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And knowing my love of magnetic toys, Nat brought these over for me earlier in the year!


This Star of David I saw for sale as a kit in Israel last year, so I took a photo of it back then, and made it with the ones Nat brought..


Had a decent enough day yesterday.  Did some houseworky type stuff, took down the Christmas tree etc.  And didn't leave the house.

Today I just felt blah though.  Dunno why.  

Didn't get much done.  Did play with my bucky magnets for a bit.

Bucky icosohedron
I was going to work some more on the wedding photo book but it was being a bumhead so gave up on that.

Went out in the arvo to drop off some old fluoro lights and a battery at the recycling place, then dropped in on Scott and Kerry before doing our food shopping.

Jake and Violet
Was still feeling blah when we got home.  I didn't feel like cooking and neither did the sweetie. 

So I had a TV dinner.

Veal cordon bleu tv dinner

And so it ends...

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I still miss my three month uni summer holidays .. I know, it's been fifteen years since I had one, but I still miss them!


So the end of the break and I actually had a really relaxing day.  Was sort of at peace, so to speak.  Got my desk mostly cleared.  Paid some bills.  Sorted out some finance stuff.  Sorted some receipts.  Played Loops of Zen.  Played Canasta.  Did some kirigami.  Went through some newspapers.  Edged some of the front lawn.  Played with my magnets and made a buckyball.  Played with HDR, Camera+, and Instagram on my iPhone.  Cooked a nice red curry for dinner.  Watched some Star Trek with the sweetie.  Kept the kitchen cleaned up.  Did some washing.  Downloaded photos.

Really good productive day, with lots of fun as well.

I got this 7x7 cube for Christmas.  I haven't been game to muck it up yet!
7x7 cube
Bucky ball!
I'm really liking making my own red curries at the moment.
This one has:
A little bit of leftover pork, garlic mince and half an onion fried in peanut oil in a wok
Mushrooms and zucchini added next
Finally some red capsicum and pak choy
Add in three teaspoons of red curry paste and a tin of light coconut cream
Nomm!   (I also added a small handful of cashews on top).  The sweetie went back for seconds :)
Red curry

My Sunday

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So Sunday the little brother was here in the morning.  We did a Bunnings run and picked up some bits and pieces, including some hooks to hang my Lego mosaics.  Have I ever mentioned my little brother rocks?

Lego hanging
Although he did want to take a pic of me being excited.. :)

Kazza excited
After David left we went for lunch at Fortune Box, then on to Scott and Kerry's to drop off a battery recharger.  And just hung out there for a while.  

Then did our shopping on the way home including some stuff to roast.  When Nat saw my tweet about dinner she said nom nom nom, so invited them over :)  It was indeed epic nom (roast lamb, potato bake and veggie roast).  

Then they played with my bucky magnets for ages.

Bucky magnets
Bucky magnets

And then we played all 32 Mario Kart races, and Nat did a round of mirror mode.  

Very late night though.. oops..


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So my ThinkGeek package arrived today.  


Yes it got here in three and a half days.  So I would have been happier if I'd paid half the postage and had it take twice as long to get here.  hrmmm.

But anyways.

So people got lots of cool stuff.  The Khet game looked like it'd be fun, although a lot smaller than Laserwar.  And the "black light" desk lamp (that was actually just blue I think) looked friggen spectacular in a dark room!

But my toy was the Bucky Balls.  Actually ball-bearing sized magnets that are *extremelly* cool.  I'd seen the video and a guy at work had a set, so I had to get myself some :)

ThinkGeek Bucky Balls
ThinkGeek Bucky Balls
ThinkGeek Bucky Balls
An actual bucky ball!
ThinkGeek Bucky Balls
ThinkGeek Bucky Balls

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