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Three Random Things

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Someone strung up trapezes between powerlines for a few days a little while back.  I have no idea why..

Power line trapeze

This was one of the expensive LED lights my brother put in in the front entrance way.  We were just sitting around when we heard this bang coming from the front entrance way.  Went to have a look and found the light shattered on the ground.  Either the fitting broke and it popped out, or it wasn't in properly to begin with.  Sad times.

Exploded light

And found this guy out in the back yard one morning recently

Praying mantis

Praying mantis


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As always, I have a backlog of photos to post.  Here's a couple from earlier in the year.


Blue eyed moth

Plants and Animals

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A bunch more photos taken during the year that needed blogging..

One of Kit's brown frogs.  She had two or three of them that she'd had for years, and they died almost at the same time, she has no idea why..
Kit's brown frog

Curious George..
Curious George

Happy flower!
Happy flower

Petal snow!
Petal snow


Teeny teeny bug at the Christmas party last week
Teeny bug

Friday was the first of our work Christmas parties.  It was at the Lighthouse, but it was a little pricey - $35 for a two course meal (platter of entrees and a choice of three dishes for mains).  The problem with that being we have lunches at the Lighthouse all the time, and for $35 I could normally get a large meal *and* a few beers.  Also they were super super slow bringing food out - we didn't get entrees til 1pm, the fish mains at 1:30pm, and the steak mains at 2pm.  But it was a lovely day and there was plenty of time to have a bit of bubbly and they compensated us with a free drink voucher each so that was nice of them.  Had a great afternoon.

Lighthouse party - entrees

Lighthouse party - barramundi

Lighthouse party - steak

Lighthouse currawong

Lighthouse honeyeater

In the evening we watched Mockingjay Part 1.

Teeny praying mantis

Saturday we got ready and headed out to the club for the "official" opening of the pool.

Club pool

Then we (I) cooked the roast pork (in a brand new oven!!) for a Christmas dinner.  The oven had never been used before so that was quite fun (although it was a bit sad to ruin its pristine condition!).  It works a lot better than the old one too and is much much much easier to light the oven and the cooktops - no more fiddling with a lighter and hoping you don't take the hairs off when you finally manage to light the oven.  The crackling turned out really well and I think the whole lot got demolished.  I also made up some apple sauce from scratch, and some gravy (which I'd forgotten to bring - so I was glad that we found a packet there). Other people brought other food so it was quite the feast.

Roast pork


Club Christmas tree

Just before we were about to serve dinner, we got a call from Kit - she was getting water all through her yard.  I realised I'd left the hose disconnected from when I'd been watering the potplants that morning and it must have dropped down and started siphoning off the pool.  Kit jumped the back fence and saved the situation.  It was a little horrifying to think what could have happened if she hadn't noticed - another fifteen hours before we had planned to be home and it could have drained a *lot* of water.  Honestly, bestest neighbour *ever*!

After dinner was the compulsory fun.  Aka the Kris Kringle where you can open something new or steal something that's already been opened.  I'd completely forgotten about it til that morning, and then we were running late, so we didn't have time to do anything more imaginative that a couple of bottles of wine.  I'd used wine before and it's never popular, so was a bit reluctant to do it again, but didn't have time for anything else.  And guess which two things were the *very last* things to be picked up?  Yup, my two bottles of wine.  And to add insult to injury, the people that got them were all like "oh yay, wine".  I lost it.  I actually went up to both of them and said I'd buy them back off them, but they were all "oh, it's ok, it'll get drunk".  Yay.  I was feeling pretty miserable, and the sweetie had been feeling physically unwell all night, so we just went home.

Today was a cleaning and organising type day.

We also went over to Potty's cause he wanted to get rid of a bit of fridge stuff and some cleaning products that couldn't go in the truck.  I ended up with five full Coles bags of stuff, and a huge box full of cleaning products.  hrmmmm!!  I had to fire up the little fridge in the garage, and Tetris what I could into the freezer.  But got it all in.

For dinner I picked some of the wombok that's been growing like crazy, and cooked up some duck we'd gotten off potty.  

Wombok leaves

Duck dinner

Saw some pretty cool storm clouds from a big storm out past Captains Flat

Storm clouds

Also cooked up a batch of honey mustard chicken for lunches/dinners during the week.

And have been trying to get on top of my photos.

And I might have put the Christmas tree this afternoon.  Last year I had the idea to do a "Frozen" inspired theme - so I've only put on blue and silver stuff, with blue and white lights.  It's very blue!

