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Twenty Two Again

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Saturday morning was just cleaning the house.

The mother type person arrived around lunch time, and the brother type person arrived a little later.  We spent much of the afternoon doing a 3D jigsaw of the Sydney Opera House which was super cool.

In the evening we went to the Labor Club for dinner.

Came home and David dug out the dungeon roof to see what was up with our leaking shower.  We found a mixing bowl full of water with a copper pipe drilled into it draining to who knows where on the other side of the dungeon wall under the house.  


No idea what that was about.  We poked around and did some testing and we're pretty sure the leaking is actually in the corner where the grout has been breaking away.

Finished off the Opera House jigsaw, and did a 500 piece jigsaw.

Sunday morning we did another 500 piece jigsaw then David went home.  Mum and I went to Bunnings and got some silicone sealant, and then went to the markets to do some food shopping.

In the evening I did epic roast pork and had Chrissie et al over for dinner which was all very nice.

Monday morning mum went home, and at work I tried getting setup in my new desk, but it was all super stressful because stuff wasn't working and I don't have cubicle walls which I find pretty distressing.  I might have had a slight meltdown.

Had lunch with Chrissie - KFC - which is semi-traditional.

In the evening the sweetie took me out to Bella Vista for dinner which was excellent as always.

Tonight I had a go at trying to get the old silicone out of the corner of the shower.  I didn't have much luck, only managing to get silicone out of two tiles before my fingers hurt too much from using the only tool I had which seemed to do any good - an old file.  Sigh.


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Broken sleep last night - too hot / too cold :/

Today was busy but made some progress on something that stumped me a couple of months ago, so that was satisfying.

Didn't get home til well after six, and by the time I'd cooked dinner, eaten it while watching Voyager, done a load of washing and cleaned up the kitchen it was 9pm :(

At least I got a couple of entries done on my new blog.

Took this last week.  Really need to take the cover off the pool.  Don't want ice damaging the bubble wrap ..

Abstract Art

Another long tiring week.  Culminating with Ryan's farewell and a long lunch that we had no intention of returning from.  A well deserved release.  

This weekend has been quiet and mostly at home (except for food shopping at the markets yesterday and a quick trip to Hall Markets with Kit and Pete this morning).  Got some cleaning done, water changed a fish tank, used the leaf blower to clean the gutters, did some more entries on my new blog, cooked a tomato bake and purple brussel sprouts with bacon last night, and an epic lamb roast tonight.  We watched The Human Stain last night, which was ok, but pretty disjointed.  

Rinse, Repeat

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The last two Fridays I've had lunch with the Chrises, which has been nice.

The last two Sundays I've spent all day at work, which hasn't been so nice. 

In between there's been another evening at work, a lunch at Gozleme King, a club night, and a BBQ at @CLBradley's which was great.

I've also brought home one of my tapestries from the club so I can work on it while watching tv with the sweetie.


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James and Rachel were down on the weekend to make flowers.  No really.  Icing sugar flowers that Rachel is going to put on Marc's wedding cake.  :)

So they came down Friday night and did their two day course.  I cooked chicken fettuccini boscaiola on Saturday night and inflicted them with our slide show ;)

This week has been crazy busy both at work and at home.  Is it Thursday yet?

Making Stuff

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I've been making stuff.  All to be revealed soon :)

I was making stuff instead of cooking tonight, which means I'm going to need to get up early in the morning.. oh well..

Have also done a few entries on my new blog.  Again, all to be revealed soon!

To much to do, too little time.  Can I retire now?  I could really use another eight hours a day to get stuff done...

So after yesterday's pretty average day, we watched a free-to-air Air Crash Investigations and then we thought we'd watch a movie.

That was a very silly idea.

Our internet is so bad that Netflix is pretty much out of the question.

The DVD part of our PS3 died years ago so we couldn't watch a dvd on that.

My DVD recorder has recently been dropping out the video and it's been getting worse, dropping out all the time and making movies pretty much unwatchable.

