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First quarter 2017 jigsaws..

This Simpsons jigsaw was done by some of the guys at work, and late last year I found it in a bin.  !!  So I retrieved it and did it at work.  It's one of those jigsaws where every piece is an "edge" so you can't start at the edges.  I mostly did it by picking up a piece and putting it where it was meant to go.  So it took quite a while.  Tried to finish it by Christmas but ended up finishing it the first week of January.

Simpsons jigsaw

This one David mostly did when he was up in January.

Dolphin jigsaw

The next one I did at home was a jigsaw James and George gave me for Christmas or birthday in about 2004 or 2005.  I remember starting it, ie doing the edges, when I was visiting Stu when he was living in Queensland.  But I never finished it.  This is why:

Horrible jigsaw

It took forever to do because I simply lacked motivation.  Here it is finished:

Panda jigsaw

After that I was super busy with trivia night and holiday planning.

On the Queen Mary 2 they have two big tables setup on either side of the ship in the games corridors where there's always jigsaws going.  

I did quite a bit of this 1500 piece one:

Comic jigsaw

And this 1500 piece one in the same series:

Comic jigsaw

Someone else started this one of York Minster, but I spent a good chunk of an afternoon on it and finished it:

York Minster jigsaw

This 1500 piece one had been going by some others since Sydney.  When I arrived in Hong Kong, there was just a little bit left and I helped finish it.  They put it away, but later on it came out again.  I started it one evening, spent most of the next day on it, getting it to about the point it was when I first came to it in Hong Kong.  I was going to go back to finish it the next morning but was busy reading info boards, and when I did get back to it, a lady from Wales had finished it.  But I feel like I did pretty much the whole thing :)

British Isles jigsaw

I helped with another couple of jigsaws on the ship but either didn't see them finished or hadn't helped enough to warrant a photo.

Social Saturdays

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Last Saturday morning hung out alternately between Dave and Kat and also Kit/Serena/Ben.  In the afternoon Dave and Kat went out for a bit and Kit/Serena/Ben came over for a swim.  Even though I stuck to the shady part of the pool I somehow managed to get quite sunburnt :(:(  I cooked up some sausages for dinner and David and I did a jigsaw in the evening.

Also, David pruned the pistachio tree, isn't he awesome? :)

David up a ladder

Yesterday day was a nice quiet day getting things done around the house.  In the evening we met up with Luc and Cynthia and the boys for dinner at the Courtyard Restaurant at Mercure.  The scallops I had were lovely, but the pork was a little tough.  Was great to catch up with those guys again, last time was September 2013 (which for some reason I never blogged!)

Courtyard Scallops

Courtyard Pork Belly

Courtyard Dessert

2016 jigsaws

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These are my jigsaw efforts for all of 2016.  Not as many this year - too busy!  (and the big one took ages, then I was away for a while).

After having so much fun with the 1000 different coloured piece jigsaw, Stu got me its big brother - a 5000 piece version - for Christmas last year (although it didn't arrive til January).  It was certainly a lot more challenging, and would have been quite awesome, except for the fact that the quality was shocking and there was a piece missing.  I really want a refund it was that bad.  I'm going to do a full post and send it to the manufacturers to complain.

5000 piece jigsaw

5000 piece jigsaw

5000 piece jigsaw

5000 piece jigsaw

This was a jigsaw I did out at the club - of the entrance to Dreamworld.

Dreamworld jigsaw

These were the three jigsaws I did at the coast in July.

Coast jigsaws

Wells Fargo jigsaw

Chicken protest jigsaw

Farm jigsaw

This is a 1500 piece jigsaw brought home from mum's at some point.  Did most of it myself then David helped finish it when he came up in August.

Portugal jigsaw

This 1000 piece jigsaw of balloons we all smashed out in an evening.

Balloons jigsaw

So the next day we very quickly did this one of buttons.

Buttons jigsaw

This is supposed to be "the world's most difficult jigsaw" as it's got the same picture on the back, but rotated ninety degrees.  So each piece (except a diagonal line through the middle) exists twice.  So yes it was a bit difficult, but certainly not the most difficult jigsaw ever.  I started it at work the day I was watching graphs and finished it over lunch breaks in the next few weeks.