Frozen tree


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A huge moth that was doing a really terrible job of camouflaging itself on our brickwork

Big moth

Miss M and her little mop

Miss M and her mop

Some of Kit's duck eggs, possibly containing two, one and zero yolks

Duck eggs

Sleeping buddies

Sleeping buddies

This is the rooster that wakes David up when he comes to stay


My three black neon tetras, and some of the rummy nose tetras.  Those little black neon tetras are nine years old.  What a spinout!

Little fishies

George came by the other week and found a nice place in the sun to warm up





Other Fun Stuff

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Just a stack more photos that still haven't made it online..

A truncated dodecahedron I made for a guy at work

Truncated Dodecahedron

George, who jumped onto my seat straight after I got up because it was warm

George takes my seat

Some daffodils out the front


Lego R2-D2 and C-3PO in Myer in Sydney

Lego in Myer

Lego mosaic in Myer in Sydney

Lego in Myer

Sometimes the algae in the pool gets away from me.


Add flocculent and wait a day for it to settle


Vaccum to waste - shiny!


A lovely dragonfly at work that obligingly sat still for us to photograph it


A ginormous caterpillar - a White-Stemmed Gum Moth


The Birds!  A huge flock of galahs out the back (this wasn't even all of them)

The Birds

Neil with his brand new car that he got himself for Christmas.  His last car was a Datsun 120Y that he bought new - in 1978!

Neil and his new car


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These were taken with my iPhone...  *my iPhone* !!!

Slightly cropped, but otherwise just resized
iPhone flutterby

More closely cropped, a little bit resized
iPhone flutterby

Actual pixels
Actual pixels

Actual pixels
iPhone flutterby

Lady Bugs

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When we were up Mount Ainslie the other day I went up to the aircraft beacon, and was promptly covered in lady bugs.  They were clustered on the post and kept taking off and crashing into me.  I ended up covered in them and had to get the sweetie check I had all them off me before I got into the car so that I didn't squish any!

Lady Bug

Lady bugs

Yeah so didn't get too much sleep.  Too humid!!!  Even with the fan on we were pretty uncomfortable.

The sweetie and Sally.  Animals like Stu because he's so soft and squishy :)

The sweetie and Sally

Breakfast on the deck.  Quite civilised really!


They wanted me to kill this march fly, but it was so cute!

March fly

So yeah a fairly slow morning.  Debated going for a swim but I was a bit stressed about getting myself all messed up (we were going out to meet people later that day).  So in the end we just did a big drive around South West Rocks.

We drove through the town and up to Trial Bay Goal and out to the Smoky Cape lighthouse.

Smoky Cape Lighthouse


Then back into town for lunch.

Lunch in South West Rocks

After lunch, we got ready, then headed out for a slow drive down the coast.

They have police radar traps even on the quiet back roads (not that they're that quiet - there's an awful lot of people camped up and down the coast).

Radar trap

The GPS originally said it would take four hours, but it kept revising it down.  Here's where we hit some dirt road.

Loftus Road

Nice view of the beach near Point Plomer

Beach near Point Plomer

South of Point Plomer was where we were most concerned about the road.  Then we saw this sign

Management track sign

.. and this mud ..

Point Plomer Road

.. and decided we wouldn't tempt fate.  So turned around and headed back to Crescent Head, then back to the Pacific Highway.

South of Kempsey, where they're building the bypass, they have this sign telling people to ignore their GPSes..

Ignore GPS

In Port Macquarie we went to Big W to pick up some stuff for Stu, then we headed out to visit Stu's mum's grave

Grave marker

Then went for a drive round Port Macquarie

Tacking Point Lighthouse

Stormy beach

The sweetie at Tacking Point

Then to our destination for the evening - Finnian's Irish Tavern for a school reunion of sorts for Stu.  He actually only really knew two of the guys there, and they were pretty cool.  Had some squid and some wedges and a couple of beers.  I also might have stolen some of Tom's steak after he declared himself done with only half the steak eaten.. it was nice steak, this would never do! ;)

Pub food

We migrated outside when the band started up, as they made talking over the noise a bit difficult.

The band

And then we headed back to South West Rocks for the night.

Apart from the games night on Saturday night (only ended up playing one game - Ticket to Ride, which I won, and didn't end up getting to play Carcassonne at all), and going to Annie's to see the family on Sunday for a roast chicken lunch, I didn't leave the house at all.  Best kind of weekend really.  Watched a couple of epic movies (The Ten Commandments and Lawrence of Arabia), organised, tidied, and cleaned.