So I dug out my old Toshiba DVD player from under the house but then I was looking at the back of the recorder and all the fricken outputs have cables hanging out.  So I couldn't even easily tell which outputs it was using to swap them to the other player.  So I went and lost it for a while.

Came back a while later and traced through some of the spaghetti.  There's standard video/audio out going into the tv, although I don't think we've been using that.  But I plugged those into my dvd player and set the tv to av mode and up it came.   W00t.  So we put Enemy at the Gates on, which I'd seen a long time ago, but could only remember the beginning, and Stu had never seen it.

Half an hour later it degraded so badly that we couldn't watch it.  I thought it was the dvd, but (after battling for ages to get it to even play) it played through that part of the disk on my computer.  I tried to get a little wifi dongle working in my computer so that I could Chromecast it, but it wouldn't work.

So I went to bed.


Got to sleep ok but woke up when Stu came to bed and stayed awake for ages.  And hurty kept me awake for a while too.

So I was still super grumpy today.

So I went into work to use the internet to geotag all my holiday photos.  About the only success I had all weekend.

Mostly did a jigsaw in the afternoon.  It rained, it even hailed, so didn't do any washing.

Around dinner time (Stu was still cooking and cleaning, bestest sweetie ever), I went down to Kit's to meet the new Ben, and after a glass of wine and a bit of socialising with Kit felt a lot better.  I was telling her the sad story of the dvd player, and she pulled an old one out of her cupboard and said, here you go, try that.  So we did.  And it did actually work for the most part, although it did have similar problems with audio and video a couple of times while we were watching it.  So it was a very frustrating experience.  But we did finally finish watching the movie.

I feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

East China Sea GPS track

In case anyone missed me.. I've been cruising the East China Sea .. (see link in Holiday Blogs section).

So we got back on Sunday morning (thanks to Chrissie for picking us up from the airport!!).  While we were away they'd had problems one night with the alarm (went off for no good reason, and they couldn't find a spider).  There was also a problem with the back door not locking properly - the door has warped a little, possibly from all the humidity from the evaporative cooling, and so can't be locked unless you push the lock up quite hard.

Also, the internet was dead.  Something to deal with later.

Went to pick up something for lunch and for dinner.

After lunch I slept for about two hours, the sweetie most of the afternoon.  

I had a go at fixing the internet.  Rebooting the router didn't help.  Nor did rebooting the wifi (not that I thought that would do anything, on account of my pc is wired, and it wasn't even getting an IP address).  So I kicked the switch.  And everything came back.


My computer got an IP address and got back on the network.  But the NAS never came back.  Rebooted it.  Cold rebooted it.  Nothing.

We've had no end of trouble with all the Cisco gear we bought a few years back.  The 887 router just couldn't deal with our crappy phone line and would drop out and not come back til it was rebooted.  The WAP was pathetic and also kept dropping out.  We replaced both of them.  Now the switch has crapped out.  Anyone have any gigabit switches going begging?

Cooked sausages for dinner and we had a very early night.

And then woke up at 4:30 to the sweetie having a massive diarrhoea attack.  He was sick all day the poor thing.  I'm guessing a gastro virus picked up at the airport or on the plane.  So now it's the ticking time bomb of will I get it too..

Tonight I cooked myself dinner and gave the sweetie rice crackers for dinner.

And then fought with the NAS some more.  The thing has two network cables, but neither were giving a link light.  Given that the switch had spazzed out, I tried plugging them into a small 100mb switch we had lying around.  Sure enough, got link lights and the thing just started working!  So now I'm copying photos off the laptop at 100Mb/s (well actually about 9MB/s).  I really need to console onto the switch and find out what's up with it.

And we also really need to get our internet fixed.  Last night it was practically unusable.  It was a lot better earlier this evening, but has gone back to being almost unusable.  *sigh*

Loonnnnggg Weekend

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Had a pretty quiet Australia Day.  I had hurty that kept me awake for a couple of hours in the middle of the night.  Did a little bit of house stuff.  More hurty for a couple of hours in the afternoon.  For dinner we took some sausages and salad down to Kit's and had a bbq with her.

