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Have a look at this trash I saw in a newsagent the other week.

So here we have one magazine saying Harry and Meghan are pregnant again.  And right next to it other one says they've split.  One of these magazines said they had split months ago.  Do they just make this stuff up?  I think they might be referring to a split from William and Kate's charity foundation.  But that's not what it looks like there.

Trashy magazines

Now have a look closer the the covers.  Both have a picture of Fifi Box and her new baby.  One of them thought they could just reverse the picture like noone would notice.

Trashy magazines Trashy magazines

And then there's this.  I don't know about you, but I remember seeing the first pictures of Suri as a baby and thinking she looked *exactly* like Tom Cruise.

Trashy magazines

I can't believe people actually buy those magazines.  They're utter trash.  I feel dirty even just looking at them.

Sunday morning up bright and early and walked up Black Mountain with Cath and Fiona and Heather.  12000 steps by 10:30am, but then I only did about 1500 for the rest of the day.

Black Mountain walk

Black Mountain walk

Black Mountain walk

Tried to get stuff done for the rest of the day, but didn't get very much done.

In the evening met up with EffanC for dinner at the Labor Club.

Monday was plugging away at the todo list.

Tonight I tried to deal with the "you have a tax debt" notice I got posted recently.  Turns out the tax office couldn't be arsed sending paper notifications of tax bills, so all I've gotten is cryptic "you've got mail" messages from mygov and finally a posted overdue notice.  I couldn't find pdfs of my payg tax bills, just a summary page.  Absolutely ridiculous.  I was filled with rage at how useless ATO and their website is.  Not happy Jan!!


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A new series of Survivor started this week.  Except I didn't see it on Sunday night, so had to watch it online on Monday night.  Which meant I had to watch Monday's on Tuesday and Tuesday's on Wednesday.  Which would have been fine except watching the episodes on TenPlay is absolutely horrendous experience.  Internet Explorer will start to pixelate the picture after a while, requiring a browser restart.  Chrome does a slightly better job but it still freezes up or drops out.  Mostly a browser restart will take you back to the same position, but other times it forgets and you have to guess the time you were up to.  But the worst part is every time it drops out you have to watch all the ads all over again.  And if you slide the time position *at all* it plays all the ads all over again.  It takes much longer to watch it online than it would live to air.  And the worst part about the ads?  Not only you do you see the same ads at each break, but you often see the same ad two or three times in the same ad break!  Absolutely horrific experience.  

We're nearly through season four of Voyager, and I've been watching more Air Crash Investigations as well.

Last night we watched Tim Burton's Batman which I hadn't seen in years.  I still think Michael Keaton is super cute in that movie.  And I annoyed the sweetie by quoting the script here and there ;)

Woke up at 3am and didn't get back to sleep til 6am.  Epic fricken sigh.  Stoopid brain.  Stoopid spine.  So a very late start today.

Today we went out to Fyshwick because Stu needed some stuff for work.  I tried to get more ram for my old netbook but they didn't have any small enough.  May need to consider getting a new one (it's like five years old).  Or just getting some ram off ebay.

Then did a big shop at Coles to pick up all the stuff that we can't get at the markets.  Jamison still hasn't fixed their abysmal trolley situation.  They still only have two trolley bays at the very top of the car park and none anywhere around the bottom.  And even the ones they do have are broken.  We are only going to Jamison now as a last resort.  The silly thing is, it's not even a cost issue.  Given that Coles is generally cheaper for most things, we could afford a dollar to just dump the trolley wherever.  But for me it's the principle of the thing.  The ACT government needs to wake up to itself and realise forcing supermarkets to force trolley locks is not actually doing anything.  Because I still see trolleys dumped all over Belconnen with no coins in them!  Clearly this idea is just plain stoopid and is having absolutely no positive effect whatsoever.


Tonight I did a cauliflower bake and an evil chicken with three cheese and bacon stuffing.  Sooo good ;)

Not that bad really in the grand scheme of things ;)

This was my "travelling tech" for our last trip, as well as other travel bits and pieces:
Travelling tech

Friday was first big Christmas party.  Had dinner at Sanur's afterwards, followed by tv at Justin C's (Snog, Marry, Avoid and The Hobbit).

