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Noriega's Great Aunt

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OK does anyone remember this song?  Noriega's Great Aunt.  Done by Triple M back in the late eighties or early nineties to the tune of Je Ne Regrette Rien ???

So we were watching Anthony Bourdain in Nicaragua, and that's all I could think of the whole way through.  And I'm like singing the song (well the entire three words I remember of it) and thinking Stu couldn't possibly know of it, and yet he did.  What the??

The internet has failed me, I can't find it...

Twenty years on

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We were scanning more photos of Dad tonight and came across this photo of him taken outside our church as it burnt down on January 8, 1994.  I believe this photo appeared in the Leader in 1994.  Well last week the same photo appeared in the Leader again for the twentieth anniversary of the fires.

Church burnt down, January 1994 Bushfires

Here we go again ..

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Came up to Sydney today.  Saw Dad.  Got grumpy.  Because he has that affect on people.  *sigh*

We threw out a whole lot of monitor and tv service manuals today.  Dating back to the seventies.  And all mum's meat orders from 1982 to 2010.  Because she kept those all in a file.  But she didn't think she'd ever need them again.  Did you know a 1.5kg leg of lamb cost $7 in 1985?  And 500g of mince was $1.55.  

Service manuals to chuck

1985 meat order

We kept a bunch of cutouts from electronics magazines dating back to the seventies.  They contained projects that a hobbyist *might* be interested in (I'm not holding out much hope).  Dad had copied them all from magazines he'd bought and ordered them neatly in folders, with a typed up description on the front of the folder with what was in it.

Tonight we scanned a whole stack of photos of Dad.  We're only up to about 1987..


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Also today ... significant day ..

I've been blogging for eleven years today .. happy blogiversary to me!

Also today marks the twentieth anniversary of the bushfires that tore through Como and Jannali in 1994, destroying our church and many of our friends' homes.

And it's David Bowie's birthday.

In about year eight (give or take a year) we were learning to solve mathemetical formula such as this one:

Australian Magazine Maths Formula

Yes really :)

ok so were just learning this stuff in general when a magazine advert came out with the above formula.  Well not quite.  It actually had a mistake in it and didn't work.  So we figured out what was wrong with it and fixed it, and that's what's above.

I can't imagine for a second that anyone will bother to try and solve it, but just in case anyone does, I'll hold off posting the photo from the magazine.

Formula courtesy of

Memory Lane

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I was looking at some work I did for my last job tonight.  Talk about a trip down memory lane.  Some of it I'm doing again in my current job.  It's funny to see the differences, and the similarities.  Talked to Jake for a while tonight too (I was reminded of the server we had called "kazza" that was our utility and software repository, which was later moved to a share on the main file server when the servers got virtualised.  Asked him about it - sadly, the share has gone now - oh well!).  I was talking about the cleaning I'm doing at work at the moment, and he said "I still envy your cleaning/documenting powers"  .. wonder if I could put that in my next performance review?? :)

Yeah so didn't get too much sleep.  Too humid!!!  Even with the fan on we were pretty uncomfortable.

The sweetie and Sally.  Animals like Stu because he's so soft and squishy :)

The sweetie and Sally

Breakfast on the deck.  Quite civilised really!


They wanted me to kill this march fly, but it was so cute!

March fly

So yeah a fairly slow morning.  Debated going for a swim but I was a bit stressed about getting myself all messed up (we were going out to meet people later that day).  So in the end we just did a big drive around South West Rocks.

We drove through the town and up to Trial Bay Goal and out to the Smoky Cape lighthouse.

Smoky Cape Lighthouse


Then back into town for lunch.

Lunch in South West Rocks

After lunch, we got ready, then headed out for a slow drive down the coast.

They have police radar traps even on the quiet back roads (not that they're that quiet - there's an awful lot of people camped up and down the coast).

Radar trap

The GPS originally said it would take four hours, but it kept revising it down.  Here's where we hit some dirt road.

Loftus Road

Nice view of the beach near Point Plomer

Beach near Point Plomer

South of Point Plomer was where we were most concerned about the road.  Then we saw this sign

Management track sign

.. and this mud ..

Point Plomer Road

.. and decided we wouldn't tempt fate.  So turned around and headed back to Crescent Head, then back to the Pacific Highway.

South of Kempsey, where they're building the bypass, they have this sign telling people to ignore their GPSes..

Ignore GPS

In Port Macquarie we went to Big W to pick up some stuff for Stu, then we headed out to visit Stu's mum's grave

Grave marker

Then went for a drive round Port Macquarie

Tacking Point Lighthouse

Stormy beach

The sweetie at Tacking Point

Then to our destination for the evening - Finnian's Irish Tavern for a school reunion of sorts for Stu.  He actually only really knew two of the guys there, and they were pretty cool.  Had some squid and some wedges and a couple of beers.  I also might have stolen some of Tom's steak after he declared himself done with only half the steak eaten.. it was nice steak, this would never do! ;)

Pub food

We migrated outside when the band started up, as they made talking over the noise a bit difficult.

The band

And then we headed back to South West Rocks for the night.

What day is it?

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It's Friday but it doesn't really feel like it.  I'm sure I'm going to wake up tomorrow thinking I'm going to have to go to work.

Spent this evening scanning another 67 photos from (mostly) 1991.  Last year of high school, so a few of the last weeks of school.  Lots of memories there.  I tried emailing Chris (Crust) on her last birthday earlier this week but got no response, so no idea if the email address works (I got it a year or so ago) or if she just doesn't like me anymore heh (I'm terrible at keeping contact with people).  Oh crap, that reminds me, I never wrote to Linenoise! Gah!