Friday I took a Random Day Off and Got Stuff Done.  Piled up a bunch of stuff and took it out to the Green Shed.  Only came home with a jigsaw, four small candles and some cookie cutters.  Did a bunch of errands and shopping all over the place, and final stop was food shopping.  Coles have now introduced coin trolleys which is a pain in the @$$.  They've always needed trolley return bays at that carpark, but now they REALLY need them.  Painful.  Cooked roast beef for dinner and watched Z for Zachariah in the evening.  Ok, but introduced a whole new thread that the book didn't have (I read the book in high school so don't remember a huge amount about it, but the things I did remember weren't in the movie.

Saturday was another quiet day doing mostly house stuff. Chris and Zac came over for a swim in the afternoon.  Cooked lemon ginger chicken for dinner from a recipe I got out of the Coles magazine.  Watched the first Hunger Games in the evening.

Sunday yet another quiet day (although two quiet days I didn't really get that much done :( ).  Ben came over for a swim in the afternoon.  The sweetie cooked Scotch eggs for dinner which were pretty good.  Watched the second Hunger Games.

Scotch eggs

Last night I just couldn't get to sleep - too hot and uncomfortable, so was a bit of a zombie today :(

Back to it

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Had lunch with Scott and Kerry and most of the kids today after they saw Moana.  Probably the last time we'll see them in months :(

I spent most of tonight sorting out files on my computer so the backup would fit onto the smaller drive I have (which doesn't do big stuff such as photo masters).  I haven't done any DVD backups of my photo masters in several years.  I really should keep going with that in case of the zombie apocalypse.  Well really the EMP apocalypse.  Fortunately the chances of that happening are pretty remote, but it's a terrifying thought.  And if it *did* happen, probably a backup of my photos would be the least of my worries.  Staying alive for more than a couple of weeks would be our biggest concern.  

What a cheery blog entry heh.

Last Day

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We had a very quiet day today.  After having to socialise Every Single Day of the break, we decided to avoid people.  I didn't get much done though, partly because I was feeling a bit blah about the end of the holidays.  We did do a bit of gardening though, and had a swim.  I cooked a nice big roast pork for dinner, because we missed out on getting much crackling or leftovers at Christmas.  Our fridge is stuffed full of food again now, so now the fun part begins of getting through it all :)

Roast pork

Day 1

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New Year's Eve night we had Ben and EffanC over.  Hung out in the pool for a few hours, ate lots of cheese, then came up and watched Ghost in the Shell (I had no idea what was going on) and then most of the second season of the Katering Show, then watched the Sydney fireworks.  We paced ourselves nicely and had a lovely evening.

Today was just trying to catch up on life (I'm nearly done with the year in review post) then the hoardes descended - all of Stu's family came over and there was much loudness and chaos.  Annie brought a banquet of Turkish food, although I ended up eating very little of it.  

After everyone left we had Ben over for a relaxing swim to destress.

2016 Year in Review

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So 2016. Not too bad a year for me personally. But memorable for a spate of celebrity deaths (two I'd seen in real life - David Bowie and Carrie Fisher) and two overseas trips.

My first trip of the year was by myself to Sydney to see mum and the uncles/aunties for a Christmas party in early January where I cooked a big baked dinner for everyone. Also saw two Lego exhibitions on the same day while I was up there. Came home from that trip to a pool party in full swing. In January we did a two week trip to Hong Kong (to see Chris and Anne one last time there before they came home) and Singapore. The weather was the biggest downer of the trip - grey and rainy in Hong Kong, and unbearably humid in Singapore. In April we went to Sydney again for my cousin Ben's wedding. Later in April I went to Europe for six weeks with mum. The first two weeks was for a "reformation tour" of sites pertaining to the protestant reformation. That was a really interesting trip and a good group of people. Had a couple of days in Salzburg before heading up to Scandanavia for a three week tour. We saw some amazing things on that tour, but the size of the group (forty people) made it incredibly draining for me. In June mum and I went down to Junee to visit David and celebrate mum's 70th birthday. We only went down to the coast once this year in July. And we did our yearly trip to Queensland, but in November, which was a lot later in the year than I wanted to (Stu had uni work making it to hard to go any earlier). Fortunately the weather wasn't *too* hot and humid.

