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The other week when the Queen Mary 2 was in New York, I was waiting for her to sail so I could watch her on the New York Harbour webcam.  Meanwhile another ship departed, and for a moment the camera zoomed back to look closer at the Queen Mary 2.  Later I watched her sail out and under the Verrazano Narrows bridge.

Queen Mary 2 in New York

This morning, @RMSQueenMary2 had this picture of Queen Mary 2 (which we've been on) and MS Rotterdam (which my mum was just on) together in Quebec.

Queen Mary 2 and MS Rotterdam in Quebec

And the other day saw this sadness - the Sydney Entertainment Centre in the process of being demolished :(

Entertainment Centre gone..

Pizzas and Photos

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Sunday was a pretty quiet day.  We were going to go food shopping but then the sweetie got a migraine.  In the evening David dropped in, and we went over to Scott's with various others for home made pizzas in his pizza oven.  That was a bit of fun.

Scott pizzas

Scott pizzas

Scott pizzas

Scott pizzas

Scott pizzas

Scott pizzas

Crazy busy at work at the moment.

And when I'm not busy at work I'm busy doing things like Lego sorting and photo labelling.  I've been powering through labelling our East Asia holiday photos.  

On a whim tonight I wanted to see any photos of Queen Mary 2 and Quantum of the Seas side by side to compare the height of their passenger decks above sea level (after a woman went overboard on a cruise on the Pacific Dawn the other week) and found this!

delvestudio photo of Queen Mary 2 and Quantum of the Seas in Shanghai

What's so exciting about that?  Well, I was there!  Look!  Can you see me? :)

delvestudio photo of Queen Mary 2 in Shanghai

(photos by delvestudio from

I was actually on our balcony watching proceedings and watching the drone buzzing around the ship and wondering if I'd ever see the footage (I looked on Youtube for ages).  And just like that I found it :)

This was the drone:

delvestudio's drone in Shanghai

The Liners

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So after a lot of weather documentaries and American national parks, then through a lot of Australian and New Zealand travel and top end documentaries, I'm now up to a series called The Liners in dad's documentary collection which I'm thoroughly enjoying.  I did however just go and lookup what happened to the Queen Elizabeth, and was sad to learn it's now buried under a container terminal in Hong Kong.  I've seen the Queen Mary, but we didn't get to go on her.  Maybe next time.. Actually there's a growing list of ships I want to go and tour.. must collate them some time..

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