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Taken in January, this is cherry I got off one of the root suckers of our cherry tree.

Cherry sucker cherry

These tomatoes sprouted in a pot I'd planted some beetroot seedlings in.  No idea how that happened.  They took over and I transplanted them to a planter box, where they went a bit crazy.  They were doing well, but struggled in the planter box - they'd run out of water during the day and I was watering them twice a day.  The fruit got blossom-end rot from water stress, and then we went overseas, so didn't get to eat many of the tomatoes.  I think Kit's dogs got a few of them heh.




More recently, the first day of spring in Canberra had shiny flowers everywhere




I love daffodils.  We only got this pair this year.


This is in Kit's yard


Plants and Animals

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A bunch more photos taken during the year that needed blogging..

One of Kit's brown frogs.  She had two or three of them that she'd had for years, and they died almost at the same time, she has no idea why..
Kit's brown frog

Curious George..
Curious George

Happy flower!
Happy flower

Petal snow!
Petal snow


Teeny teeny bug at the Christmas party last week
Teeny bug


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Yeah so spring is nearly over.  And I've been accumulating photos to post for months, because I'm a slacker.  Here's a bunch of photos celebrating spring.

Pelicans come inland to breed.  I couldn't see this one's partner though.
Pelican on Lake Ginninderra

Dad always called these things swanlings.  Because he was weird.  And I call them that too.  Because I'm weird.

Cherry blossoms!
Cherry blossoms

Dad always called these things ducklets.  Because he was weird.  And I call them that too.  Because I'm weird.

More ducklets

After our Queensland trip I started bringing my lunch into work most days so I could control my sodium intake.  But that left me with the problem of not getting out and about for a bit of a walk.  So for quite a while, Aquila and I were doing Ingress missions to get some exercise.  We ran out of local missions though, so that's fallen by the wayside a little (and me being off sick for a week certainly didn't help).
This was taken on one of the mission days.

Same day, different spot
Belconnen panorama

Pictures of daffodils never get old

Saw these mystery flowers on a walk one morning.  No idea what they are.  Cause I'm dumb.
Purple flowers

More mystery flowers.  These things are from bulbs and pop up in our yard every spring.  No idea what they are.  Cause I'm dumb.
More purple flowers

Usually we associate storms with summer, but we've had more than our fair share of thunderstorms this spring
Storm clouds

Sunflower seedling.  It's quite a bit bigger than that now. 
Sunflower seedling

Wisteria flowers


These things only flower for like a *day*, but the plant keeps on pumping out new flowers for several weeks.  They're weeds around our yard, but I can't bring myself to pull them out.

Can you believe these photos are taken on a *phone* ???

I'm pretty sure I've never seen these flowers in our yard before this year, so no idea where they came from.  Or what they are.  Cause I'm dumb.
Mystery flowers

I do like azaleas but I think they take too much water and as such have no place in Canberra.

Irises in our yard

Mini wombok grown from seed.  Hoping I get to eat it before the bugs do.

The poppies are still coming

Oh, there you go.  Done.


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I've had this plant since I was a teenager.  The original plant has probably been in the family for much longer.  When I was in uni I used to do a lot more gardening, and evicted this plant to a rock crevice next to my garden, since ribbon grass has a habit of taking over as much space as you give it.  I never thought it would survive, but survive it did for twenty odd years.  It's still there last I looked.  Before mum went and sold the house. hrmm.  Anyway, a few years back I took an offshoot of it.  They don't grow very well in Canberra (too cold for them) but they do well enough inside.  So I have several now, because it's very happy and keeps sending off new shoots.

Ribbon grass

Ribbon grass flowers only last a day

Ribbon grass flower

And this is a salad I got from the farmer's markets in Bungendore a while back.  The tomato I added, but it had fun things in it like nasturtiums and flowers.  It was a fun, tasty little salad.

