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So Friday night saw us leaving straight after work for EffanC's for F's birthday party.  This was a very pleasant evening (if a little hot - I really shouldn't have worn jeans) and we stayed outside chatting and stargazing for several hours.

Saturday morning we packed and headed out to the club.  Had a very relaxing afternoon in the pool, meat pies for dinner, and a reasonably early night.

Sunday I spent a good chunk of the morning on my jigsaw, and a good chunk of the afternoon on my longstitch - finished it, yayy!!  Then some more time in the pool, cooked a big potato bake for dinner (which everyone else helped share - so much for leftovers hehe) and then back in the pool because it was *warm* there - much warmer than outside after the change came through.  A lovely evening.

Today we cooked up bacon and eggs and tomatoes for breakfast, then came home.  I went downstairs to hide from the TripleJ Hottest 100, which was quite awful.  Did some jigsaw and watched documentaries.  One of the documentaries was Raging Planet and an episode on cyclones.  They were talking about Andrew and how it had spared New Orleans, but how much trouble it would be in if it got hit head on by a hurricane.  The doco was from 1997, and it was a little unsettling knowing that Katrina did just that a few years later... Did a couple of loads of washing, which was pretty much the only useful thing I did at home today.  Then headed out again to Stu's Japanese class for dinner.  

I still haven't done the vaccuuming.

Japan Day

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Today we had a very Japanese-themed day. 

Except maybe the cleaning of the house that we spent all morning doing.. hrmmm

So at lunch Nat and Andrew came over and we ate lots and "viewed the flowers" - aka "hanami"!   It was super awesome.  I cooked heaps of food, and will have leftovers for at least ten meals (and now for my next trick - finding freezer space!)  It was pretty cold and windy, so we decided to setup inside.  But we did have the blue tarpaulin and we could see the tree, so it's still authentic!

Hanami leftovers

Afterwards the others watched a very strange Japanese movie while I geotagged Alnwick Castle photos.

Then we all headed into ANU to see Za Kabuki.  There was a lot in Japanese only, so it was a bit tricky to know what was going on (you could sort of get the general gist).  The main play itself (The Sardine Seller's Net of Love) was mostly in Japanese, but a bit of English as well which certainly helped (the story was outlined on the program too so we at least knew what was going on).  Bizarrely, all the female characters in the main play were played by guys and vice-versa - very odd!!  They very nicely allowed photos (just no flash).

Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki


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After we got back from Japan I decided it would be super awesome to have a hanami in our front yard this year when our weeping cherry was in bloom.  It was indeed, super awesome :)

Had our Japan travelling friends - Nat and Andrew, Natty and Sandra over and ate lots and were quite merry.
Had a brilliant day for it.  If anything a little too hot heh.  There was even this storm that came through *after* we'd finished up.

Stu preparing some sushi (cucumber and pickled radish and tuna)
Stu preparing sushi

The hanami setup (a blue tarpaulin is a must!)
Hanami setup
Stu's sushi
Stu's sushi
Nat arranging the Pocky and the Crunky
Nat arranging the Pocky and Crunky
This random dog turned up and stayed all of lunch.  No idea where it came from - never seen it before!  It was very friendly but kept threatening to steal the food ;)
Mystery dog
The food - sooo much food!  Lots of leftovers!
The food - so much food!
Everything and everyone setup
Hanami party

A bee
Andrew hanami-ing (yes Dave, that's my cap :) )
Andrew hanami-ing
After lunch we played Trivial Pursuit.  We actually started with my very lame 80s trivial pursuit (which wouldn't have been so lame had any of us actually not been just kids in the 80s), but switched over to "real" Trivial Pursuit.  Lots of fun.  I think Stu won :)
Playing Trivial Pursuit
Nat made this super awesome swirl cake with white chocolate icing :)
Nat's Super-awesome swirl cake
And then everyone went home.  And I got depressed cause I had to come down off somewhat of a high :(

But then we watched this cool documentary on Yellowstone National Park, and followed that with Fantasia 2000.  Really must get myself a copy of that Bluray some time.  Except for the very minor detail that we don't have a Bluray player .. hrmmm.

And so endeth the weekend.  


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I finished memorising (well mostly) the 46 hiragana characters last night.

So today at lunch I was trying to read the characters on the side of the Sizzle Bento place.  
And saw these characters:  
.. which looked a lot like "udon" to me.  And that would make sense, it being a Japanese restaurant and all.

Scariest thing is, I was right ... !

Next: katakana .. and then maybe actually learning some real words heh
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