At work my most interesting work was some firewall migrations. Our first attempt in the test environment though was a bit of a disaster. It took the cleverer network guys about a month to solve a super weird MTU issue in the switch infrastructure they were plugged into. After that, the migrations went very smoothly. I also did an authentication system migration which also went well. So the first half of the year I was pretty busy and the work was interesting. In the second half of the year though I had to deal with the proxies again which drains my will to live. Is there actually such a thing as a *good* proxy? I'm beginning to think not. They caused me a lot of stress this year, including *three* failed attempts to upgrade them to the lastest version. Other than that I was feeling way too dumb to be in the team I'm in. But things picked up towards the end of the year with another firewall migration that went pretty smoothly and a stocktake, which is kind of my super power.

Socially at work I ran another trivia night in March which was packed. We won the next trivia night in June, but luckily the second place getters agreed to run the next one. Which we then won in September, so now I have to run the next one. Had a Gatsby ball in June, although I didn't get with the theme. Had a whiskey night in July. And for our section Christmas party (with various hangers on) I organised a bbq for nearly 40 people.

Healthwise I've been ok. I find lying down uncomfortable due to my deformed spine, which results in a lot of insomnia due to not being comfortable. Early in the year I did some proactive stuff that I'd been putting off forever - I got my skin checked, went to the dentist for the first time in twenty years and got new glasses. I got a minor cold in July, and a more severe one in November.

We've had a super social year this year. We've continued our visits to "the club", going to events and committee meetings in February, March, June, did a Christmas in July, October, twice in November (one of them we fed seventy-plus people) and December. My best friend from high school Chris moved down to Canberra at the end of last year so we've seen quite a bit of her - either dinners here, there, or out, or just going for walks (she lives in stumbling distance which is super handy!). We've also spent a lot of time with Kit, and also Ben and Serena - mostly just hanging out in the courtyard, but the occasional parties, meals as well, and even a p0ker night. Ben moved into a new place earlier in the year and we had a small housewarming there. I did an impromptu hanami party with Chris, Kit and Serena, and another one a week later with Nat and Andrew and the sweetie. Unfortunately that was the only time we saw Nat and Andrew all year. We've seen quite a bit of EffanC and Scott this year as well which as been nice - alternating between our places and enjoying champagne or a local equivalent. We had games nights at Mishi's in July and August. Also caught up with Damien and Amanda at the Dumpling Inn, and Damien and Tom at the Durham on a trivia night. Managed to see Ding twice this year, although the second time was a lot more chaotic with a heap of people in the house. Luc came to stay a night in March, Stu's ex colleague Jenn came for dinner, and we had an afternoon tea at Chris and Glenda's.

Dave and Kat came to stay with us five times this year which was great - in February, April, August, November and December. Mum stayed in June and December. Kerry and the kids dropped in in April, and Potty and Jake came to stay a night on the way to the snow and ended up staying for several nights. Didn't see much of Annie's family, only saw them a couple of times. Graham and Pam came to stay in April as well, and we went to the Dumpling Inn for dinner. Uncle Colin dropped in to say hi in December.

Various people came to swim in the pool in the summer months. For Christmas we did roast pork for Mum, Dave, Kat, Chris and Zac.