Pig jigsaw

A jigsaw of New York that I bought shortly after the World Trade Centre attacks of 2001.  I'd done it once back then, and we did it when David came to visit in November.

New York jigsaw

This was setup at work in a different team's area.  I discovered it just after they'd separated the pieces and done some of the edge.  We finished it in forty minutes flat.

World jigsaw

And this is my own jigsaw of the world that David mostly did when he came up for Christmas.  He also did another jigsaw on Christmas morning but I didn't document it because I barely helped at all - was too busy cooking lunch!

Another world jigsaw


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Friday night after a completely blah week Chrissie suggested drinks and takeaway.  We said so long as no drama then ok.  So we did that and it was quite nice.  

Saturday was mostly housework and trying to sort out paperwork.  Cause that's all I seem to do on weekends.

Saturday night was going to be a p0ker night but Serena was very sick and we had to cancel, so we decided to go to the movies.  Went and saw Star Trek Beyond.

Sunday I mostly spent doing puzzles - nonograms and jigsaws.  Went to lunch at Casey Jones with Annie and the family (food was pretty good - I had pork belly (no crackling tho) - but the service was pretty slow - they've only just opened so still finding their feet), then went back to their place for dessert and mostly did a jigsaw they'd had out for ages not getting done.  

Casey Jones pork belly

Birthday dessert

Then the little brother and Kat arrived.  Had KFC for dinner (somewhat of a tradition).  We finished the 1500 piece jigsaw I had out, then smashed out a 1000 piece jigsaw in the evening.

Tonight David and Kat came back cause their day at the museum finished a lot later than they'd hoped.  So we did a 500 piece jigsaw.  As you do.

Where'd I get up to?

Thursday night we had a whiskey tasting night.  Nothing really stood out for me.  Mostly because Neil didn't get any peaty whiskeys heh.  The four Scottish ones were much the same (one was slightly rougher than the others).  The Nikka was probably my favourite, just because of the hint of smoke.  Early night and slept reasonably well.

Whisky July

Whisky July

Friday I got a bunch of cleanup work done, then left early and headed with the sweetie down to the coast.  Stopped in Batemans Bay for dinner at KFC (bad move - they're even more inefficient than Belconnen and we took fifteen minutes to get our food!).  Chilled out at the house, and I started a jigsaw.

Saturday I finished the first jigsaw and moved onto a second.  Went to Myrtle Beach and even had a swim (well a wade really, I hadn't taken my glasses off and didn't want to lose them).  It was cold, but not freezing.  Couple of weirdos though - one meerkat and his wandering mate.  Yeup.  Saturday night we got pizzas from Steveo's.  We got three, but really only needed one.  Two tops - having some for breakfast we *still* brought home a full pizza!  Then watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to see if it was as bad as we remembered.  It was.  And then some.

Coast breakfast

Myrtle Beach walk

Myrtle Beach

Steveo's Pizza

Today I finished the second jigsaw and decided to squeeze in a third while the sweetie did reading for uni.  Then cleaned up and came home.

Blue coast view

Almost hit two kangaroos - one on the way down on Friday night, and one on the way out to Myrtle Beach.  The second one was panicking and actually slipped over on the road in front of us.  We'd slowed right down though so it was all fine.  The first one just bounced gently across the road in front of us but didn't do anything stoopid.

Tried to doze on the way home but didn't succeed.  

I'm still sick with this damned cold.  Stuffed up nose so haven't been able to breathe in days.  I didn't feel like doing *anything* when I got home.  So *blip* there goes another weekend with nothing achieved at home :(  (I did manage to look at and geotag day 22 of the holiday though, so I guess that's *something*).


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Only just barely survived the week.  Weird networking issues scuttled my firewall work which just made the whole team look bad.

Tuesday went for a short walk with Chrissie.  We were going to walk last night but I forgot.

On Wednesday I cleared out years of old project paperwork out of my desk drawers.