I disturbed a colony of ants today.  I was moving a planter box, but they'd setup shop underneath it.  So they spent the next little while grabbing all their eggs to take them underground!

Ant eggs


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I was a big fat lump this weekend.  Only physical activity was weeding the garden/pavers.

Other than that.  Geotagging.  Lots of it.  It's fricken *hard* without a GPS track :(
Also a bit of baking, and planning for Dave2's visit.

And last night went to a "games night" at Mishi's, but after sitting around and nibbling and talking, we ended up just nibbling and talking and didn't end up playing any games. 

Superb blue fairy wren
Superb blue fairy wren

Cherry bee

Sunny Sunday

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Lovely day today.  Although the wind had a bit of a chill in it!

Headed out for brunch.  Went to Black Pepper which is our main haunt.  Service is often a little slow there, but today was particularly bad.  Got there at 10:35, but they said there would be a 15-20 minute wait for a table.  So we went for a walk.  

Gak Gak bird flying
Gak Gak bird flying

Came back at 10:55 and were seated straight away.  But didn't get our food until 11:40 :(:( So was very hungry by that stage.  But the food is pretty good and today was no exception.

Went for a trip to the other side of the lake afterwards to feed the birdies (and the little fishies).


Autumn colours were all over the place (I still haven't taken many for the RiotACT), the red is at home.

Autumn gold
Autumn red

Some bugs at home..

A little butterfly
And these little bastards are destroying the cherry tree :(  Hoping it's got enough energy to come back ok next spring, and then might need to figure out how the heck I can stop them if they come back next year :(
Cherry tree bug

Other than that, really just read news feeds all afternoon (and put away the two jigsaws).

On Saturday they had another open day at Cotter Dam.  Except this time you had to book tickets in advance.  So the whole was much more pleasant and civilised than last time, which involved lots of standing around trying to shelter from the rain and getting stressed over people pushing in trying to get onto the buses.

Pleasant waiting area
Cotter bend
View of the old dam, quarry, piles of rocks for the new dam, and one of the saddle dams
Cotter Dam construction
Face of rock where the new dam will be constructed
Cotter Dam construction
One of the completed saddle dams
Saddle dam
Truck bringing rock from the quarry up for processing
Dump truck full of rocks
The top path is where we got to get out and take photos.  The middle path is where we went last time, but couldn't get out this time :(
Cotter Dam open day GPS track

After the bus trip, went on the Discovery Trail again

The old little bridge across the Cotter River was swept away last year
Bridge all gone
Cotter Dam from the Discovery Trail
Cotter Dam
European Wasp in the car park

Epic crap day (evening) at work.. accidently broke half the network for a couple of hours.. *yay*.  Stressed/depressed.. they'll most likely fire me in the morning :(

Dave gave me a lift home, and I snaffled his camera to take photos of grasshoppers while he was getting petrol.

Can somebody please kill me now? :(


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Went to Fyshwick this arvo so the sweetie could get a new mini stereo for the bedroom (the last one died - won't power on - probably something simple, but not for us.  Besides, he wanted one with an iPod dock).  Stopped in at Officeworks so I could buy some paper (so I don't have to keep stealing paper from work to make my origami). 

Apparently the water signs had another farewell message on them yesterday, but when we went past the one on Barry Drive today it was turned off :(

Came home and made another dodecahedron, this time a three-coloured one.  Looks pretty good.  It's a pity it takes so long to fold PHiZZ units, or I'd have made a bigger one.  Learnt about the Hamiltonian Path.  Photos soon - will be doing some more dedicated stuff for all the origami I've been doing.  This site totally made my night!  Will be naffing some of the patterns off that to make :)

Also made excellent progress on the jigsaw.  Did more on it today than in the three weeks or so that I worked on the flowers.

And just so this blog entry isn't completely colourless..

An eastern rosella in the neighbour's tree the other morning.

Eastern Rosella


Blah but a bit better

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So overnight I was a bit delirious from this cold.  I was stressing over the firewall rules I was going to need opened so I could breathe, and was hoping security would hurry up and approve them.  Hrmm.  So took some Coldeze and slept a bit better after that.

Today I was slowed down but refused to be stopped.  Stu had been wanting to go out for breakfast, so we went to Black Pepper.  It was very crowded, and after nearly getting blown away outside, we only got rained on a little bit.  But the food was yummy yum.

Went down to the lake and photographed some swallows and a blue dragonfly.




