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Quiet Day

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Pretty quiet day today.  Did a bit of jigsaw.  Took a few things out to Lifeline and the Green Shed.  Unfortunately came back with almost as much.  Whoops.

Tonight we had leftovers and watched Discovery, Good Place, and War Horse, which I'd last seen on the plane to Europe in 2012..

Metal Recycling

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6.4.14 - 15.4.14

After the Airport Open Day I headed up to Sydney.  Got to mum's and headed straight out to the Turkey planning meetup/group get together thingie.

Mum and I spent the rest of Sunday and then the evenings and most of the next weekend sorting out the piles and piles of metal that dad had collected over the years.  There were *many* boxes worth of cabling, which if you chop the ends off will give about $2/kilo for the copper (and $6/kilo for some of the really good bits).  There were several boxes worth of small (and a few large) transformers, which got about 70c each.  There was 38 kilos of lead at $1/kilo - dad brought home some lead pipes in the eighties (I remember bending them and thinking it was super cool that I could bend metal pipes like that).  He then melted them all down and cooled them into nine tuna tin sized ingots which he then stored under the house never to be touched again.  And lots of boxes worth of aluminium at 70c/kilo.  There was even a little bit (4kg) of brass at $4/kilo.  And then the boxes and boxes of steel and electronics bits and pieces that aren't actually worth anything, but we could dump in a skip that gets sent off to South East Asia where the whole lot is melted down and separated.  All up we made about $300 from metal recycling over the course of the week.  Which paid for approximately three of my trips to Sydney.  Given how many trips I've done now I'm definitely economically still behind, but at least I know it's not all just ending up in landfill.

Metal recycling

A small fraction of the cabling we got rid of

Metal recycling

Metal recycling

Transformers are super heavy.  We couldn't move them in this box, this was just temporary dumping

Metal recycling

Led ingots!

Metal recycling

This line feed module was tested ok in 1974 - forty years almost to the day ago.  I doubt that it's ever been used in the past forty years.

Metal recycling

Neil recognised these switches off a Datto

Datsun switch

Starting to see progress - clean shelves!

Empty shelves

So spent a couple of hours downstairs today looking around at all the stuff and taking lots of photos of it all.  Correction, photos of a fraction of it all.  What I thought was going to be big job is going to be a *huge* job.  And the little brother definitely needs to inspect it all as well before we even consider getting rid of any of it.  That, and waiting to get a more definitive diagnosis about what's happening with dad.

Parents' Garage

Dad's workshop

Dad's workshop

Back alcove

Back alcove

Front alcove

We went and saw Dad again this afternoon, and he was still depressed.

Then went to Ikea, but the thing I wanted to buy was out of stock - doh!!

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