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I Like Traffic Lights

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ok I have not heard that song in 14 years

Since the last time I thought to listen to it....

Not the Messiah

Today we went along with DC to see Not the Messiah

This one wasn't as much fun as Spamalot, but the orchestra and chorus were nice and it had enough fun bits in it.
My biggest gripe was actually the sound quality.  Whether it was the mixing of the original recording or the crap sound system of the Dodgy Dendy I don't know. All I know is the soloists were often drowned out by the chorus and/or orchestra which made the whole thing that much harder to concentrate on.
Aside from the basics of the story, with some of the original jokes and references to other Monty Python sketches (go the Lumberjacks!!) it was mostly just new songs that I didn't know, so wasn't as much fun to get into.  
Funniest moment by far: Terry Gilliam's scene :)

The Larch!!

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So the last two Roald Dahl books I've finished reading were Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, and Danny, Champion of the World.

The Great Glass Elevator was actually pretty lame.  Really only two things happened - a silly story about saving a space hotel from aliens and another silly story about sending old people to the minuses and back again.  Danny, well I guess not a whole lot more happened, but it flowed so much more betterer as a story and I enjoyed it a whole lot more.

At the end of Danny there was a reference to some larch trees.  Which wouldn't have meant anything to me, had it not been for an episode of Monty Python the other night that kept referring to The Larch trees. 

Ok, so small things ;)
Decided today after buying Veronica Mars Season 2 (for a good price - $33 at JB HiFi) that I really need to watch some of the tv series I have on dvd.  I decided I may as well watch Monty Python, which DC loaned me some time ago.  

Forty-five-odd episodes .. could keep me going for a couple of months :)
I've had that song in my head since last night.  Can't possibly be because we watched The Meaning of Life last night could it..? :)  

A couple of weeks ago, Neil and I decided we needed to have a Monty Python night.  We'd get some Monty Python Holy Grail and watch the movies.  So had him and a couple of Davids over.

And there was much rejoicing.

Altho the others didn't drink nearly enough.  Damn that whole having to drive home thing :/

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