In the fish tanks I had four baby angels at the beginning of the year but three of them died. One of them survived, and it shares the AR-620T tank with four huge danios and a cory catfish. The two foot tank was a disaster at the end of last year with toxic black algae. I moved the fish downstairs over summer and cleaned it out completely. The black algae did start to come back, but with a bunch of plants, snails and a siamensis the tank has stabilised nicely and looks really good. The two remaining black neon tetras died this year - but they'd had a good run - I'd had them for ten years!! Amazing for such small fish. I bought some danios to be dither fish for the rummy nose tetras which worked really well - you can see them and their colour a lot better now. So in the upstairs two foot I have the five rummy nose tetras, five danios and a siamensis. Downstairs I had four of Chris's platies that I looked after while she moved house, but three of them died so there's only one left now. It shares the tank with four danios. Stu also has a tiny tank with a betta and some really small fish, and his four foot which got overrun with algae for a while but it's settled down a bit now.

I did a 5000 piece jigsaw this year which was good, but the quality of it was shocking. Did other jigsaws as well, but not as many this year. I've been doing a lot of nonograms online ever since the GCHQ Christmas puzzle last year. And just a couple of days ago I rediscovered Loops of Zen. I didn't buy any Lego this year, but I did spend a couple of months sorting out all of Zac's Lego.

The weather was *hot* this year. Summer seemed to last *forever* this year - global warming anyone? Made good use of the pool, but suffered in the heat. Had a lot of heat-induced insomnia and generally felt miserable for months. We got some hail in January. The pool only froze over twice this year in late June. It actually snowed one morning in July, but then a week later had the warmest overnight July temperature in recorded history. The El Niño finished up and it rained *a lot* over winter and spring.

We did a lot of stuff with the house this year. We got all the guttering replaced (while I was overseas). No more flooding of the garage after heavy rain! We got gutter guards in one corner where the oak tree is, but probably should have gotten them along the back as well, as one end still clogs up from that tree. Our twenty five year old hot water system died in the middle of winter, luckily a plumber could come the same day to replace it. The same plumber came a month or so later to clear out the sewer pipes which had been blocked by roots. We put evaporative cooling in which has been amazing for the most part, except this whole Christmas break which feels like the humidest week in Canberra ever! And we got a solar blanket for the pool (basically glorified bubble wrap) which has made a small difference to the temperature, but also has added bonuses of keeping most of the light out so algae doesn't grow as much, and keeps most of the leaves and bugs out as well.

I got a bit frustrated with technology this year. Had to fight with Logitech's Harmony remote software again. In the end never got it working with our tv. Upgraded my computer to Windows 10, which actually went ok, but had some drama with Windows Defender, and got sick of it rebooting without permission whenever it feels like it. I thought I'd bricked my iPhone because the battery got so dead it wouldn't turn on, even after charging overnight. Warming it up fixed it. Did this several more times over the next few months before finally replacing the battery in late November. I would like to get an iPhone 7, but I want one as small as I have now. Still having issues with the scanner, but still haven't gotten around to testing it on another computer to see if it's the computer or the scanner. And this blog got moved to new hardware by my hosting company so it's a lot more responsive now.

The Dumpling Inn was still our most visited restaurant this year. We went for Chrissie's birthday, again with Pam and Graham, again with Chrissie, with Chris and mum in June, and Damien and Amanda in July. I finally got to go to Smoque in Civic, fortunately, because it closed down later in the year. I went with Neil to a degustation dinner at Sage which was awesome. We went to Shogun for Ben's birthday, The Hungry Buddha with EffanC and Scott, and Casey Jones with Annie and the family for my birthday. With the sweetie we had dessert at Max Brenner in Civic, went to Chong Co, and tried Jamie's Italian and Pappa Rich. Generally we didn't eat out as much this year - trying to save a bit of money. Although we still had a lot of pizza! And bacon and cheese loaded fries from Maccas. omfg sooo good! Sadly the last time I tried to get some they didn't have them anymore :(

I didn't do a whole lot of creative cooking this year. I did make some cream cheese bacon balls which are so evil they're amazing. I made "epic" stuffed zucchini. I made some cheese and spinach pastries with some pastry inherited from Kerry before they moved which turned out pretty well. I did a zucchini lasagna. And a I tried a couple of different breakfast casseroles - one pretty evil and I made it a few times, and one I wasn't too fussed about.

