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Last night the sweetie and I went along to the Nara Candle Festival.

Along with half of Canberra it seemed.  

But unlike Japanese festivals, which have similar sorts of numbers, this festival was hopeless under resourced.  Which meant queues for everything.  One bar, one okonomiyaki stand, one gyoza stand, one noodle stand and a generic Asian stand.  We've totally been spoilt by festivals in Japan where they have long rows of stands selling all sorts of amazing food - and no queues!

Nara Candle Festival
Queues :(:(:(  Long ones too
Nara Candle Festival

Nara Candle Festival
Nara Candle Festival
Flower arranging
Nara Candle Festival
Nara Candle Festival
Our first lineup at the bar was actually relatively short.  Rotary were there serving, but needed some practise at this point.
Nara Candle Festival
The sweetie
Nara Candle Festival

So we went off to sit and watch some of the acts.

This is a student group from Nara University High School.  I missed most of their act though, because I was queueing so long for another drink.
Nara Candle Festival

This duo did western songs
Nara Candle Festival
The sweetie went off to get some dinner.  And while he was gone a group of people came and sat *right next to me*, taking up the space Stu was sitting.  #grunt

The udon noodles we had for dinner.  Apparently the queue was much longer for the chicken variety.  What's with that??  Glad we had this - the okonomiyaki that I saw people eating looked like a big pile of dough with no vegetables to speak of.
Nara Candle Festival
So then the sweetie went off to see if he could find his Japanese teacher.  And while he was gone this couple came up and setup their directors chairs *right in front of me* #epicgrunt

Nara Candle Festival

Had to lean uncomfortably in different directions to see anything, and stand up to take some photos.

Nara Candle Festival
When the sweetie got back I was grumpy as, so we went off for a walk.

I thought these kites by the lake looked pretty cool
Nara Candle Festival
And the candles sure were pretty

Nara Candle Festival
Nara Candle Festival
Nara Candle Festival
Nara Candle Festival
Nara Candle Festival
Nara Candle Festival
Nara Candle Festival
Nara Candle Festival

So slightly disillusioned, and still hungry (I wanted meat on a stick!), we stopped in at KFC for meat on a stick.

Nara Candle Festival

Neil rates another mention .. on Friday he found me a copy of Lost In Translation at Flipside!  I'd been looking out for this since we got back from our last trip to Japan.

Tonight we watched it.  It was pretty cool to see all the been-theres!

Other than that, didn't feel like I achieved much today.  Too much work crap.  And feeling a bit blah tonight.  Think will go to bed..
So this is Canberra's latest piece of public art - Keizo Ushio’s “oushi zokei, dream lens for the future”

Oushi zokei

At first glance I'm like "Hey! They copied the one in Japan!"

Dream lens, Kobe
Except as it turns out, it's by the same artist!  

I think I like the one in Japan better - it has three twists instead of the one we have here.

Dream lens, Kobe Dream lens, Canberra
And a few more of both, just for fun

Dream lens, Canberra

Dream lens, Canberra

Dream lens, Kobe

Dream lens, Kobe

Even got myself on the RiotACT.  Again.  :)  
Typical of Canberrans though, everyone having a whinge about it.  Which is sad because this piece of art is *cool*!

So yesterday was less than 2000 steps: the furthest I walked was just outside to photograph the house and flowers.

The cherry blossoms are about to burst.  I thought it would be cool to have another Hanami party this year - who wants to come? :)
Cherry buds
Purple bell things
Purple bells

The rest of the weekend (apart from a trip up Mount Taylor) was spent geotagging photos.  Do you have *any idea* how hard it is to accurately geotag photos taken from trains??

So it was a year ago last night that we took off for the UK.  Our first day was a bit of a waste of a day, flying all night, then arriving in the morning and catching a train to Osaka.  Extremely hot, so didn't do much, just had some lunch before checking in, then a rest, then heading out again for dinner and having a fun time in Nanba, Osaka.  I've updated the blog entry with some pictures here.

65 years

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Hiroshima, 65 years on


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Continuing our UK planning.  Have Japan and first half of London hotels and car hire booked.

Looked up a few bits and pieces tonight.

Hardest bit now will be deciding what we'll need to cut out, cause we won't have time for everything.

I so want to do this (but probably not all on one day).


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Two years ago today the sweetie and I took off on our honeymoon.

It wasn't very well planned.  Apart from where we were going to be for how many nights, almost nothing was planned in advance.  We did a lot of our planning when we arrived in cities with Wikipedia.  But it still turned out really well, except for a couple of not so great days.

I said at the end of it that "Hopefully it won't take two years to do like my USA photos did..." and now here it is.. two years later...!  So I went on a mission over the last couple of weeks to select highlights for my photo site and from those highlights for the blog entries.  I haven't finished yet, but I've made decent enough progress.  Hopefully I'll keep ahead of myself to link to each new day as it comes.

So.  Day 1.  We left Sydney at Stoopid O'Clock and flew to Narita in Japan.  Had a walk around Narita and dinner a cute little restaurant.  

Here it is! Day 1 of our honeymoon, exactly two years ago today....


