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Twenty years ago today I was having a play with getting some "stock" photography of computer *stuff*.  I learnt I really don't have a very good eye for photography (and just a point and shoot camera probably didn't help).


Luc and keyboard


I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, whose attitude to taking photos is to not, and just "enjoy the experience".  And heaven forbid that I get grumpy when I can't take photos at events or exhibitions, because there is no sympathy whatsoever.

Well it's like this you see.  I have dementia.  I don't remember stuff.  Unless there's photographic evidence to remind me, things drip straight out of my brain straight away.

Case in point.  A couple of years ago we went to see an exhibition in the Tate Modern which had no photography permitted.  Apart from one piece that I wrote about, I don't remember a single other thing from that exhibition.  So what's the fricken point of me having gone???

Two years ago today we finally left the UK and headed home, stopping in Japan for a thirteen hour layover.  The good thing about that layover is that it forced us to get over our jetlag that day, so we were pretty right when we got home.
.. keep going most of a week without blogging that is?  Far out I'm a slacker..!

So a couple of miscellaneous pics from the week..

Some vertical balancing.. I call it Vertical Art
Vertical art
Another foggy cobweb.  I really have trouble getting sharp photos of these things :(
Foggy cobweb
Saturday we went into town for breakfast and to take photos of the Diamant Hotel after the fire.

Diamant Hotel Fire
Diamant Hotel Fire
Diamant Hotel Fire
And in the evening we went out for a (sort of) surprise birthday party for Andrew at Mecca Bah.  I was feeling anxious leading up to going out because I knew I wouldn't know the majority of people there and I'd more than likely have to talk to lots of strangers.  Sure enough, that's what happened.  But the sweetie was able to keep up some conversation, and a little wine certainly didn't go astray!  The food at the restaurant was really good, but almost completely inaccessible - none of the dishes came with any kind of serving implements (we ended up asking for some), and the pide wasn't cut (one of them came with a regular dinner knife, but not all of them even had that!).  It was also crazy expensive for the banquet ($42.90 per person).  Still, we really did enjoy the food, when we could get at it!

Koopa Andrew
Have spent a lot of the past week on the jigsaw.  Made pretty good progress too.  Here's a couple of pics comparing last Sunday night with tonight.  I've basically done the majority of the animals in the middle this week.

Cooked a super awesome roast pork with potato bake tonight.  Massive amount of crackling that turned out really well, unfortunately at the expense of the meat which was a little dry.  

And suddenly the weekend is over and it's back to the grindstone tomorrow...

Snail Comparison

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Saw an unusual sight this morning - a snail crawling across our front welcome mat in broad daylight.  Of course this needed to be documented.  So tormented the little guy a bit by putting him in the sun and taking photos on three different cameras to compare them.

I used my old Sony F828, our Sony S600 (Random Camera) and my Canon 500D (in that order in the photos below).

They all did quite well.  I've half forgotten how to use my old F828 so had to try and remember when to use macro and when not.  I think the photo I went with was using macro.  Random camera doesn't actually have a macro feature, but can get quite close.  Unfortunately it's focus is not as accurate and kept focussing on further in the background.  The Canon did well enough too, but no macro at all on that one, so have to sit back and zoom all the way.  This means the depth of field is very shallow, so the shell was out of focus when the head was in focus.

Sony DSC-F828

Sony DSC-S600

Canon 500D with 18-135mm lens


So I had a chance to play with Dave's Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 last week and at the coast.

It's a pretty nifty little camera - feels nice and solid, has fantastic macro functionality and performs well in low light.  Unfortunately it has some saturation issues (I was mostly using it on "Intelligent Auto" mode) and the colour balance with the flash is a bit off.

These are some macro shots I took with it at drinks last week.

Lumix macro
Lumix macro
Lumix macro
And some more I took on the walk to the shops on Saturday.

So a pretty awesome shot of the mushroom, but you can see how saturated the green is.

Here's a couple I took in close succession - the first one got the saturation all wrong, but the second one is ok (I don't think I changed any settings).

Lumix saturation
Lumix saturation not so bad
And a few more shots just for fun :)

Lumix macro
Lumix macro

I took my photoMate 887 (lite) GPS tracker along on Saturday and recorded the whole trip.  Yesterday I downloaded the track and tied it to all the photos I took.  It actually worked really well.  I used the GPS Photo Tagger that came with the tracker (well sort of - I had to download it).  It seemed to save all the GPS data, as verified by GeoSetter.  Although for some reason this data didn't show up on all the pics that went up on the RiotACT today (it's there in the full details page on the Picasa album, but not on the regular photo information bar).

