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Stu's high school friend Tom came to town this week, so we went along last night with him and Damien to the Durham in Kingston.  It was trivia night so the place was packed, and we had fun playing along with the first two rounds of trivia, even though we weren't officially participating (the table next to us might have overheard some of our answers ;) ).  The food service was pretty awful though.  They got our order wrong to start with.  And didn't bring us any sort of cutlery or napkins (they had been for other tables).  Had to go to the bar and try and get some stuff, although didn't end up with any forks so ended up eating salad with our fingers.  And the ribs we had were overcooked to the point of being a bit burnt.  Quite disappointed.  But other than that had a good catchup, and a lovely pleasant night to be sitting outside.

The end of the week

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Wednesday I met up with the sweetie and we went to the Wig&Pen at its new premesis.  I have to say I was a little disappointed - it certainly doesn't have any of the character of the old pub.

Thursday was pretty meh.

Friday I went offline and spent about five hours doing doco/paperwork, and then about an hour doing all the changes I'd just written up.  Finished the day with a little fun doing clean up and diagrams.

Today was just bumming around the house sorting out stuff.  The sweetie made up these zucchini/cheese fritters which were quite nice.

Is it bed time now?

Been trying like to crazy to catch up with life, as well as trying to get through some of the stuff I really need to do in the next few weeks.  Not succeeding too well.

Friday we got to see Angry Anderson and he spent an hour telling us about his life and how it changed quite dramatically when his daughter was born.  It was funny and emotional, a really good talk.  He also looks *really good* for a 67 year old!

Angry Anderson

Yesterday the sweetie was still feeling pretty blah from whatever bug he picked up in Queensland, so we didn't go out to the club.  This was a relief for me as it gave me most of the day to do some cleaning and geotagging of holiday photos.

Had dinner at EffanC's which was nice, although C and Stu weren't too impressed with the episode of You Can't Do That On Television that we put on after dinner.  Me on the other hand was in full nostalgia mode - not having seen the show in something like twenty five years.  Stu also suffered through a game of Bananagram, which I won.

Today I went to the George Harcourt (for the first time ever in fact) for a birthday lunch for Steve.  Then we did our food shopping.

This afternoon was trying to organise stuff for the ball.  

Dinner was lamb.  So much lamb.  Then catching up on rss feeds (I'm *months* behind :( ).

Can someone please stop the world, I need to get off for a moment....

Slept fairly well until hurty at 4am.

Breakfast was a lot better this morning (scrambled eggs, not the vinegary nastiness of yesterday's poached eggs (that were very firm in the middle), and I also asked for hash browns and got them! Win! Except mum pinched one heh).

Headed out of Mount Isa after breakfast.

Didn't get to stop at the monument to the Kalkadoon aboriginals who were massacred on "Battle Mountain", or see a Burke and Wills monument, because, you know, we're on a tour and don't have time to do that sort of thing.

But did stop at a lookout over Cloncurry to see the town.

In Cloncurry we went to the John Flynn Place museum in town, which was quite an intersting museum for John Flynn and the RFDS. Could easily have spent a lot more time there.

Kept on driving, and stopped at the Walkabout Creek Hotel, as used in Crocodile Dundee (although it's been moved from its original location to the main highway). It would have been nice to support the pub by having a beer there, but we didn't have time, because, you know, we're on a tour.

So kept going a bit further up the road to the Blue Heeler Hotel for lunch. They did some very nice locally-made quiches and sandwiches.

Then kept on driving.

The countryside was *very* dry and in some places looked to be overgrazed, and saw some dead cattle too :(

During the long drive we had a game of Bobs and Dollys which was a bit of fun. We were up the back so didn't get much of a look-in. But I did get a couple that noone else did.

Arrived in Winton mid-late afternoon and went to the Waltzing Matilda Centre. This was another interesting museum that was partly to do with the Waltzing Matilda song, a little bit on Qantas and the Flying Doctors, some on Winton itself, but a whole heap of stuff on old-style life in the country. Heaps and heaps of artifacts that gave me an urge to collect *everything* because it will be looked at in a hundred years time with nostalgia. Because how would we have old crap to look at today unless someone had hoarded it away for decades? hrmm :) Again, could have easily spent a *lot* longer there.

Then we went out to the Musical Fence on the outskirts of town which was all a bit of silliness.

And then finally back to the motel to dump our stuff and go have dinner. I had prawns, lamb, and a snickers brownie. It was all very good except the brownie which was a little dry.

Pot Belly

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With Chris, Neil and Simon.  About as close to a "pub" atmosphere as you'll find in Canberra.

Pot Belly
Pot Belly
Pot Belly
Belly Burger!!
Pot Belly
I gave this cute bartender a massage too (the girl, not the guy heh)
Pot Belly
Pigs and chickens tiles!!
Pot Belly


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Last Saturday night, the sweetie and I went with Neil and Windy to see Spamalot.

We had dinner at P.J. O'Reilly's first cause we had Entertainment Book vouchers which gave us a couple of free meals.  I had chicken kiev which was pretty average compared to others I've had.  But the beers were nice.

Spamalot was *heaps* of fun!!  They referenced both mine and Neil's tshirts (Ecky ecky ecky and the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch).  The singing was great.  I even got to sing "I have to push the pramalot" hehee.  One girl distracted the boys with her great .. tracts of land .. hehehee :)

Thoroughly enjoyed it :)


Two years ago today we toured Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein castles!!  Had been wanting to do that for twenty years so was extremely cool.  In the afternoon we went up Tegelbergbahn which was pretty cool too.  Then headed for Augsburg.

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