pieces all over the kitchen floor :(:(:(:(  I was pretty upset because it was one of the nice ones Stu got when he left his job in Queensland nearly nine years ago.  But I really lost it when I tried to nibble a bit of onion of the spatula a bit later and dropped it trying to put it into my mouth.  I was just so sick of everything falling down I just lost it and went to bed.

Today was a fairly slow start.  Had the breakfast mince (too much food for me) and then Marc and Jo went home around midday.

Then the sweetie and I jumped in the car and went for a nice long drive out to Uriarra Crossing and Mt Stromlo (Scope is closed - boo).  We had a good long chat about life and stuff so that was really nice.

Uriarra Crossing

Cotter Dam

Mount Stromlo

Mount Stromlo

Mount Stromlo

Got home and started on season 2 of Veronica Mars.  I remember watching this in Sydney, but found my dvds were still wrapped, so was wondering how I could have seen it.  Then figured I must have watched *live*, on *tv* .. surely not!  Actually watching tv as it airs?  Unheard of! heh

More Sydney.  More sorting.  More stuff.

Mum purges tupperware
Mum sorts tupperware

This pigeon was on the first floor of the George St KFC.  It made quite a mess.
KFC Pigeon

Queen Victoria statue

Caught up with Jo and Marc again at Jet at the QVB for drinks and pizza on the Tuesday which was great, but a bit of a disaster getting home as the trains were all stuffed up.  Took me an hour and a half to get home :(  

Jet pizza

Jet calamari

Also had a lovely lunch with @StuartCRyan.  

Peking duck with Stu

Came home Wednesday night with a car filled up with stuff to give away or sort through (including all Dad's slides and physical photos).  

Packed to the gunnels

Thursday after dinner and washing we went over to Kit's for a few drinks which was fun.  Friday I watched Air Crash Investigations and much of Gladiator while tidying up the dungeon for the car load of stuff.

Saturday I'd originally been going to help out with the big Christmas party, but I decided a few days out that I really needed a day at home for my sanity's sake. I have just had so little time at home in the past two months that I think I might have died if I hadn't stayed home.  So I was up early and spent the morning tidying up the dungeon, then emptying my car.  In the afternoon I did more sorting, cleaning and put up the Christmas tree.  I got nearly 10000 steps without even leaving the house.

In the evening we went to Mishi's for lots of eating and chatting and a bit of Pirate Fluxx, which I won two games of, and Mishi won a game.

Today I'm back in Sydney.  We went to Ikea to pick up a china cabinet, and she bought a mirror as well.  Then back to Taren Point to pick up her tv unit.  Squeezed the whole lot into my car.  Hatchbacks are pretty awesome really.

Tonight was Carols Under the Stars at Como church, but it was all thunderbolts and lightning, so it was inside under fairy lights which was pretty cool.  

Listed more stuff on Freecycle.

Since getting home

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Friday night we watched the Bourne Identity.

Saturday I had a fairly productive morning, then we headed out to the club for the afternoon/evening.  Didn't sleep too well - the mattress we have is pretty crap, so kept waking up with a sore spine.


Sunday afternoon we didn't really do much at all.  I did meet the new chickies.

Baby chickies

And we did a *lot* of food shopping..

Big food shop

Big food shop

Big food shop

After dinner (of salmon) I went for a walk to hack some portals and make a field (which is surprisingly still there).  It was a very pleasant time of day to be walking, and there were flowers and the scent of jasmine in the air.  Lovely.

Last night we went to bed early, but I just lay there for hours, not getting to sleep til after midnight :(  So then I woke up at 6am *tired*.  Blah.

But still had a relatively productive day, so that was satisfying.

Climbing roses

Cooked a very evil chicken with cheese and bacon stuffing for dinner - yumm!

Then after dinner we went for a walk around Palmerville.  We also watched the first episode of The Code, which I kept getting distracted over all the Canberra been-theres.

So the final dinner went a bit late last night so didn't get to bed til 10:30pm *shock*

Then I woke up at 5:30am needing to go to the loo. So pretty tired today.

Breakfast today was decent enough, but I was kinda of over it.

After breakfast we headed off and drove around Toowoomba for a while, but most of the good stuff was on the other side of the coach. Went up to Picnic Point to see the lookout and some of the flowers there.

Then down into Marburg where I said goodbye to everyone and got picked up by David. We did a bit of shopping then headed "home".

I've done a whole lot of *nothing* this afternoon which was been wonderful after such a go-go-go trip.

So the week at work started out ok, got worse, got hopeful, release went ahead anyway, a moment of panic on my behalf, a moment of panic on everyone else's behalf, and finally an early mark to go to the pub for Connor's birthday.  Phew.

