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Friday was the second of our big work parties.  A lovely afternoon.  

Afterwards I was all set to go to bed (after stressing about what the hell I was going to wear to a wedding the next day) when we got messaged by Kit to come down.  So we did.  And after complaining about the fact I had literally *nothing* to wear, she said "you can borrow one of my dresses" and I'm all WTF?? cause she's like super tall and thin and I'm short and fat, and how the hell could any of her things fit me, but then we tried on some dresses and one of them actually kind of suited me!  Freaky hey! (it was German! made in China!)

So Saturday I was still super stressing about the whole day, on account of scary unknowns and *having to wear a dress* so didn't get anything done all day (other than stressing).  But Kit did my hair in this super cool little updo thingie.

Have I ever mentioned we have the best neighbour *ever* ?

And then I had to finish getting ready and *makeup* and running late and stuff, which meant I was super stressed again.  


The wedding was lovely and pretty relaxed.

Richard Toni Wedding

Then we chillaxed for a while before heading to the reception.

Me in a dress

Which was also pretty relaxed.  Quite a lovely evening in fact.

Wedding reception

Wedding cake

Cake cutting

Today was trying to get the house sorted in advance of the whole family Christmas thing next weekend.  Achieved a bit of it but not nearly enough.  Then it was duck and wombok (which I tried to kill on account of being a slacker and not of watering it for a day) for dinner and then I hacked and hacked with the AV system to get the old DVD player attached to the working TV so we could watch Love Actually, which hey, I might just love a little bit and make the sweetie watch every year.  Sorry sweetie!

And now the sweetie has headed off to work and it's totes bed time!

Good night!

The tension of this week got to me so much today I was actually in tears at one point.


Didn't even feel like staying at drinks tonight.  


But now I smell like dog, cause Kit is back from Europe and the dogs wanted cuddles.  Anyone's cuddles it would seem.

Three years ago today we went to the Israel Museum and saw some of the actual Dead Sea Scrolls, went out to Bethlehem and visited The Chuch of the Nativity (hrmm) and saw the fields where angels might have appeared to shepherds when Jesus was born, and explored the Herodium, where Herod built a fortress and was buried.


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So a neighbour complained about Kit's rooster yesterday.  I was hoping that since it had been a month or two since he started crowing that maybe noone would complain.  But alas not.  She put a collar on him (I think) but it didn't make him quieter, just a bit sadder.

Anyway *my* crap day started from about 1am, when I'd been in bed for three hours without sleeping.


And then I spent the day fighting problems (not my problems mind you) and basically achieving nothing by the end of the day.

Shopping.  Home brew (not mine).  Veronica Mars.  Bed. 

Let's see if sleep works any better tonight.

I still haven't done the vaccuuming.

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