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iOS 10.3.3

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I've been keeping wifi turned off on my phone since the massive wifi bug was announced a while back.  This weekend I finally got around to backing up my phone (manually backing up the important stuff cause I don't trust Apple), clearing space, and upgrading it.

First I had to upgrade iTunes, so I did that.  But iTunes was separate to the software updater, and so it (not sure which) went off and downloaded the upgrade.  Meanwhile I came back to the software updater (or was it iTunes??) and it wanted to me to restart.  Whoops.  So I quietly ignored that until the download had finished, hoping I'd be able to do it before I started the upgrade.  I also left my phone plugged in for the entire process.

Three hours later.

At our crappy internet speed of 2Mbps it took three hours to download the 2.4GB update.

But when it downloaded it just went off and did the upgrade quietly, I think with a couple of reboots of the phone (it did it while we watching tv).  Then it was done.  No drama, no errors, no hassles.  I know this is how it *should* be, but my experience has always been a lot more awful than that.

It removed the Game Centre and added "Home" and "Videos".  And made the notifications and home button behaviour different.  Haven't really used much else to comment on anything else.

And in related news, Optus finally have 4G where we live.  It's been 3G until just this weekend.

More Achievements?

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Didn't kill anyone today, I suppose that's an achievement.

And got my flex time back in the black for the first time in nearly six months.

Also went into Optus and halved what I'm paying them each month *and* am not locked into a two year contract.  Definitely an achievement.

Cooked our second night in a row of Costco ribs (beef last night, pork tonight).  Both pretty good.  Completely evil though.

Also got our wedding photo book delivered today.  And they didn't dump it next to the letter box to get rain soaked this afternoon.  Epic achievement.  And it turned out really well, the lightened pictures look a lot better.  

Pulled out all the paint from all my paint-by-numbers sets going back thirty years.  Funnily enough all the paint has dried up in them.  Even the more recent ones.  Which is a bit of a poo because I was hoping to be able to use some of those paints to finish another one I got a while back that I never finished because the paints dried up *while I was still doing it!!*  Was pretty annoyed about that.  I can use one of the paints from the last one I did (even though it dries matt) but don't have two of the other colours I need which is a big poo.  Oh well.

So my grumpiness started last night. I was feeling quite stressed about not getting enough down time. We didn't get back to our room after dinner til nearly 9pm, and by the time I have to blog and download photos and download and backup the GPS track and get to bed in time to give me enough hours sleep before I wake up at 6am .. well.. yeah .. the lack of evening time is getting to me.

Then this morning I was stressing about the cost of this trip. This trip is more expensive per day than any other holiday I've ever done. And if you start comparing it with something like our Turkey trip which was a similar time period but less expensive, but on that trip we were staying in nice hotels every night, and having restaurant quality meals for every meal, and going into a lot of paid attractions as well as having the driver, guide, coach and international air fares.. well it does make this trip *seem* overpriced. And I found out that I paid $65 dollars for the box of crap they sent me... hrmm!!

The other thing that's been stressing me is the lack of Optus. I had Optus coverage at Ravenshoe. Then we went inland. We got to Undara which was in the middle of nowhere so that was ok (the resort wanted $15/day for wifi so I thought I could wait). But then there was no coverage at Georgetown. And no coverage at Cobbold Gorge (again in the middle of nowhere). Internet there was about $3/day which was reasonable but I thought I'd get internet again the next day so I didn't worry.

So today we left Cobbold Gorge, headed back north and then west.

Stopped at a lake outside Georgetown for morning tea which was very pretty.

Then onto Croydon. Again, no Optus.

Our driver suggested where we could go for a little walk before we met the rest of the group for lunch. Which was actually quite nice. They've turned a bunch of the old buildings into little museums which were quite interesting. We could have easily spent a couple of hours wandering through them all. But alas. No time.

So powered out to Ellavale to wait for the Gulflander train. Well, rail motor. As the driver said, a bus on rails, which it really was. The track was mostly all straight so after about five minutes the novelty was somewhat over ;) But really, it was fun. And we didn't hit any kangaroos, even though lots of them jumped in front of us!

Then we had a couple of hour trip west. I tried to listen to podcasts, but succommbed to sleepiness and dozed for about half an hour or so. Maybe closer to an hour.

Just before Normanton my phone suddenly bleeped. And I was so excited! Internet! So messaged the sweetie and downloaded internet and it was all good. Ever so briefly. Outside of town it went away, but it never came back at Karumba :(:( I was *soooo* pissed off by the time we arrived at our motel room. You don't understand. I was *counting* on internet at Karumba. So that made me super grumpy.

Anyway, I washed my pants and got changed and redid my hair but I was still grumpy.