Bendora Dam GPS track

What day is it?

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It's Friday but it doesn't really feel like it.  I'm sure I'm going to wake up tomorrow thinking I'm going to have to go to work.

Spent this evening scanning another 67 photos from (mostly) 1991.  Last year of high school, so a few of the last weeks of school.  Lots of memories there.  I tried emailing Chris (Crust) on her last birthday earlier this week but got no response, so no idea if the email address works (I got it a year or so ago) or if she just doesn't like me anymore heh (I'm terrible at keeping contact with people).  Oh crap, that reminds me, I never wrote to Linenoise! Gah!

And also the study camp where I met my first boyfriend Mark, and our high school formal.  

And a few other bits and pieces.  Including some experimental photos my brother took, probably in mid-late 1991, of the stars and other long exposure experiments.

David's experiments with time exposures
David's experiments with time exposures
And a picture of my collection of models in 1992, with considerably less dust on them than they do now..

Karen's models in 1992

Rename Rename Rename

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Warning: complete boring obsessive-compulsive post.

This morning I had the thought that I really should get around renaming all our UK photos with date/timestamps.

Sounds easy, no?

Well with the right tools, the bulk of it is.  Point an application such as Renamemaster at a directory of files and you're done.

Well that only works on the days that all files are in the same timezone.  As soon as you start throwing flights into the mix, the problem becomes how to deal with files in different timezones.  Especially problematic when you're going back in time - you can end up with overlapping files if you do it wrong :/

The first challenge as always was to figure out exactly what time (local time) photos were taken to see which ones need offsetting.  That took ages.  Especially with photos from three still cameras, two phones and a video camera to sort out.  All with different behaviours.  The still cameras were fairly easy cause the time is set manually.  They just worked.  Phones automatically pick up the new times when you change timezones so they were also easy enough, except for some of the iPhone pics which didn't have a date modified timestamp on them that Renamemaster could find - weird! The video camera was a bit painful because it was set by changing the timezone on it.  For some reason the still photos it takes and the videos were different by an hour. Yay.  

I used Exif Date Changer on some of the files (the ones where I was going forward in time and wanted to update them to local time after I'd changed timezones). 

The movies taken by the still cameras I renamed manually cause there weren't that many of them.  But when I got to the video camera and they all needed adjusting by an hour I used Bulk Rename Utility.  Its interface is a bit scary, and by accident I actually modified the original modified date (possibly that will be a problem when we're not in Daylight Saving anymore..) but then also managed to rename them as well.  

So anyways.  It took around eleven hours *groan* but got everything sorted and renamed and the blog posts updated with the stats.

I'm sure my brother will tell me I'm doing it wrong.  But at least now all ~13000 files are done.


iPhone shenanigans

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The SIL has been playing with all sorts of photographic effects for a while now.  My brother is not impressed.  I can see where my brother is coming from.  Why take a photo of something then abuse it so it doesn't really resemble what you took a picture of.  And to some extent I agree (my biggest gripes are with the photos that take the image then mirror it or flip it around.. I really don't see the point of those).  But on the other hand, if you're just having a bit of fun, and the pictures you're taking really aren't *of* anything in particular, then putting some effects on them makes them a bit more interesting.

Like this photo of Stu taken at Knead Patisserie today.  I take plenty of pictures of Stu, but to be a bit different, I added an Instagram effect (can't remember which one!).  Not a very exciting (or even very good) photo, but the original is even less so.

iPhone fun
Or these pics of the Belconnen Markets.  The original was created with Pro HDR.  The HDR exposes for both the shadows of the shops and the bright sail.  So it's already looking better than a regular photo would.  But really the content isn't that exciting.  Why not apply an old-school filter to it, then you could look at it think it was out of someone's photo collection from the 1960s or 1970s.  

iPhone fun
iPhone fun
I really liked this picture of a random guy sitting at a table.  With the "antique" Lightroom filter it looks more interesting than the original below it.

iPhone fun
iPhone fun
And a picture of Stu's coffee.  Again, completely boring subject matter, but livened up with an Instagram filter.

iPhone fun
So I can see its point as art.  Because you're not trying to faithfully recreate the original scene.  You're manipulating something that would otherwise have little interest and have some fun with it.
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