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Sydney 360

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When we went up Sydney Tower last weekend, I took a vertical shot out of each window of the tower (all eighty-odd, with a few extra to overlap).  Then I stitched them all together in the best panorama I've done from the tower.

Sydney 360 panorama

Getting there..

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A bit better today.  Still coughing, but headache mostly gone.

Decided to work from home today.  I kidded myself into thinking I could get some work done with less general distractions.  Alas that was not to be, as I think I spent more time answering messages and teaching people stuff than doing the work I wanted to do.  Oops.

Tonight I was making panoramas of my last trip up Black Mountain Tower (inspired by Yvonne).  They weren't very good, I'm just going to have to go back :)

I did put together the (almost) 360 panorama I took up Kyoto Tower in September.  It turned out really well :)
(click to embiggen)

Kyoto Tower panorama

Still saddened by all the Christchurch stuff.  Read NathanaelB's account of it..
Being on call and all :/  Which fortunately (so far) has been relatively quiet.

Yesterday was Jake's 6th birthday party where I managed to generally avoid people by playing official photographer.  And where we watched the clouds roll in.  Party was ended abruptly by rain, before all the presents were opened, so headed back to the house to do that.

Harrison clouds

Jake 6

Today was a nice quiet day at home.  Read news feeds, started sorting out our UK bits and pieces for the scrapbook, made lots of panoramas of dams and such things.

Woods Reserve
Woods Reserve
Scrivener Dam and Molonglo River
Scrivener Dam
Tharwa Bridge
Tharwa Bridge
Lambrigg Lookout, Tidbinbilla Road
Lambrigg Lookout on Tidbinbilla Road

Corin Dam
Corin Dam
Have pork roasting and watching Masterchef... is making me hungry!!

Europe panoramas

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Tonight I blogged my Europe honeymoon panoramas - check them out!

I think these three are my favourites :)

Austrian Alps
Austrian Alps

F├╝ssen area from Tegelberg

German and Austrian Alps from Tegelberg
German and Austrian Alps from Tegelberg

Painter panorama

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Have I ever mentioned how much I love Microsoft Image Composite Editor?

Mt Painter Panorama
(went for a drive and a walk at lunch time today)

Last night (I think because it was Friday and I didn't feel like doing anything else) I went on a mission to find a good panorama creator.  I've used PanaVue (from 2000) in the past but it's slow and clunky and a manual process to line up pixels.  So thought there must be a better way.  A quick LifeHacker search later led me to Microsoft Image Composite Editor.

And it just works!

You drag images you want to merge into it, and it automagically creates panoramas with no fuss and does a pretty decent job of it too (except with water - where it sort of draws a straight line down where it can't match.  This could maybe be done better by trying to smoosh the water a bit, but in the grand scheme of things, it's not too bad).

In a few hours I created 33 panoramas from pictures taken mostly this year, and 53 from our Europe trip.  

This morning I did 17 from our Japan trip.  The best ones of these are on the Japan blog. Check them out!

More will end up on conspiracy eventually, but here's one from our Melbourne trip.

Yarra River Panorama

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