Fun salad

Friday night built Lego

Toy Story Lego

Yesterday was woken up fairly early by completely useless alerts.  Then patching alerts a while later meant I didn't get a sleep in.  Had a nice quiet morning.  Built some Lego.  In the afternoon did some food shopping.  Stu cooked a nice bean dish for dinner.  

I loved the mist coming off the pool edge and damp towel
June mist

I must have looked at them funny..
Doves taking off

We have these gorgeous bean plants growing.  Unfortunately they're completely sterile (grown from leftovers of the original crop) and not a single bean on the plants :(  So not taking any care of them, but they're still growing like crazy..


Even had some eastern rosellas down
Eastern Rosellas

Nat and Andrew came over after dinner for some wiiing. That was a bit of fun.  Tried to get the sweetie to play Billionaire with us but he wouldn't so we didn't play (cause you really need at least four to play) :(  Had a repeat of the Robert Pattinson conversation that we had at Shogun, which was pretty darned funny ;)  Edward from Twilight is Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter people! :)  Baked a coconut cake, but had the oven up too high, so it was sufficiently burnt around the edges that we had to cut them off - doh!  And I also attempted to make icing, which I probably haven't done since I moved out of home ten years ago :)  First batch was a bit of a fail cause I put wayyy too much water in it (it's not like making gravy! heh).  And then just before midnight (oops, we didn't realise the time) we put on Toy Story.  Nat & Andrew fell asleep by the end (and I have photographic evidence mwoooahahah)

Toy Story Lego
Cake disaster

Got to bed very late (after 1:30), then woken up by stoopid alerts at 3:20 and 8:20, so no sleep in for me.  Got up to feed the birdies and found the beans somewhat destroyed by frost and the pool frozen over (it'd been below zero since 9:30pm last night).  Super awesome day just being at home.  Emptied, organised, rehomed and repacked ten storage boxes I'd had in the dungeon so that it would be clearer for the sweetie to have as a retreat.  The sweetie made a nice (but a bit too spicy for me) lentil dish for dinner.  Made more Lego.  Watched a very stoopid movie (cause Kristen Bell was in it and the sweetie wanted to watch it). 

Rumpus room - after

Rumpus room - after

Toy Story Lego

At this point I'd be feeling a bit blah cause it'd be the end of the weekend.  But oh the bliss of a long weekend!! :)


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Had an interesting afternoon at AGIMO this arvo hearing about Funnelback (after stopping in for lunch at Caphs in Manuka - I had a caesar salad which was nice enough except that it was completely devoid of any parmesan cheese :( )

Caphs Caesar Salad

Autumn dump
Autumn leaves

Then got a lift into town with the Windys and visited Stu's new office which I'd not seen before.

And then we headed out to dinner at Debacle.  I had a Stiegl and a Franziskaner, and Stu had a Pilsner Urquell and a Franziskaner Dunkel.  All very nice.  For dinner I had pork ribs which were epic nommmm and Stu had a completely gross pizza (anchovies, olives and chilli - yuk!!)

It's Friday!!!

Debacle Pork Ribs

Two years ago today we visited Checkpoint Charlie, walked along the East Side Gallery and went up the Fernsehturm.  So much more we could have seen but were tired and a bit stressed out.

Hot.. still..

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It's supposed to get to 37C here tomorrow.  Apparently it could be the hottest November on record.  Might bring a few of the plantsies indoors tomorrow morning so they don't fry to a crisp.  That's the good thing about pots, although the garden is not so lucky.  What are the rules on hose watering gardens these days?  Still, I reckon plants in Canberra should be drought tolerant or not worth having.  Azaleas are just dumb, so as lovely as they are I'm not sure I'll water them.. until I feel too guilty about letting them die.. hrmmm...
Easy solution.. just post photos.. :)

These things look pretty impressive but aren't hot.  Grew these myself and used them in a stir fry the other night
Bullhorn chilis

It be autumn around here..



And one solitary crysanthemum plant did its best for Mother's Day..
Mother's Day crysanthemum

And a slightly better pic of the danios..

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