And also the study camp where I met my first boyfriend Mark, and our high school formal.  

And a few other bits and pieces.  Including some experimental photos my brother took, probably in mid-late 1991, of the stars and other long exposure experiments.

David's experiments with time exposures
David's experiments with time exposures
And a picture of my collection of models in 1992, with considerably less dust on them than they do now..

Karen's models in 1992

Kazza the Baby One

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Tonight's project was scanning the oldest of the "evil" photo albums.  You know those albums where the sticky stuff deteriorates and sticks to the photos :(  Not sure where this album came from.  It might have been one of the grandparents'.  I seem to remember inheriting it a few years before I left Sydney. 
**EDIT** -  more than a few years! I actually first scanned these (at very low resolution) in 1999!!!

It contains mostly baby/toddler photos of me from birth (obviously) to about 1983 when I was ten.  But only ~64 photos in all of that.  These days a kid would have 64 photos on their first *day* let alone ten years!!  There's probably more around, certainly of later years, but there just wasn't that many taken of my in my first few years.  And they did lose about six months of photos through some mishap as well.

The album is now to be thrown out, and the photos stored in a box somewhere (with clean paper between each one to stop the sticky residue sticking to the photo behind it).

I'm feeling quite old doing this.  Remember, when I die *noone* is going to care about these photos.  No kids and no nephews or nieces are going to exist to be interested.  Our family will history will die with my brother and I.  When I die someone is just going to throw all these photos out and format my hard drive and that'll be the end of me.  It's kind of a weird feeling.  Especially since I have this feeling that I'm probably half way through my conscious life so it's all down hill from here.. 

But anyways...

I guess I was kinda cute as a baby .. where did it all go wrong..?

Kazza the baby

Memories take two

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This time with my high school photos.

Urgh high school hey.  Plenty of good memories .. plenty of bad ones.. 

2011 will be twenty years since we finished high school in 1991.  Our year was the last year to go through year 12 in the girls school, as after that they merged with the boys school across the road to become "The Jannali High School".

Sadly it looks like I never got around to labelling this photo.  Oh well..  Have uploaded them all to Friends Reunited anyway.

Jannali Girls High School, Year 12, 1991


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I cleaned my desk a bit more today and decided to attack a folder of photos that my mother had sent to my grandmother over the years.  Mum had put some baby photos and all our school photos into folders with nice labels and everyone labelled!  She would have done this with three copies of photos - one for her and one for each set of grandparents.  Dozens of names repeated over and over again over the years.  (In case you were wondering where my obsessive-compulsiveness comes from!!)

** EDIT: actually I think most of these were actually mum's originals.  When she pulled apart the old evil photo albums that destroy photos I think she separated them out for us, and gave my photos to me and my brother's photos to him **

Anyways.  I scanned the couple of baby photos and all the primary school photos and typed up all the names on the backs for each of them.  I then uploaded the group photos to Friends Reunited.  When I get the energy I'll do the high school ones as well.  

Como Public School, 1984

Seeing the faces and names brought back all sorts of memories.  I've been thinking I should have some sort of "memories" blog where I can write down everything I can think of about my past.  Not sure who it would really benefit though.  Certainly noone else is going to care about what I thought about people thirty years ago.  It could be interesting for me when my dementia gets worse.  Although chances are those old memories will be the last to go lol.

Nat and Andrew came over this arvo and we spent ages in the pool, then I cooked a pasta bake for dinner (no leftovers tho - doh!) and then we played a few games of Bananagrams (which is a lot like Take Two) which I won all three of, then a two-board game of Roborally which Stu won.


Dodger's Death

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Oh Ann Polley how I miss you!!  I really really must track that girl down.. I never realised (because I didn't *get* people) what a kindred spirit she was til years later...

Who could forget such gems as "The Boogey Man"  (The boogey man is gonna getcha, the boogey man is coming today, the boogey man is gonna getcha, just keep outta his way) or the Suicide Song (Are you going to end your life, arsenic ratsac and cyanide, or find a cliff and jump at low tide (don't remember the next line)).  

But what I did find tonight was "Dodger's Death".  Written in around 1989 it fancifully described what might have happened to Dodger..

Dodger's Death

Beep Beep!!

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ok so this was totally a blast from the past.

I was standing there outside the newsagent with our shopping trolley while Stu was inside looking for magazines.  And on the radio (or cd player?) came this song..

While riding in my Cadillac
What to my surprise
A little Nash Rambler was following me
About one third my size
Beep beep beep beep
His horn went beep beep beep


which was surreal because my dad always used to sing this song, but of course only the beep beep beep lines.  That's all I ever knew growing up.  (he always used to sing it "Beep beep. Beep beep.  His horn went beep beep burrrrppp!" heh)

Anyways, so I heard the whole song outside the newsagent today and was entirely amused.

Relatedly, one of the "related" YouTube searches was for "They're going to take me away ha ha".. which was another song dad used to sing the chorus line of...

Memory Lane

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I found this on my hard drive the other day.. It was "version 5" of my homepage at in September 1995.  The first version was a month or two earlier.  It was insanely exciting at the time, having my own little webpage on the big wide internet.  That dinosaur was like my logo, and a reference to how I came to have the page in the first place.  And, freakishly, the original source image of the dinosaur was still on the servers until only very recently.  So it was there for like ten or eleven years (at least!)

Even more freakishly, the same dinosaur is still there, thirteen years later..!

Kazza's homepage, circa 1995

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