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I sent a pic of the fountain-bow into the RiotACT the other day which went up yesterday.

Today someone sent in a better one... :)
I took my photoMate 887 (lite) GPS tracker along on Saturday and recorded the whole trip.  Yesterday I downloaded the track and tied it to all the photos I took.  It actually worked really well.  I used the GPS Photo Tagger that came with the tracker (well sort of - I had to download it).  It seemed to save all the GPS data, as verified by GeoSetter.  Although for some reason this data didn't show up on all the pics that went up on the RiotACT today (it's there in the full details page on the Picasa album, but not on the regular photo information bar).

Bendora Dam GPS track

Back to work

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So back to work today :(

It started off ok but got worse as the day went on.  All day fighting with a crappy crappy cobbled together piece of software, getting home and fighting with robocopy and people hassling me about crap equals a grumpy Kazza.

On a lighter note, I did start collecting photos for the RiotACT's bird week, had a yummy dinner of refried leftover pork and potatoes and watched some Monty Python while cycling.

Leftover pork

Dam busters (part 2)

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So I've actually been doing some other dam trips recently.  There was a trip to Googong last week, and Scrivener earlier in the week. 

First up I thought it would be fun to compare Cotter Dam pics over the past two months.  

Firstly, there's Cotter Dam in October, when things were flowing sedately, even after heavy rains in September.  Note the neat little walkway under the new steel bit of the dam.

Cotter Dam
Then there's last Sunday.  Lots of rain and overflow, and it seems the walkway has already been destroyed.

Cotter Dam
Cotter Dam
And finally yesterday.  I'm wondering how much of the new fill for the new dam wall is still there or has been washed away..

Cotter Dam
Googong Dam last week was at about 80% full.  Apparently it hit 100% yesterday.  I'll have to get back there soon!

Googong Dam
And Scrivener earlier in the week was also pretty awesome

Scrivener Dam
Scrivener Dam
Scrivener Dam
Scrivener Dam
Scrivener Dam
Scrivener Dam
The majority of these pics are up on the RiotACT.  I think I'm five for five now (didn't post any of yesterday's pics).

One of Tony H's mates got these pics.. must have been earlier yesterday morning.. epic squee!!

Lots of fun!!!

Three for three!!!

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So I posted a whole heap of pics off to the RiotACT last night.  And I got my name on an article headline! W00t!! :)

Belconnen Community Bus Interchange

Famous.. again!

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So this time I actually listened to DC's advice and sent a bunch of my pictures into the RiotACT.

And they appeared on the site today! Huzzah!! :)

They seriously mustn't get many photos if all the photos I've ever sent have been posted...

My name in lights?

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Today at work Doc pointed out that my image of the storm clouds over Harrison (as blogged the other day) was on the RiotACT!!  I'd sent it the other day but didn't think it'd ever make it up!!  Should have taken DC's advice and sent in some of my dam photos.. maybe I still could, but it seems to be getting a bit late for it now.. 

Anyways.  If anyone happens to google me and finds this.. here's the full sized image..

(oh yeah, and squeeee!! :) )


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So I was just puttering my way through the Riot Act tonight and saw a link to me!!! And nearly fell off my chair!! eep!! :)  Thanks for the link Fiona :)

Had my first night of overtime tonight.  It had the potential to keep us there for hours, but all went well and we were out of there by 8pm.
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