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Leaving Home

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I left home today for the last time ever.  The family home.  Mum had lived there for forty two years.  I lived there for twenty six and a half years.


Although was too busy to feel much sadness during the process of removal, but did have a sad walk through at the end.

The end of an era.  The family home that noone else has lived in.  Now sold and to be rented out.


But David and I did amuse ourselves by poking fun at mum .. "you've never moved have you?" .. because really she hadn't - not with a whole house of furniture and *stuff*.  Little things like rubbish bags and cleaning equipment she kept wanting to pack and send away and we're like, no you need to save those because you *will* need them.  heh.

Final council cleanup of everything left over
Council cleanup

She got the dining table and chairs restored and reupholstered to match the new lounge.  It actually looks really good.
Refurbished dining suite

This is the sofa bed part of the new lounge
New lounge

The china cabinet we built the other night, now filled up
China cabinet

So got mum moved in at the other end, and stayed til about 3pm unpacking boxes with Aunty Di.  Then I came home.  I never want to leave the house again.

Then I got depressed again at deadbeat ebayers who *still* haven't made any sort of contact with me.  I hate people.

I did finish decorating the Christmas tree though which made me feel a bit better.  It sparkles.


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Last night I posted all mum's stuff to the Canberra Freecycle group.  And got a much better response than from the Sydney south one.  The new Sydney Freecycle is hopeless.  It loses mails and I can't get it to send more than a daily digest.  So I'm not surprised if other Sydney freecyclers have given up on it.

So tonight we filled up my little car full of tables, mounted prints, paper, boxes, boxes, boxes, *bits*, more *bits* and *stuff*.

One more week of this nonsense then I'm not going anywhere for a long time.

The Week that Was

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Gosh what a week.


I think I blogged briefly about the moving.  It was a lot of hard work and a bit stressful.  Two Men and a Truck were ok, but the younger dude wasn't very professional and didn't take a lot of care with our stuff, and I don't know that I'd want to hire them again.


We were due to have an inspection of our old place on Thursday arvo, so both of us trekked out there to meet them.  However they "assumed" that we wanted the inspection on the Friday since that was our last day, and didn't bother to show up.  Pretty pissed off about that.  Anyway, they came back the next morning without us, complained about some of the long grass at the front (prolly fair enough), and a cobweb in the living room (!?)  yet didn't say a thing about the filthy disintegrating curtains.. go figure... Apart from that they said everything was excellent.  So at least that's a bit of a relief.  No more rental inspections ever!!!


I've spent evenings here and all day yesterday trying to get this place sorted out.  Kitchen is mostly done now.  We tried the dishwasher for the first time yesterday.  (I've never had a dishwasher, so this is very exciting).  It was a bit fiddly and didn't start working straight away.  Stu fiddled a bit and eventually got it going.  We also setup the amplifier and associated paraphernalia yesterday.  *And* we did a big food shop.  Finally have a fridge full of vegetables, which I've been craving for a week.  Got very sick of fast food for a while there!


What's been with the weather this week?  It suddenly got *cold* !  Top of only seventeen yesterday.  Not good pool weather! heh.  I shouldn't complain, it'll get hot soon enough and I'll be wishing it was cooler :)

Checking in

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Pretty much all moved.  House pretty much all cleaned.  Nat and Andrew came to the rescue for a few hours yesterday which was appreciated beyond measure.  Carpets being cleaned this morning.  Inspection tomorrow.  Back at work, but very stressed about it (stoopid deadlines and don't know what I'm doing).  ADSL tech made Stu wait around all Friday afternoon, then didn't bother to show up :(  No idea if/when we'll get internet at home.   *sigh*

Signing off

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Shutting down my computer now.  Shutting down my internet now :(

Things may be a little sporadic for a while...

Fish moving day

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Very long, tiring day.  Most of it spent dismantling and transporting fish tanks to the new house.  We did the big angel tank, the 2' kribbie tank, the 1' kribbie tank, the 1' guppy tank, and took all the fish out of the 4' (all except about three little babies (a couple of multies and a juli), which proved too painful to catch).  I might have a go later and put em in a container.  We still have the 2' tettie tank and the macquarium, as well as the 4' itself to go.  Other than that, about a trailer load or two of other bits and pieces was all we managed to transport today.

Three men and a truck coming tomorrow morning.  Still lots of furniture not clear enough for them to take yet :(


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Have I ever mentioned I have the bestest sweetie ever?

Look how sparkling he made the oven today...

Sparkling oven

Money stress

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Had a bit of a financial "moment" today.  Found out my other mortgage account has been frozen - a couple of weeks earlier than we thought it would.  Had a bit of low level panic cause all my money is tied up in that account.  Had enough change for lunch, then got some money out of my "internet" bank account, but there's not much in there til pay day this week.

So now have to chase down all the automated payments that come out of that old account and stop them.  Then there's a tonne of paperwork to read and sign for the new mortgage.  And we haven't done our tax yet.

It's all a little stressful :(

(oh, and then realised we were meant to be going to Newcastle with friends at the beginning of November (not to mention going away with Scott and Kerry the weekend before), but we're likely to be moving that weekend.  And I'll probably be on call.  It's not shaping up to be a stress-free couple of weeks....)
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