Thursday we went over to Kit's after drinks.

I also solved the GCHQ nonogram quite easily (it became pretty obvious what it was fairly early on) and have been playing nonogram puzzles online.

And starting to pick up speed on the 5000 piece jigsaw.



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Friday night we took Chrissie out for her birthday - she now joins me in knowing the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.  We went to the Dumpling Inn and had some of our favourites (shredded beef peking style and three cup wine chicken) and some dumplings (still can't compete with Din Tai Fung).  Went back to her place afterwards and Kit came down as well.

Dumpling Inn dumplings

Dumping Inn three cup wine chicken

Dumpling Inn fried dumplings

Dumpling Inn shredded beef peking style

Lacked motivation this weekend.  Had a big todo list, but barely any of it got done.

I did manage to clean the kitchen and the spare room.  And did some washing.

Other than that, about ten hours on the jigsaw.  And all I've got to show for it is some sorting (about three hours), the edge, and a tiny bit of the jigsaw proper.

Ominous skies

Well, also went for a longish (well it took ages, but that was cause of the kid and the dogs being special, it was actually only 4.85km) walk with Chris.  And the sweetie cooked dinner and did *heaps* of work in the garden.

Heavy rain

This was a jigsaw my brother did and brought up one time.  All that green was a bit annoying (the all the pieces are the same shape - blerf).

Koala jigsaw

This was from our old family collection I think.  It's Mariefred in Sweden.

Mariefred Jigsaw

This was one of David's from Picton I think.  500 pieces, super quick - I think I did it in about an hour and a half.

Train jigsaw

Another one from the old family collection.  Whoever did it last couldn't be bothered separating every piece, so I had to do it :(:(  But I did separate the pieces into "sections" (sky, path, buildings etc) which saved an awful lot of sorting later.

Austria jigsaw

Austria jigsaw

And one Mum won and she did herself (!!! - she never does jigsaws - this one took her weeks).  I did it in about two and a quarter hours :)

Mountain jigsaw

Third Quarter Jigsaws

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Not that many jigsaws this quarter.  Although I'm trying to work through ones I took from David's place a while back so can do them and get them out of the house.

This one is by a brand which I've done several jigsaws of.  This is one that has a repeating pattern of 4x4, so sixteen shapes of pieces that repeat.  So I spent a lot of time sorting all the pieces out into the sixteen piles.

Colour jigsaw 4x4

Colosseum jigsaw

Because just look at this thing.  It's all brown and black.  Sorting the pieces takes ages, but then putting them in is very quick.

Colosseum jigsaw

Colosseum jigsaw

Colosseum jigsaw

Colosseum jigsaw

This is one of my birthday presents from the sweetie.  I've always said that gradients make jigsaws easy.  I could do a whole jigsaw of just sky if there was a good enough gradient on it.  So when I saw this a while back I wanted it.  There's actually no two pieces the same colour (although some of the greens are very similar!).  This was a super fun jigsaw and I finished it the morning after my birthday.

Colour jigsaw

Colour jigsaw

Then there's the three I did in Queensland

Osaka Castle jigsaw

Lions jigsaw

Fish jigsaw

And this is another birthday present from the sweetie.  A jigsaw of a jigsaw, by Mensa.

Mensa jigsaw

Again, luckily, a repeating pattern.  So I spent forever sorting out all the pieces in to the sixteen kinds of pieces (different brand to the Colosseum, so the pieces a bit different, but similar idea).

Mensa jigsaw

These are the edges

Mensa jigsaw

Once sorted, and the middle was done, it meant that I could work in rows (or columns) and only had about fifty pieces to search through, rather than nine hundred or so.  Worked well and went relatively quickly after that.