* Art of the Brick Exhibition in Sydney
* Sydney Icons in Lego in Sydney
* The Proclaimers

* Sherlock - The Abominable Bride
* The Big Short
* Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
* Independence Day: Resurgence
* Finding Dory
* Star Trek: Beyond
* Rogue One

* Finished the last seasons of House
* Season 1 of Fuller House
* Documentaries on Netflix
* First four seasons of Homeland
* Most of Star Trek: the Original Series
* Australian Survivor
* Start of season 2 of Fuller House

* The Tower by Richard Martin Stern
* The Hindenburg Disaster by Jeff Rovin
* Raise the Titanic! by Clive Cussler
* Grey Mountain by John Grisham
* Penguin Bloom by Cameron Bloom and Bradley Trevor Greive

Other Stuff:
* Started off year with an impromptu neighbourhood party at Kit's
* Didn't dance on Lachie's table
* Saddened by deaths of David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince, Gene Wilder, Kenny Baker, George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, and the end of the world as we know it, ie, the US presidential election results.
* Went to the Mint open day
* Went to Canberra's new Ikea for first time
* Went to the Canberra Show with Chrissie
* Watched Das Rheingold with the sweetie, but still haven't gotten around to watching the rest of it
* Saw the Canberra balloon fiesta - twice
* Digitised my USA 2000 blog, although still haven't added photos to it
* Did the Granite Tors walk with Kit, nearly trod on a brown snake
* Ben and Stu fixed up the festoon lights out the back (only took seven and a half years to get around to doing!)
* Went to the Canberra Airport open day
* Installed Windows 10 on my travel laptop and my main computer
* Scanned ten of mum's photo albums
* Voted twice, but only got one #democracysausage
* Went out to Cotter Dam in August to see it overflowing, and went back again a week or two later to get it with better lighting
* Did a flying visit to Sydney in August to drop Stu off at the airport early Sunday morning, and saw the Sea Cliff Bridge on the way home
* Chrissie brought up her steam cleaner and made the bathroom all sparkly
* Saw James Turrell's Skyspace at the Art Gallery
* Kept myself busy in September with a massive photo project
* Popped into the War Memorial for an hour to look at the newly done WWI memorial halls
* Saw the first flight from Singapore to Canberra land, and the first flight from Canberra to Wellington depart
* Went to Costco for the second time. I think Coles and Aldi are actually cheaper.
* Did a massive photoshoot around Canberra to compare thirty years ago til now
* Photographed the super moon
* Spent several days over the break cleaning out cupboards


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Monday would have begun our week off.  Except it wasn't really a week off for us.  Well not that we could fully relax anyway.  But, I did get stuck into the house work I wanted to do.  Monday I cleaned out the spare room cupboard and organised everything in there.  Had sausages for dinner.

Tuesday I cleaned out most of our bedroom cupboard, although we still didn't find Stu's fitbit.  Kit cooked us some ribs on the bbq for lunch which was nice.  In the afternoon I cleaned out the ensuite cupboard.  Chris and Zac came up for a swim, then Chris Bell came over as well.  With Dumpling Inn apparently closed for the break, we did a big pickup from Chong Co instead.

Wednesday I cleaned out one of the kitchen cupboards which had been annoying me for a while.  That one is a lot more organised now.  Cooked up some pasta for dinner, and we watched Wag the Dog, which seemed a bit far fetched for me.

Thursday morning I didn't really get anything useful done.  Went out during the day to Bunnings then to the chemist and had lunch, and finally our food shopping.  Did a bit of sorting of stuff in the afternoon.  Mum took us to the Labor Club for dinner with Chris and Zac.  Had a swim in the pool afterwards.

Overnight I woke up at around dentist time and couldn't get back to sleep til around 5am because I was just too hot.  The cooler was working really well before Christmas, but this entire week has been stoopidly humid which means the cooler is pretty much useless.  No fair.