Blue Dragonfly

Blue Dragonfly

Then went to the other side of the lake to feed the swans/ducks/coots etc.
Teenage swans

Home via Gem Aquatics.

This arvo I didn't do much, really just read news feeds and started working on my 3000 Ravensburger jigsaw (which I've never actually done myself - I lent it to Marylon once and I helped a bit then).  And photographed all the Harry Potter Lego from last year.

Harry Potter Lego

Tonight scanned 69 photos, mostly from 1994.  Photos included a series on Snowy, my budgie, my 21st birthday and some miscellaneous photos.

This was my budgie, Snowy, that I got for Christmas (or thereabouts) in 1993.  Had him (her? - Dad always thought it was a girl and called it a Widgie) for five years.
My 21st Birthday Cake, with Alphie (sequel cockatoo to Alphie, the Alphatech mascot at my Dad's work which got shipped off to South East Asia or some such convoluted story)
21st birthday cake and Alphie
This is looking down the maintenance shaft of Sydney Tower.  My mother and I climbed Sydney Tower's steps - all 1385 of them!
Sydney Tower maintenance shaft
Aftermath of an "Oops" at Waterfall

Bendora - Finally!!

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Today I took my poor little laser out on the crazy rock roads to Bendora Dam!!  (Not much dirt - much has been washed away recently - they were even regrading chunks of it).  So averaged probably 40km/h on most of it.

First stop was at Piccadilly Circus to photograph the signs, and some flutterbys

Then onto the dam.  

The dam is still full to overflowing.

Bendora Dam
Bendora Dam
Saw a cool bird.  Possibly an Australian Kestrel.
Edit: according to Chris it's a young Osprey

Australian Kestrel (maybe)
Australian Kestrel (maybe)
Walked down to try and get a view of the front of the dam.  Climbed on a concrete pedestal to get a view over the fence.

Bendora Dam
Bendora Dam
Bendora Dam
Then continued wandering down the road.  

Past some of the water pipes.  Some of our drinking water goes through this.

Water pipes
Further down there's a little causeway that was overflowing.

Cyclist at Bendora Dam
Causeway at Bendora Dam
Went back up the hill and found a stairway under the bridge downstream from the river that went down to the river.

Found a skink that had lost its tail recently.

Lizard at Bendora Dam
And an unobstructed view of the dam.  This place would have been flooded last month when all five spillways were spilling.

Bendora Dam
Bendora Dam
Stopped there for something to eat, and several lizards came out to investigate.

Lizard at Bendora Dam
Lizard at Bendora Dam
My car struggled somewhat getting back to the top of the ridge between the ACT and NSW, but it made it.

Stopped at the old arboretum at the top of the hill.

Flowers at the arboretum
And when there was a view of Canberra

Canberra from the Brindabellas
And at Cotter Dam

Flowers at Cotter Dam
Cotter Dam
And the Cotter River (which was at much more normal levels than the last time I was there)

Cotter River
Cotter River
Phewf!!  177km later! 3782m ascent, 3286m decent (odd, since I started and finished at home).  Probably won't get out there again any time soon!

Fly Friday

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Blogging now cause we have peoples coming over shortly for dinner.  Not that I have anything interesting to say :)

Always liking the fact that it's Friday.  Managed to come home, have a swim, clean the house and get dinner on, now at 7:20pm it's quite definitely beer o'clock.  


Here's a couple of pics I got of a dragonfly recently. It was just sitting on the flyscreen and stayed there long enough for me to get some (pretty average) pics of it.


Cicada Season!

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We had another one of our work Christmas parties near the boat ramp on the western side of Lake Ginninderra on Friday afternoon.  It was a lovely day, and the BBQ went really well (thanks Stewie and Jeff!!).  Although I was feeling a bit nostalgic because it reminded me of so many MCSU Christmas BBQs in the past.. 

Anyways, as we were leaving we had to pass under trees full of black prince cicadas (that were peeing everywhere - eww! hehe).  

Of course they needed to be documented ;)







Update: pics are up on the RiotACT :)  I have to agree with the first commenter (actually I mentioned it to whoever would listen on Friday) - they're a much bigger thing in Sydney, so is nice to have them here sometimes too!

Butterfly Week

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So it's been declared Butterfly Week over at the RiotACT.  I managed to capture a pic of one of the little buggers on Sunday morning and sent it in last night.  It made the front page today!  Squee!


Tonight when I came home from work I found one trapped in the garage.  So before capturing it and releasing it outside, I got it to pose for some photos :)  Will send these in as well.


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