So we piled onto the coach for a 200m drive to the water. !? ok whatevs. The boat ride out into the Gulf was quite pleasant. Slow but pleasant. Eventually we ended up at a sandbar in the gulf where we disembarked.

Ok so the last time I had to shell my own crab meat was in Japan in 2009. In a completely controlled environment I found it an awful lot of work. But tonight we were perched on itty bitty seats, with camera bags hanging off the shoulders, and the wind blowing, and our drinks in the sand, and trying to shell crabs and prawns without the whole lot falling off into the sand... well it was all super stressful. In fact I had to take a couple of breaks to compose myself. And even then it didn't really work. After I struggled my way through half a crab and three prawns I took my glass of bubbly and headed off into the sunset to have a moment. Yeap. The most stressful experience of the trip so far. Even though it was really pretty. But. *so stressful*.


So I think I'm going to be hungry later, because all I managed to eat tonight was three prawns and half a crab. Not even any fruit for dessert. By the time I was ready to eat something, they were taking everything away. Oh well.

So had another few moments on the boat on the way back. But there were stars. And being on the water was nice.

So was still quite grumpy, but we started talking stars, and the tour leader lent me her phone so I could call the sweetie, then a whole bunch of people headed to the motel pub so I brought the laptop to type up today, and now I'm feeling a whole lot better.


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Did you know phones have a thing on them called "APN", which stands for Access Point Name, and is a configuration set to make mobile data and MMS work?

I didn't.

Until it didn't work.

Backtracking a little.

On Monday night while watching Cities of the Underworld, I saw an ad for Optus that lets you get additional sims for $5 each that you can use on other devices using your main data plan.  And I thought *brilliant* !! With that I could play Ingress on Stu's old phone without having to setup a wifi hotspot on my iPhone (which has been destroying my battery).  (As a side note, as soon as I saw that ad and told Stu how cool it would be, he said, oh, Ingress for iPhone came out today.  I decided I'd rather destroy the old phone battery not mine).

So yesterday I went into Optus to get one.  I figured for $5 there'd be no service, they'd just give you a sim and tell you to go online to set it up.  But no, you actually sit down with them while they set it all up.  That must cost them a lot more than $5!  Whatevs.  Turns out you also need one of their new data plans, so had to switch over to that.  Anyway ten minutes later it was all going.

Except Stu's phone was still locked to Vodafone.

So popped up to the Vodafone store and asked what's the process for unlocking it, and they said you just go online, put in the IMEI, and get a code to unlock.  Simple.

Unlike doing it on an iPhone.

So did that when I got back to work and that worked fine.

The phone could now connect to Optus, except the mobile data wouldn't work.  I looked in the settings and found this:

"Connection failed due to incorrect APN setting"

I googled it and found plenty of other people having similar problems.  But none of the APN settings worked for me.  I got super frustrated with the whole thing, and was facing having to go back to Optus today to get it sorted out.

Then I was talking to @StuartCRyan and he's like "have you tried "connectme"?"


It actually connected!!

So here's my APN settings for Optus on a HTC One X:

Name: Doesn't matter, but I called mine Connect Me
APN: connectme
Authentication Type: Not set
APN type: default

Everything else was defaults or not set.

Thanks Stuart, you made my night!


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So Optus really need to work on their call centre policies.

I hate being cold called by telcos at the best of times, but today I got a call that put me on the wrong foot right from the beginning, so took it out on the poor Optus guy that called me today.  Ok so he was probably from a call centre in India somewhere, but whatevs.

So firstly he calls up and asks to speak to my maiden name.  And I'm like "Where did you get that information from? If you're really from Optus you must know that I changed my name years ago".  To which there was some confusion and a bit of back and forth before he finally came back and said, oh, my married name.  Yep, good going there Sherlock.  

Next up he reads out my address but then asks for my birthday "for security purposes".  And I'm like "dude, really, you're cold calling me and asking for my birthday?".  Yes I know that's often how they do things at telcos but in this day and age of identity theft it's a completely stupid policy.  So I refused.  Why should I make this any easier for them?

OK so fine, he starts saying "oh so the reason I'm calling.." and I'm like "You want to sell me something?" and he's like "oh I just wanted to ask about your service".  But because I wouldn't give him my birthday he said he couldn't look into the "specifics" of my account.  That's nice.  So I said (actually repeated a couple of times), that if Optus wanted to improve my "service" they'd fix the crappy 3G reception we get in Canberra.  And he's all like "oh we're working to improve coverage".  Yeah.  Sure.

So basically a complete waste of everyone's time.  

Dear Optus:  please fix your call centre policies about this sort of thing.  Thanks!
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