Mensa jigsaw

Mensa jigsaw

Mensa jigsaw

Mensa jigsaw

Mensa jigsaw

Mensa jigsaw

The fun thing about the Mensa jigsaw is that the other side of the jigsaw had a bunch of puzzles on it.  This was super easy to do because each puzzle had a different colour ink.  So it was simply a matter of sorting by colours, and putting together twelve small puzzles.  And then solve the puzzles :)

Mensa jigsaw

Mensa jigsaw

This one of the Britannia had some funky shaped pieces

Britannia Jigsaw

Britannia Jigsaw

This jigsaw was pretty awful.  The whole thing was out of focus, just blurry masses of white and grey and brown.  And every piece is the same (default) shape so my heart sank somewhat when I opened the box.  Fortunately though, you could pretty much tell which way up each piece went, which made it tolerable.

Polar bear jigsaw

This jigsaw I started at the club a *long* time ago, but never did it because I really only had the space in the shed.  But there was always little kids around in the shed, so I never got it out.  Then there were a few times where they weren't around, so managed to finish it.  It was very very slow going to start with, but then I did most of the whole second half of it in a couple of hours.

Smarties jigsaw

Smarties jigsaw

Done in two nights

Arc de Triomphe jigsaw

Done on our last trip down the coast

Silly jigsaw

Done while David was staying with us a while back.  Red Rock Crossing, Sedona.  We drove through Sedona in 1983 and saw some of the stuff in the town, but not this.  Had Dad known about it I'm sure we would have gone there (btw, happy birthday dad ..)

Red Rock Crossing, Sedona jigsaw

And another one we did while David was here.  Just the other day I scanned a photo of us standing on that rock in 1984.

Kalbarri jigsaw


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Friday night we had dinner at home then headed down to Junee.

Played Cards Against Humanity for a while (it was dead even the whole game, and we had a couple of tiebreaker rounds before Stu finally won) before going to bed.

Playing Cards Against Humanity

Saturday morning we started a jigsaw.  Had some Aldi lasagna for breakfast.

Went into town (hacking portals).  Saw the Explorer arrive, then went and had lunch in the Railway Cafe.  Saw the XPT leave.  Jigsaw most of the afternoon.

Junee swan

Railway cafe tasting plate

Railway cafe lasagna

Junee XPT

Then we thought we'd celebrate Independence Day by watching Independence Day.  That was a lot of fun.

Independence Day

D cooked us up some curried lamb for dinner, and we did a Naked Gun marathon (I've never actually seen any of them).

This morning we finished the jigsaw, then packed it up to leave.  Silly really.

Bran Castle

Stopped for some lunch at the Scottish Restaurant in Gundagai, and dropped in to visit Annie and co on the way home.


Gundagai bridge

The house was 7C when we got home.  There was still ice on the pool.  The heater has been running since we got home this afternoon and now at 8pm it's only finally 19C.  Craziness.

Freezing house

Cooked a thoroughly evil cauliflower bake for dinner.

So Friday night saw us leaving straight after work for EffanC's for F's birthday party.  This was a very pleasant evening (if a little hot - I really shouldn't have worn jeans) and we stayed outside chatting and stargazing for several hours.

Saturday morning we packed and headed out to the club.  Had a very relaxing afternoon in the pool, meat pies for dinner, and a reasonably early night.

Sunday I spent a good chunk of the morning on my jigsaw, and a good chunk of the afternoon on my longstitch - finished it, yayy!!  Then some more time in the pool, cooked a big potato bake for dinner (which everyone else helped share - so much for leftovers hehe) and then back in the pool because it was *warm* there - much warmer than outside after the change came through.  A lovely evening.

Today we cooked up bacon and eggs and tomatoes for breakfast, then came home.  I went downstairs to hide from the TripleJ Hottest 100, which was quite awful.  Did some jigsaw and watched documentaries.  One of the documentaries was Raging Planet and an episode on cyclones.  They were talking about Andrew and how it had spared New Orleans, but how much trouble it would be in if it got hit head on by a hurricane.  The doco was from 1997, and it was a little unsettling knowing that Katrina did just that a few years later... Did a couple of loads of washing, which was pretty much the only useful thing I did at home today.  Then headed out again to Stu's Japanese class for dinner.  

I still haven't done the vaccuuming.

Recent Jigsaws

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A few done at work, mostly while I was in Sydney or overseas.  Probably the last ones we do, as we're losing the spare desk.  Which is a shame, because when you're stressed and need a brain break, or finished a piece of work and need a break, it was such a nice thing to just go and do for a few minutes here and there.