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Scary ... the sweetie was in bed reading one of his manga comics, and asked me if I recognised a building in it (in Shinjuku).  And I'm .. yes.. that was where we were trying to find dinner but didn't know where we were going and trying to negotiate the bus interchange and craziness of the station and we (Andrew and I) were getting quite grumpy cause of low blood sugar levels and I took a photo of the Citizen clock at one end (it was 7:50pm).. 


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I finally finished!!!

Well.  Not exactly.  I still need to upload photos to conspiracy, and there's a few pages I want dedicate to food, hotels, Engrish and manhole covers (!) that I'll do on conspiracy.  

But if you wanted a good summary of our Japan trip last year, here it is!

It's not going to be all in one page for too much longer, as any Google searches pointed at it will kill my traffic (there's 14mb of images!!).  In a few weeks I'll split it up so the front page of the blog is just an index page.

Two more days!

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Day 13 and Day 14 photos are on the blog ..

Only two more days to go!!

Day 12

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Day 12 of my Japan photos are on the blog..

Got a reasonable amount done around the house tonight, including washing, washing up, some bathroom cleaning, Full House, kirigami, Monty Python doco .. helps getting home on time and in a good mood...

Day 11 - getting there!

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Day 11 photos in the blog..

Getting worn out...

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Did another three days of Japan photos for the blog tonight - 

I'm still going to have to go back and do conspiracy and label and geotag everything at some point... I don't know when.. it could take years... and then there's the honeymoon photos to do!! Gahhh!!!

The biggest tragedy of doing tonight's photos is that I realised we actually walked right past Gion Corner (where Natto wanted to go see a show) without even realising it! :(

More Japan Photos

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Have updated the Japan blog with a couple more days of photos (three actually now that I look at it) - 

Day 5, Day 6, and Day 7.

I haven't uploaded the additional photos to conspiracy, I'll do that in the next round of photo sorting.  For now I just want have *something* completed.

Japan Day 4

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If anyone's interested I've put photos up for Day 4 of our Japan trip.

Japan Day 3

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If anyone's interested, I've uploaded photos for Day 3 of our Japan trip
Last night we did pasta for dinner, and watched Donnie Darko (director's cut edition).  I saw this movie years ago and have been wanting to watch it again ever since.  And Stu had never seen it, so watch it we did.  I'm pretty sure this director's cut version had a lot more explanation about the time travel stuff than the version I saw did ...

Today was a catch up kinda of a day.  For brekky I had some of Annie's organic free range eggs

Brekky eggs

We did our shopping in the morning and stopped at As Nature Intended for coffee and hot chocolate and puppy watching.

Hot chocolate

Belco puppies

Lunch was some garlic bread we picked up at the markets. 

In the afternoon I fought with Google Earth/Picasa.  Google Earth had lost all my geotagged place markers and I couldn't figure out why (since the first batch had worked beautifully).  In the end I figured you really needed to quit Google Earth and save temporary places, rather than marking the Picasa window as "done".  Got the rest of day 2 saved properly, and day 3 (Space World) geotagged.  I also cleaned the pool, setup a dvd player downstairs, and cooked a beef stew for dinner (epic nommmm!!!).

Is it just me or does this chick look like Helena Bonham-Carter?
Black Wych

A few more days

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So the weekend.  Where was I?

Saturday (as usual) was mostly a cleaning/tidying/organising/shopping day.  
Cooked a nomm roast pork and potato bake and had Julia and Paul over to enjoy it.  They brought their PS3 and Queen Singstar over, but their PS3 wouldn't talk to our TV, so most disheartened about that.  So watched Rockwiz instead.  Dessert was a chocolate fondue with strawberries, banana, rockmelon, and biscuits to dip. 
Fondue night
We were very full by the end of the night :)
Sunday was fairly quiet.  Stu went out for a bit, which left me alone to tidy up, and then feel a bit down.  Not really sure why.  Maybe all the rain.  
Sunday arvo I got NRMA to jump start my car.  Really need to drive it more often.  Every three or four weeks is just not enough.  Took it for a drive out to Mitchell to dump some speakers, a (working) CRT monitor and a few bits and pieces.  I decided it would be better to go late in the day rather than early. WISE DECISION!  We were in and out of the place in about two minutes (whereas people who went early Saturday were waiting in traffic for an hour or more).  The piles of CRTs (monitors, tvs) and computers were amazing.  Would have been good to take some photos, but we were in and out so fast and I was driving so didn't have the chance.  The guys were having fun throwing things around on the piles to smash them heh.
Geotagged just about all my Japan Day 2 photos, most of them to within a few metres of where they were taken.  
And then it was Monday.  It really felt like a Monday too :/  Got home, had dinner and watched a special on the Lockerbie bombing, and suddenly it's nearly 9:30 .. how??
And the interwebs is broked.  So think will just go to bed and read some more of The Daily Coyote.  .. Edit, internet is back.  Posting, but then going to bed anyway.

In Memorium

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Japan Day 2

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The blog entry for Japan Day 2 has been done for a while, but I've finally labelled the photos on conspiracy (link at bottom of entry).
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