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Bridge to nowhere

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When I got the Winter Olympics for Wii, I was constantly annoyed by the graphic of a suspension bridge to nowhere.  It came out of the hills and terminated at the top of a tree.  Since this came up between every event I kept seeing it and it was really annoying.

Turns out it's part of the official poster and graphics throughout the Vancouver Winter Olympics.. how dumb...

Winter Olympics poster


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When the Olympic flame went through Sydney in 2000 I went and saw it.  Twice in fact.  On the same day.  heh

And all things being equal I might have gone to see it in Canberra today.  But decided to offer a silent protest to the whole Tibet nonsense and not go at all. 

I did however sneak a peak at the plane yesterday...  (sorry about the crappy photo)

Olympic Torch Relay Plane

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