Boats jigsaw

Horse jigsaw

Snow jigsaw

But the most recent one: people that buy stuff on ebay that don't bother to contact you after a week, even after repeated emails to them.  Or people that buy stuff on ebay, keep saying they'll be there "tomorrow" and then never turn up.


In other news.

I've been having more Christmas parties - a big work one that went late and was a lot of fun.

Then instead of a nice relaxing weekend, I had to deal with aforementioned sucky people, as well as lots of other people trying to coordinate pickups remotely at mum's.  And this was down at the coast, without a computer, and I didn't have my ebay password and it was all a super huge stress.  Really really didn't want to have to go away that weekend, but it was S&K's combined 40th and we've been terrible relatives this year so thought we'd better go.  So had to go via the club, then headed down.  Stayed at Dave's house (thanks Dave!) but just did some jigsaw while Stu collapsed, then we watched some Veronica Mars and had pizza for dinner.  Didn't even bother with the spa.  Next morning was the party, although it didn't really get going til we had to leave.  Left there and headed straight to Sydney (we had to take two cars down the coast).  Sigh.  

Shelly Beach, Moruya


Potty surf skiing

Potty surf skiing

Fairy wren

Fairy wren

Fairy wren

Extended family

Got to Sydney and didn't even get to dump my stuff - had to go straight to the new place to meet the uncles etc, then we went out for dinner which was quite nice.

Home, dealing with annoying ebay people, collapse.  Didn't get to sleep til like 1am though :(

And then there was chaos in the city today which made things .. interesting ..

September Jigsaws

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Here's a couple of work ones - Monument Valley and Winter Wonderland.

Monument Valley jigsaw

Winter Wonderland jigsaw

These two jigsaws had letters on the reverse so you could easily figure out the orientation and approximate location.  We may have cheated a little here and there.  I reckon it would have been even easier to flip everything over and do the reverse jigsaw - as it'd have been twenty five 40-piece jigsaws that you could have done in no time flat.

Jigsaw reverse

This is one I started downstairs months and months ago but never finished it over winter (too cold) and also the green was very similar in tone which made it quite hard.

Mountain lion jigsaw

August Jigsaws

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Just a couple.

The blue and middle of the tail we did in a day, the "eyes" on another day, and the rest took a week or two

Peacock jigsaw

Nice kitty!

Tiger jigsaw

Disaster Night

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Tuesday is disaster porn night.  An episode of Air Crash Investigations I'd seen, and one I hadn't.

Put the time to good use, finishing off a jigsaw I started earlier in the year but never finished because it's too cold downstairs in winter.  And I also started to tidy up a little downstairs (didn't make much progress, but every little bit helps, right?).

Much of today was spent prepping for some work I want to do on Friday.  Who knew removing firewall rules was so much more work than creating them!?  Mind you, if other people were as good at their doco as we were, it'd be a *lot* easier. *sigh*

I got nothing

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Lined up all my holiday piles of paper tonight, dating back to 2008.  It covers the length of the dining table.  Some are better sorted than others.

But I did find the one million mark note that we bought in Germany on our honeymoon but then couldn't find.  So that was good.

Then some tv and jigsaw.

Recent Jigsaws

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Some more recent jigsaws

Mt Rainier jigsaw

Cradle Mountain jigsaw

Lighthouse jigsaw

Recent Jigsaws

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Haven't done many jigsaws recently, it's been too cold to do things downstairs.

There was this cool tiger we did in March at work.

Tiger jigsaw

Tiger jigsaw

There was also a Where's Wally? jigsaw we did at work, but I forgot to document it before I went to Turkey and it was dismantled when I got back.

This was a cool jigsaw Neil got in Queensland.  Every piece has an edge on it!  It was completely evil because the pieces were so similar you couldn't really tell if they were correct or not.  And it had like thirty corner pieces as well!

Edge jigsaw

Edge jigsaw

Edge jigsaw

Edge jigsaw

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