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Last night we tried to slow roast a brisket roll, but it probably wasn't slow enough.  The veggies turned out nice though, and Stu made a lovely parsnip mash with four parsnips and half a garlic (I might have ated the other half).  Then we finished the Harry Potter series by watching the Deathly Hallows Part II.  And then later dreamt that I was doing firewall rules for Hogwarts.  Everyone LOLed at that when I told them today.

I managed to scan fourteen photos this morning which was a pretty good effort for a morning.  Tonight was cooking and eating dinner while watching Natural Curiosities, followed by washing, backing up my camera, backing up my phone, backing up my computer, photo labelling and cleaning the kitchen, all by 8:30 so I could do an hour on the jigsaw.

Just for fun, here's George sunbaking on the fence a week or so ago..

George sunbaking

Paper bills are easy.  You have them on your desk, and you write on them when you pay them.

But electronic ones.. 

Aside from getting lost in the clutter of email I get every day (which I've remediated somewhat by automatically filing important ones into a "To Action" folder), you have no way of knowing if you've paid them or not, without hunting through bank statements.  So painful.

I do like having an electronic copy, as it does save paper and scanning time, but I really need a better system of processing electronic bills.

Some bills I pay by direct debit, and some that are fixed get an auto payment.  But some billers make it very difficult to setup direct debit (this is 2018 I should NOT need to have to fill out a paper form!!).

So fun times.


Other than bill nonsense, I was pretty impressed that my Monday night routine including doing my washing, cooking, eating and cleaning up after dinner was done by 7pm.  The sweetie helped cook which was nice :)

Then I watched a special Dad taped off tv back in 1988 about the Bicentennary.  At least part of it anyway.  And finally finished a 2000 piece jigsaw I've been working on for what feels like ages.

Oh, and I set a new high score for myself in 2048 - 80200!

So Ben and Sarah invited themselves over for a swim tonight.  They normally don't stay very long so that was ok.  Except Kit and Pete came over as well and suddenly it was 8pm.  Whoops.  Fortunately we had leftovers to eat for dinner, but after watching a new episode of Discovery KEEP THE DAMNED CAMERA STILL!!!!  and hanging out my washing it's basically bed time.  Sigh.

Finished Early

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Finished my Monday evening routine early - it's only 8:15pm!


Must be time to collapse in front of a jigsaw and some Pride and Prejudice (borrowed off @CLBradley forever ago, hadn't gotten around to watching yet..)

All I've done since getting home is gone to see the chickies, cooked and eaten dinner, done a load of washing, and watched Survivor.  

And now it's bed time.


I never tire of taking crazy light photos.  I really should practise more and try different things..

Light painting
Light painting
Light painting
And here's a pic of the moon last week (full pixels - the 105mm would make this smaller :( )

Other than that a pretty standard Monday.  Actually had a bit of a lull in my crazy todo list so did some operational stuff.  Not much tonight other than a full backup of my hard drive.
Had a dream last night that I got so sick of all the crap in my job that I decided to quit.  I had two days to go and was in a bit of a panic about getting documentation done, and was feeling a little regretful about leaving everyone and knew I'd miss plenty of stuff.  Except the proxies.  Those I would be happy to never see again in my life.

Real life pretty much imitated the dream.  Abandoned any hope of getting any "real" work done quite early in the day.

I did have a productive hour when I got home from work, but then discovered that the girl guppy I bought a week ago was dead :(  I swear I am utterly cursed buying guppies.  I've never once bought a guppy and had it survive more than a week or two.  Here I am trying to diversify my gene pool, but these stoopid little fish don't want to be in it.  

Epic *sigh*

I'd like a better day tomorrow please? Thx.


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Today was so totally a Monday.  Crap night sleep.  Someone took my seat on the bus. Bashed myself up on the bus.  Grumpy with people at work. Subway had no replacement loyalty cards. Dinner was meh. Hurt my finger in the shower.

On a lighter note.  I did get some stuff done at work that I really needed to.  Flowers and trees are budding and blossoming all over the place.  Got the kitchen significantly cleaner from the weekend.  Perfect score in walking in Wii Fit - and it thought I had a Wii fit age of just 20!
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