So Friday was a slow start.  Mum went home, then got stuck into sorting the year's receipts and other such things.  In the evening Ben and Serena came over for a swim, and we got pizza for dinner then chatted for a while.

And so now we're up to the last day of the year.  I still have a few more bits and pieces I need to blog today.  There's *heaps* of stuff on my todo list that I wanted to get done this week but couldn't because it was too hard to concentrate.  But at least I have another couple of days left which I might be able to get some of it done.  The ftp backup of my blog is *still* going :/  I did manage to do an sql dump of it all though which was good.  123mb, although a huge chunk of that is the search terms that people use on the sidebar.  Go figure.  Might see if I can delete some of that.

Edit:  deleted nearly nine years of activity history, and the sql dump was cut down to 25mb :)


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Had one of those evenings where we got home, had a swim, cooked and ate dinner, watched a Star Trek and suddenly it's 9:20pm.  Hate that.  Because I had heaps I wanted to do tonight.  Haven't done any of it.  Oh, except backup my computer, I suppose that's a good start.

And I did do all the Christmas shopping for the kids today.  Now for the adults...


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Wednesday night we had Zac come and stay with us because Chrissie had to go to Sydney for a conference.  We watched Aladdin, which he'd never seen! *gasp* !!

Thursday night we had Ben over for dinner.  Had evil cheese and bacon chicken roast and watched documentaries on Lego and Boeing's Everett "megafactory".

Friday night we did the visiting.  I'd had a crappy day so really didn't feel like socialising, but Kit and Serena had had even crappier days so we all tried to help each other feel better.

Also I'm getting really tired of insomnia (get it, arf arf).  Twice this week I've gone to bed at reasonable time, but then woken up in the middle of the night for hours.  Partly temperature (too hot with the doona on, too cold with it off), partly my brain not shutting up, but mostly just my spine never feeling comfortable :/

Catching Up

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Yeah so sorry for the photo spam.  Yeah no I'm not.

Chris and Zac came up tonight to look at all the Lego laid out.  I still need to properly document it before pulling it all apart again.  But with that all done, I suddenly found myself with some free time which I've been using to get some photos onto the blog.  Because Movable Type is so painful for uploading photos I decided to not add them as assets, but do what I normally do for holiday photos - just upload them to the directory and use my perl scripts to generate the html.  Made it a lot quicker, hence why I did so many at once.

Hanging out for Thursday .. it's been a .. well .. a week ..


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So aside from a plane blog entry, I haven't blogged in two weeks.  Whoops.

Monday two weeks ago I took a six hour lunch and finished a photo project that I'll get online soon.

The next Wednesday we won another damned trivia night.  Even without DC's help.  So will run the next one, which could very well be the last.

The Friday that week I went to Chrissie's for dinner.  She cooked a really nice pumpkin, gnochhi and sage dish, and for once we actually watched a movie (usually we talk about watching a movie but then just end up chatting all evening).  So watched Independence Day.

Pumpkin gnocchi sage

Saturday Chrissie brought up her steam cleaner to attack the bathroom.  

Bathroom before

Bathroom before

I'm too short to see this so never actually knew how bad it had gotten
Bathroom before

So I made lunch (as you do).  I cooked up a bit of a hanami lunch - teriyaki chicken wings, tuna sushi and okonomiyaki.  There was heaps of food and Serena had been planning to have lunch with Kit so invited both of them up as well.

This was my first ever attempt at sushi!  It turned out pretty well
Sushi attempt 1

Hanami lunch

Chrissie finished up in the bathroom later in the afternoon, and Zac mowed the lawn.

Bathroom after

Bathroom after

Bathroom after

On Sunday I went to pick up the sweetie from the airport.  And sorted Zac's Lego which Chrissie had brought up.

