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The other week when the Queen Mary 2 was in New York, I was waiting for her to sail so I could watch her on the New York Harbour webcam.  Meanwhile another ship departed, and for a moment the camera zoomed back to look closer at the Queen Mary 2.  Later I watched her sail out and under the Verrazano Narrows bridge.

Queen Mary 2 in New York

This morning, @RMSQueenMary2 had this picture of Queen Mary 2 (which we've been on) and MS Rotterdam (which my mum was just on) together in Quebec.

Queen Mary 2 and MS Rotterdam in Quebec

And the other day saw this sadness - the Sydney Entertainment Centre in the process of being demolished :(

Entertainment Centre gone..

Leaving Home

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I left home today for the last time ever.  The family home.  Mum had lived there for forty two years.  I lived there for twenty six and a half years.


Although was too busy to feel much sadness during the process of removal, but did have a sad walk through at the end.

The end of an era.  The family home that noone else has lived in.  Now sold and to be rented out.


But David and I did amuse ourselves by poking fun at mum .. "you've never moved have you?" .. because really she hadn't - not with a whole house of furniture and *stuff*.  Little things like rubbish bags and cleaning equipment she kept wanting to pack and send away and we're like, no you need to save those because you *will* need them.  heh.

Final council cleanup of everything left over
Council cleanup

She got the dining table and chairs restored and reupholstered to match the new lounge.  It actually looks really good.
Refurbished dining suite

This is the sofa bed part of the new lounge
New lounge

The china cabinet we built the other night, now filled up
China cabinet

So got mum moved in at the other end, and stayed til about 3pm unpacking boxes with Aunty Di.  Then I came home.  I never want to leave the house again.

Then I got depressed again at deadbeat ebayers who *still* haven't made any sort of contact with me.  I hate people.

I did finish decorating the Christmas tree though which made me feel a bit better.  It sparkles.

Half Way Through

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Yesterday we had a pretty quiet morning.  But it was such a lovely day we decided to go out to the club and try out our new caravan.  So went out and enjoyed the sunshine, and had drinks and dinner with some of the other people there, then played some cards then went to bed.  Turns out sleeping in a caravan is a lot more comfortable than sleeping in a tent!  Who knew?  We also managed to lock ourselves out of it within ten minutes of arriving.  Thank goodness John was there with a spare key! 

Our caravan

Our caravan

Our caravan

Stu's rissoles

This morning after quite a long lie-in (it was freezing!) we got ready then helped out with some hazard reduction, as well as having some sausages for lunch.

Hazard reduction

Came home and called the parents, only to hear the bad news that the prognosis is not very good for Dad.  So that made me pretty sad.

Did our food shopping then came home and found my betta, that I've only had for six weeks, had died.  More sadness.

Then spent *ages* making up some lasagnas, only to have the sweetie eat a good chunk of my leftovers (mine had white sauce and lactose containing cheese).  Blah.

Then lost it cause the house was a pigsty.

It's only 9:30pm, but it feels a lot later.  Not sure how I'm going to be able to stay up..


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Woke up this morning and one of the first things I saw was that Heather (Dooce) has separated from her husband, at least for a trial.  Which made me pretty sad.  I mean these guys have had problems forever (they've been in therapy for years), but there were still times when they seemed very much in love.  So yeah. Sadmaking.

Meanwhile, the cockatoos were making a racket this morning, so while I had the camera out to photograph the sunflowers, I took a bunch of photos of the birds.

Sulphur crested cockatoo
Sulfur crested cockatoo
Sulfur crested cockatoo
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
ok so yeah.  Might have gone slightly overboard :):):)

Pear and Cherry Slugs

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So did a bit of research this afternoon and discovered the little bastards that have shown up again this year demolishing our cherry tree are Pear and Cherry Slugs.  I'd even gone to the trouble this year of keeping the root suckers down, and keeping the branches trimmed short to keep them off the ground, but it seems like it's made no difference :(:(:(  So need to investigate getting the tree fumigated :(:(

Pear and Cherry slug

65 years

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Hiroshima, 65 years on

In Memorium

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More sadness

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Bushfires from space

I didn't blog anything particular for this year's blogiversary, which also happened to be the fifteenth anniversary of the January 1994 bushfires that ripped through Como/Jannali.  Those fires were closer to home (literally - about 300m away) and destroyed our church and several of our friend's houses, therefore having a massive impact on me to this day whenever I see bushfire images. 

But only one person died there that day.

The weekend bushfires in Victoria were epic sad.  135 lives lost so far.  And that's sure to rise.

Kinda puts my crap day at work into perspective...

Victoria fires

And then..

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Why do I keep finding out about people who have died from Dave...?
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