Saturday we did food shopping for the club Christmas party, which we catered the mains for.  We did lamb, pork and turkey roasts, with roast veggies, a potato bake, and frozen carrots and peas/corn/beans.  Pretty sure everything turned out ok (certainly it got demolished in short order).  We've never cooked for so many people, so that was all a bit scary.  And we realised the oven isn't as big as we thought it was.

Lamb, turkey and pork roasts
Epic roast

Veggie roast, roast veggies, baby carrots, a huge potato bake
Epic roast

Today I came up to Sydney.  Kept Mum on track as she went through all the kitchen cupboards pulling out stuff she doesn't want.  Documented it all and got it all up on freecycle (take stuff please!!).

Also, I really hate Sydney humidity.  Give me Canberra climate any day. 

Oh, also, idiots should be shot to put the rest of the world out of its misery.  I was getting petrol at the BP at Marulan today.  This service station has heaps of room between the bowsers, so you can easily pull into the front slot if it's free, and the person in the back slot can easily get around them afterwards.  I love service stations like this, they rock, and make for much more efficient use of the pumps.  But this butthead pulled in behind me while I was in paying, he didn't take the front slot.  He just was there waiting behind me.  And I'm like - take the front slot you idiot.  But he didn't.  He just sat there getting angry.  In fact I hadn't even sorted myself out when he beeped me to get going.  Like how stupid can a person be?  I was tempted to just sit there and take even longer.  Because if you're too stupid to use the pumps properly, then you deserve all the pain you get.  I hate stupid people.


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So you may remember that I've been freaking out the past few days about how busy I'm going to be for oh, you know, well til the end of the year.  On my calendar I have exactly one weekend where nothing has been planned, and that's the weekend before Christmas.

So you can imagine my delight finding out that the mother type person is planning to sell the house.  Like right now.  By Christmas.

Which leaves me exactly zero time to finish which would have taken probably at least another year's work in terms of sorting stuff out and either selling it or freecycling it.  Before Mum just gets a skip or five and chucks the whole lot out.

So now I'm studying my calendar trying to figure out what events I can drop, and what planning can be compressed into a half or a third the time I have available.  And what is going to need to give.  It'll probably be my holiday photo sorting.  I still haven't even *seen* most of my holiday photos.

Fun. Not.

Samiuz Sucks

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Went to Samiuz Belconnen for lunch today with the intent of using an Entertainment Book voucher to "buy one get one free".  Except that they don't take them for the lunch menu, because they claim the lunch menu is already a "special" and the vouchers can't be used with any other offer.

Even though the lunch menu is for a smaller amount of food, so it's not really a special - just spending less and getting less.

The whole thing made me furious, and not wanting to fork out extra money for food I didn't want to eat (I had no intention of eating two lamb shanks at lunch today) I left.

Never to return.

I'm finally cancelling the last of our Aussie Farmers Direct orders.

We started off getting the couples organic fruit and veg boxes last year.  But there was no way the two of us could get through the boxes each week.  So we dropped back to fortnightly.  And even that was a struggle to get through.  The number of times we had something leftover, or simply too much food to eat and not enough freezer space to freeze the leftovers, was so great that in a fit of rage a couple of months back I cancelled the order completely.  

We were having similar problems with the milk and orange juice orders we were getting.  A week and a half ago I dropped our order back to fortnightly, as it would usually take us three weeks to get through two weeks of deliveries.  I checked the delivery calendar last week and there was nothing due for last Wednesday so I didn't put out the cooler bag.  But in the morning there was one milk and one OJ (don't know what happened to the other OJ - either just not delivered or stolen).  Grunt.  So I thought we wouldn't get anything this week, given that we got something last week.  But no, more damned milk and OJ turned up this morning.  This time the milk bottle had a small hole in it and was leaking all over the front porch.  There's now eight litres of OJ in the fridge, two litres of milk in the fridge and another four litres of milk in the freezer.  This is ridiculous.

Plus their website *sux*.  It's a pain in the posterior trying to even figure out if you're due for a delivery in any given week.