But going back a little.  Last Sunday night I decided to use up the last of the potatoes we had in the house, and some leftover sour cream and some past its use-by date thickened cream to make this potato bake.  It was a bit of a case of "would you like some potatoes with your cream and cheese?" and it became our entire dinner.

Potato bake

Tuesday I tried out Le Wrap's nachos.  There were ok, but nothing special.  The cheese was a little cold when I got it, so had solidified and glued all the chips together.  Salsa and guacamole and a bit of salad on the sides.

Le Wrap Nachos

Thursday I snapped this using Dad's telephoto lens from Aranda oval.

Black Mountain Tower

Neil has been doing various winter drinks over the past few weeks.  There's been hot cider (with or without rum), mulled wine and last Thursday there was hot mead.  I'd never had mead before.  It was very drinkable warm!


After work Friday, met up with the sweetie for a drink at A Baker.  I was surprised how uncrowded it was for a Friday night.  There was a DJ playing, but the music wasn't loud, so we could chat which was nice.  Then we went over to J&Y's for drinks and nibbles.  We chatted for ages before discovering their extensive collection of eighties music, so we put on a stack of songs from 1988/89 and Y and I sang our hearts out.  It was like singstar without the microphones or words.  Lots of fun :)

The weekend was pretty quiet.  We went on a mission to buy a new dishwasher yesterday (our old one blew up just before I went to Turkey, did I mention that?).  Was successful in that mission.  In the evening we enjoyed an incredibly rare Saturday night to ourselves and watched The Wind Rises, which was sweet and sad, as per most Miyazaki films that I've seen!

Today the mission was food shopping and feeding Potty's fish.  We mostly bought food from the edges of the supermarket, which always looks like we're pretending to be healthy (it doesn't show the six different kinds of cheese we bought!)

Pretending to be healthy

Tonight I cooked a roast pork and I'm still quite full.  I also forgot to properly document it.  Oops!

Before shot

Sort of after - missing crackling

Post Christmas

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On Friday (after a productive morning which included cleaning out the shelves in the bedroom cupboard) we headed into the city so the sweetie could pick up a package.  Except that the post office was closed.  Doh.  So went to the Canberra Centre so we could return the Wii-U game that wasn't going to work on our Wii.  Had lunch then went to Myer and got a few bits and pieces on special, including a variable temperature kettle, a picnic set, and a beach towel for Stu.

Got a lot more of the Millennium Falcon put away in the afternoon as well as watching The Hunger Games with the sweetie.

On Saturday I got quite a bit of stuff done in the morning, including finishing dismantling the Millennium Falcon.  I found the sheet of timings I did from when I built it - at the end of 2009!!  The thing has been assembled for four years!!  Oops!  

Had lunch at Ali Baba, then did some food shopping.   The sweetie got a migraine too which wasn't much fun.

Did a bit of a cleanup in the afternoon and put on a lamb roast.  For dinner, Jan, Bruce and James came over and we chatted for a while before dinner.  I followed a recipe Stu found at Annie's suggestion - which involved lemon juice and lemons put into the meat.  It worked really well and gave it a nice zing.  Will try it again sometime.  After dinner, Annie and family came over.  The kids played Mariokart while we all chatted.  Was a really nice night.  It was still pretty hot after everyone left so we both jumped in the puddle.  Heard Kit had visitors so invited myself over.  After chatting for ages, Kit and Ben came over for a swim.  We might have accidently stayed up *very* late.  But of course I always wake up early, and never did manage to get back to sleep.  So pretty tired today.  This afternoon I finished sorting Jake's Lego, and started assembling the sets.  

So a pretty good few days.

The rest of Sunday

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Quiet morning, not as hot as yesterday.

Went over to Annie's to drop off a jigsaw I forgot to give them the other night.

Then food shopping and back home to watch the clouds roll in.

Annie and the kids came over for a swim, and while they were here the change came through.  But no rain here sadly (well a few drops, but that was it).


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Today we went out to Fyshwick after work to do some outdoorsy shopping (directors chairs etc).

Had leftovers for dinner and watched Carols by Candlelight.  Someone might have spiked the eggnog as well.

The Social Club

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In an effort to be more sociable, the sweetie found a small social club to join.  It's nothing fancy - basically just a private camping ground with a partly heated pool on the outskirts of Canberra.

But it does have a nice setting, and the people there, while a little on the "old" side, are nice enough.

The sweetie
Club house
Ablutions block
Fire pit
Camping area
Camping area

Only other interesting stuff on the weekend - going to the Jamo trash and treasure this morning.  Accidentally bought a pair of antique binoculars.
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