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Mt Coot-tha

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As far as I know I've been up Mt Coot-tha in Brisbane four times in my life.

The first time was in 1988 when the family went up for World Expo '88.  Sorry about mum's terrible print, will replace it one day with a slide of Dad's.

Mt Coot-tha 1988

The second time was in 1995 when I was dating Hao, and Dianne and Warwick took us up there.

Mt Coot-tha 1995

The third time was in 2005 when I went up with the sweetie.

Mt Coot-tha 2005

The fourth time was in 2016 when we went up with Chay, David and Kailyn.

Mt Coot-tha 2016

Falling Back

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The weekend started with drinks at La De Da.  And chorizo.. yum!

La De Da Chorizo

Saturday morning we went to Black Pepper for breakfast.

Saw these little guys as we were walking back to the car.

Red Rumped Parrots

Red Rumped Parrots

Went and did our food shopping, them came home.

Pretty quiet afternoon.  I was in a bit of a strange mood which didn't help.

Went out for dinner - ended up at Little Siam in Gungahlin.  Turned out to be quite a nice little restaurant.  We got a chicken red curry and a pork larb, which were just on the upper end of my spiciness tolerance, but pretty good.  All the onion made the sweetie suffer afterwards though :(  Very reasonably priced.  In fact our two dishes and rice were only ~$30 - cheaper than breakfast!

Little Siam candle

Little Siam red curry

Little Siam pork larb

Afterwards we went over to Potty's and we all just hung out and chatted.

Today was another quiet day.  Probably wouldn't have left the house, but the sweetie wanted to take his car out (it had a flat battery the other morning, don't know why).  So we went went for a tour of the inner north of Canberra, then up Mount Ainslie.

Airport from Mount Ainslie

Fountain from Mount Ainslie

Canberra from Mount Ainslie

Black Mountain from Mount Ainslie

Tonight I cooked a roast pork.  It was only a small roast, so decided not to do the extended high heat at the beginning.  So the meat came out beautifully, as did the veggies, but the crackling wasn't the best.

Woke up at stoopid o'clock this morning.  Will be nice to wake up with the light again for the next little while... 

Mount Taylor

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Keep fit challenge of the weekend: Mount Taylor!

Crimson rosellas nesting in bird boxes
Nest boxes
Mount Taylor Walking Track sign
Mount Taylor reserve sign
Trig station at the top of Mount Taylor
Trig station
Trig Station silhouette
Trig station sillouette

Magpie having a bird bath in a dog-watering bowl
Magpie having a bath in a dog watering bowl
That same magpie
And again - magpie jump!
Magpie jump
Back again for another bath
Magpie having a bath in a dog watering bowl
Canberra from Mount Taylor
Canberra from Mount Taylor
Mount Stromlo from Mount Taylor
Mount Stromlo from Mount Taylor
Chris could probably tell me what this is..
Bird of prey

In yet another attempt to get our step count up, and to do a walk I've wanted to do for several years, today did the Mount Majura to Mount Ainslie walk.  Not that there's actually a defined trail.  In fact between the mountains there's tracks criss-crossing all over the place.  Definitely a two-car job (unless you really want to walk all the way back again as well!)

You can't drive very far up Majura Road before the road is blocked
Gate blocking the road up to the top of Mt Majura
They didn't have enough chains so used lots of padlocks instead
Chains (locks) on the gate
Pretty cool view of the airport, but not many planes, it being a Sunday and all
Canberra Airport
Looking toward Dickson and Black Mountain
Looking toward Dickson
Looking toward Belconnen
Aircraft radar at the top of Mount Majura
Radar on Mount Majura
Obligatory spider shot for Tony ;)
It was quite crowded around Mount Majura, lots of walkers out and about
Top of Mount Majura
We just need to go straight over there - no need to go down first, right?
Mount Ainslie from Mount Majura
Spikey flowers
Spikey flowers
Spikey flowers
Virgin Blue 737 taking off
Virgin Blue 737
Now here's something you don't see every day (anymore)!  There were a whole heap of them near the top of the trail on Mount Ainslie
Old-fashioned ring-pull
Made it!!
Mount Ainslie sign
Aircraft beacon on Mount Ainslie
Aircraft beacon on Mount Ainslie
Canberra airport from Mount Ainslie
Canberra Airport
Obligatory Black Mountain Tower photo
Black Mountain Tower
Houses of Parliament, so to speak
The fountain was fountaining
James Cook fountain
Canberra Centre and part of Civic
Canberra city
Magpie portraits
So this was the whole trip around the mountains, showing where you have to park on the north side of Mount Majura as the red waypoint at the top.

Majura to Ainslie GPS track
Here's a close up of the walking part itself from the top of Mount Majura (top) and Mount Ainslie (bottom)
Majura to Ainslie GPS track
The GPS track of the walk itself is here if you want to look at it any closer.

8.4km, ~13000 steps, nearly three hours of walking (with lots of stops for photos).
Feeling quite anxious tonight, stoopid tax crap I have to deal with :(

Last night we went out to Yass for dinner - Annie did a lovely slow-cooked lamb casserole.

Kids photobomb

Today was an attempt to get our step count up by climbing Black Mountain.  Takes pretty much exactly 10000 steps to walk up and back (and around a bit at the top) - who knew?

Black Mountain Tower
Black Mountain Tower
Canberra from Black Mountain Tower
Yarralumla burnoff
Gridlock Interchange

Black Mountain Walk by GPS

Canberra from Black Mountain Tower
Canberra from Black Mountain Tower
Canberra from Black Mountain Tower
Canberra from Black Mountain Tower
Canberra from Black Mountain Tower

Had a late lunch in Civic afterwards, and found Life for $385.  I soooo want to get it, even though we don't actually have any walls in the house big enough to mount it on :(  (and the sweetie doesn't want it mounted in the house anyway :( ).

Hate Sunday nights.  Hate being a girl.  Hate dealing with accounting/financial nonsense.  Can I go home now?

DC is on a bit of a get-fit-before-his-next-big-bike-ride, so we decided to walk up Black Mountain today.

I forgot to turn on the GPS until part way through the Botanic Gardens.  The timing was something like:

11:30 - start of track (which was half way up through the gardens)
12:15 - arrival at summit (delayed by a bit cause we missed the turn off to the summit track and had to backtrack in the gardens)
12:34 - start back down
13:05 - approximate arrival back at above starting point
13:25 - arrival cafe after walking through the rainforest bit of the gardens

The GPS track is not 100% accurate but not too bad...

Black Mountain Walk by GPS
Black Mountain Tower
After we got back down we stopped for lunch in the cafe.  The magpies and choughs making a killing on leftovers (especially the magpies)

Magpie drinking
Was a good day.

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