So while I like the *idea* of Aussie Farmers Direct, the impracticality of it all is killing me, and I'm cancelling.  If I can figure out how.  Have I ever mentioned how much their website sux?


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So we're home after nearly a week away.  

And after having spent just about every Christmas since I left Sydney either in Sydney, or in Queensland, or had family etc staying (except 2009 I think), I had a dummy spit the other day.  I want the week off next year.  I don't want to go anywhere or do anything.  I just want a week at home.  Is that too much to ask?  After sixteen years I still miss my uni three month long summer holidays.  And yet for the past five years I don't think I've had more than four or five days in a block at home since I moved here.  So yeah.  Next year will be going on strike!

Think people are here for our new years eve celebrations!

Monday .. yeah..

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This entry would have been a rant.  Except that that sort of thing can get one fired.  Suffice to say I had an "ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???" moment today and was literally shellshocked for the next hour.

So anyway.

Tonight more geotagging.  I'm going to struggle to keep up with the holiday at the rate I'm going!  One year ago today we went to Kyoto - went up the tower, visited the monkeys and the bamboo grove at Arashiyama.  It was a good day, but very hot so we didn't have the energy to do all the things we wanted to.

And since blog entries are pretty boring without pictures, here's one of the Mongolian flag :)

Mongolian Flag


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When Google+ first came out a month or so ago, I scored an invite and decided to have a look.  

My reaction: meh.

I mean, I blog.  I tweet.  What use would another app have that was basically just a combination of the two? So I used it all of three or four times.  I quickly added quite a few people to various circles.  But really the only people using it were people I haven't seen in forever talking about things that really have no meaning for me.  And not just their original comments, but all the ongoing conversations they have with their own friends.  Completely boring!  To filter them out I'd have to put them in their own circle, and only read the other circles regularly.  Pointless.

But whatever.

The thing that really turned me off however is their "real name" policy.  Which I simply don't want to use.  I have my online persona thankyouverymuch, I don't need them dictating that I need to use my real name online.  

There were two problems.  
1. I didn't know what other Google services would be affected by me using my real name.  This is not explained anywhere.  Would my YouTube videos suddenly have my real name?  Blogger comments?  Noone could tell me.
2. If they catch you, they don't just suspend your Google+ account - they suspend just about *everything*.  Now you have to understand, I am entirely dependant on my Google services.  I mean just look at the list:

Google services
The biggest things of course being my calendar (I *really* couldn't live without this), Reader (that'd be an epic pain in the butt to switch to something else), Gmail for some mailing lists to make some things easier to manage, Analytics for my blog, Maps for various travel maps I've done, as well as a profile for commenting on people's blogs, chat which is the only chat program left that I use with any sort of regularity, and YouTube which I have a few videos but could live without.  

So you can understand my fear of being suspended.

And then there are stories like this (and other Australians in the past few days as well) and so I decided to delete my Google+ account.  Just like that.  All gone.  Never even miss it.

Nothing night

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Was going to do some more scanning tonight but thought I'd wait til pizza got here.  Except we called Crust Pizza at 6:55 and it's 8:40 now (we called them again 25 minutes ago) and it's still not here.  Not happy!!

In other gripes.  ReCAPTCHA has been cracked, so I've been getting more and more comment spam coming through :(:(  So now going to have to figure out some other way of stopping the spam that doesn't take me a whole weekend to figure out and implement :/

Just for fun, here's a couple of fishie pics I took last week.

Julidochromis transcriptus
Julidochromis transcriptus
Neolamprologus multifasciatus
Neolamprologus multifasciatus
Neolamprologus leleupi
Neolamprologus leleupi
8:46pm.  Still no pizza.

Stu called them again.  They're just going to do it now.  And give us credit for the next time.  *sigh*
Arghghghgh I hate the Dendy!! Seriously!!

So thought would try and book some tickets for a Friday night session of Harry Potter.

Selected a session, selected two adults and said reserve tickets.  It brought up the cinema plan with two seats selected.

Dodgy Dendy

Sweet! All good.

Until I click Reserve Tickets...

And I get this gem..

Dodgy Dendy
Seriously WTF??????

You f#%ing choose those seats for me but won't let me have them?????  And what about all those other single seats around????