Monday I wore new jeans to work.  But backing up a little.  I am thoroughly sick and tired of paying a fortune for Jeanswest jeans that only last a year.  And I hate that you can't get decent quality demin in girls jeans anymore.  Why don't they make girls jeans in *real* demin and not that thin crappy stuff that is the only thing you can get now??  #hate  Even at 40% off, Jeanswest jeans are still pretty expensive.  So I thought screw this, and tried somewhere cheaper.  I tried Target first, but there was only like one style of jeans there that weren't already ripped to shreds.  wtf??  What idiot fashion designer thought that would ever be fashionable??  At least the idiots that wear jeans like that will look back at photos of themselves and wonder what in the world they were thinking.  Suckers.  So nothing at Target so tried Kmart.  Found some clearance jeans that were $7.  Each.  And they were more comfortable that the Jeanswest jeans as they have a slightly higher cut.  The next day I took them to get tailored and they were having a special - $10 jeans hemming.  So for $68 I got four pairs of jeans in the right size.  Normally that would be the cost of *one* pair of jeans.  So even if these cheap ones only last a quarter as long, I'll still be ahead.

Thursday we went down to see the two day old chickies!




Friday the sweetie and I went into town for dinner.  We ended up at Jamie's Italian, which I'd never actually been to before.  The service was pretty slow but the food was delicious.

This crispy squid was crunchy and delicious
Jamies Italian

These polenta chips weren't bad, but quite heavy.  Nothing like the awesomeness of the polenta chips we had at Pandanus on Lord Howe Island in 2007.
Jamie's Italian

Stu's Pumpkin Panzerotti.  I only got the smallest of mouthfuls and then got distracted by the waiter, shoulda had a bit more.
Jamie's Italian

This spaghetti carbonara was sooo tasty.  It's making me hungry just looking at it.
Jamie's Italian

Salted caramel and chocolate sundae
Jamie's Italian

After dinner (it was getting a bit late), Stu took me around to finish off the night shots for my photo project.

Saturday we had Nat and Andrew over for hanami lunch take two.  Same menu basically, although sushi options modified slightly for the fussy eaters :P

Sushi attempt 2

Okonomiyaki (Lisa's recipe)

We chatted all afternoon and then put on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade which was fun.

In the evening the sweetie and I watched The Silence of the Lambs, which I hadn't seen in years and Stu had never seen.

Sunday was more food shopping, and more Lego sorting, with a roast dinner thrown in as well.

Lego Palette

Lego angles

Sunday roast

Also yesterday we realised that our sewage pipes were blocked.

Oh crap.


Oh crap

So called Six Star Hot Water this morning and the same dude who replaced our hot water system came out and brought an eel.  He dug through a big clump of roots and everything started flowing again.  He said we could spend $5-10k getting it all dug up and fixed, or just spend the few hundred dollars every couple of years to get it cleared with an eel.  So we'll probably end up doing that.

Other than that, today was just Lego sorting.  In fact I only left the house to go hack a portal.  Step count will be a bit sad today.

Oh, and I blogged.  Finally.

Busy weekend

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So this weekend consisted of:

* photographing Cotter and Stromlo
* driving to Sydney and a dinner with mum for our birthdays (had pork ribs - yum!)
* awake at stoopid o'clock
* finally getting to see the Sea Cliff Bridge up close
* driving home
* house tidying, bed changing, sheet washing, Survivor watching, tuna bake cooking.

Tradies Ribs

I'm still trying to get through old food in the house.  I dug out four tins of tuna that had gotten mouldy from being out at the club (the labels, not the tuna) and two small tins of creamed corn that had been in the pantry forever.  Mixed them with a small thing of cream from across the road, a sachet of cream of mushroom soup, and a clove of pickled black garlic, then over half a pack of pasta, topped with cheese then baked for forty minutes.  For something so random it was quite delicious, and there's a bunch less things in the pantry now.


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Last night we had an ex-colleague of Stu's over for dinner.  Had potato bake and veggies and chatted and it was all very pleasant.

Tonight I filed lots of emails.  Hurrah.

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