What a piece of steaming crap!!!  Dendy fix your frigging booking system!! Now!!


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I'll put it out there.  I F@#$%ING HATE RETWEETS!!!!!  The ones that have some random showing up in my Twitter timeline.. I F@#%ing hate it@!!!!!  I've Googled ways to try and stop it but they all say just go to a user, find the retweet icon for them and click it... but this icon doesn't exist!!! Why has Twitter removed this??? Am I just looking in the wrong place?????

I've already unfollowed a few people for retweeting and just followed the RSS feed instead (which doesn't have retweets in it).  The catch is the people that are private I have no choice with, or you see all the one-sided conversational tweets they post which are almost as useless.

I've really not had *anything* interesting to say the past couple of weeks (well seven years really - holy crap have I been blogging that long?!?).

ok, why not a rant about ThinkGeek.  First, we have a $300 order, with a $127 postage fee.   


And then they want to subject me to anal probing:

Thank you for your recent order with ThinkGeek.  We would like to process
your order as soon as possible, but we need to verify some information
before this can be done. 

Acceptable verification information chose one of the following:
(A) (Credit Card orders only) A copy of the credit card used to order,
with only the last 4 digits showing AND a copy of your government issued
(B) (Credit Card or PayPal orders) A copy of a statement from a service
provider or financial institution, that shows the billing address
submitted during checkout.

Again.  WTF?!?

Given the ridiculous prices and postage fees, and now this, I doubt I'll be putting in a ThinkGeek order again any time soon, if ever.


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What's with people and crap RSS feeds!?!?  Seriously people, I do not want to have to click through to each and every entry, I like to be able to scan whole content.  RiotAct this means you!!!!  Publish your whole fricken entry in the RSS feed dammit!!

Edit:  it's all about the money, why does this not surprise me:
Thanks nomes, could have gone either way with the RSS feeds, but eyeballs on the site pay the bills. Hope you enjoy more time here, and throw out a few more comments

Just stick fricken ads in the news feeds if that's the only reason.  I don't care about seeing ads in the feeds, but clicking through to twenty stories a day is too painful.

I oughta boycott the whole thing in protest.
ok so maybe you can get some good deals there.  But I've been to all of two or three computer fairs in my life, and the last two (this year) have been epic fail.  Not the fairs themselves.  But the products for sale therein. 

First there was the usb hub.  $12.  Works intermittently.  Will work for a while, then things will just drop out.  Device has to be disconnected and reconnected.  Since it's way up the back of my computer/work desk, this is too impractical for words.  Pulled it out and now it's gathering dust.  Epic fail!

Then there was the VGA to DVI converter dongle.  $9.  Makes the monitor not be able to display white, no matter how much I fiddle with the settings.  Pretty sure this monitor worked perfectly on my last computer.  Probably epic fail!

The rack-mountable patch panel we got that day actually seems to work.  Win!

The airwolf remote-controlled helicopter.  $28.  Bought batteries for it yesterday.  The remote control console doesn't even switch on!!  Epicest fail of all!!!

There's also a ps/2 to usb mouse dongle I got for $3, but haven't tested that yet.  I'm guessing with three out of four failures so far, the probably of it not working are pretty high.

Which is why I will never again waste $3 on computer fairs.


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I *was* going to rave on yesterday about how wonderful the wedding video my brother and SIL recorded and produced for us was, but because I didn't get to my computer for long enough to do it, that was enough grounds to be dissed in public. 

Still cut up about it.

Two days

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Chay and David have been here for two days now, and as such I've barely been at my computer.

So when I log on this morning and see comments about evicting people and complaining about lack of feedback, I get pretty pissed off.

Might blog properly later.


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Hotel phone rang at 6 this morning :(  Dunno if it was a wakeup call or a prank or what :(

Using our last bit of internet before we pack up for our last day here.  Going to be a *very* long trip home....
Make it stop!!

Our hotel in Dresden is right over a big pedestrian mall/plaza thing.. and it being Saturday night there's live music happening.  The music stopped a while ago after "Strangers in the Night" so they could have some fireworks.. so that was bad enough that it was still in my head... but the fireworks just finished and the song is back!!! arrghghhghghhh!!!
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