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Whoops so it's been like a week since I last blogged..

Friday night the sweetie and I watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Saturday we went to Pulp Kitchen for breakfast.  I ordered a small breakfast raclette with a side of Pulp Kitchen bacon.  Except the waitress thought I said streaky bacon.  No, I said I wanted the chunky bacon (like I'd seen on the RiotACT).  The sweetie ordered a regular cotechino sausage meal.  Well I got streaky bacon after all (not that I'm complaining - it was really good), but the sweetie only got a small meal.  But the food was awesome and I don't think they charged us the full prices that were on the menu.

Pulp Kitchen Breakfast Raclette

Then we did our food shopping and went home.

Fiona arrived in the afternoon, and we sampled the caramel slice I'd made for the evening to make sure it wasn't poisoned! ;)

In the evening we went to Mishi's for a games night.  Chatted for quite a while before playing Citadels which Stu brought along and wanted to play.  I think I might have played it years ago, but I didn't really like it - it was a bit confusing to start with.  And then I got all my gold robbed three rounds in a row, which was completely demoralising (and, as it turned out, game changing - that loss of gold was the deciding factor in where I ended up placing in the game (fourth out of six)).  So yeah not a game I'm enthused about playing again.

Sunday morning we took Fiona to Pulp Kitchen.  This time I had "eggs anyhow with three sides", and this time I made a point of specifying the chunky Pulp Kitchen bacon. The sweetie had savoury granola and Fiona had the breakfast raclette.  The chunky bacon was pretty good, but possibly not as good as the streaky bacon :)

Pulp Kitchen egg and three sides

Went to The Front afterwards for more coffees (I had a babycino)

Stu and Fiona

Stu and I didn't do much else for the rest of the day while Fiona did her own thing.  We had a beef stew for dinner that had been slow cooking all afternoon.

Monday night we (us and @phonakins) met up with @chrispycon and @NathanaelB at King O'Malley's for drinks.  I'd actually met Nat a couple of weeks ago at Jamo, but I wasn't 100% sure it was him so didn't say anything.  Tweeted him later and it turns out it *was* him heh.  So nice to actually finally "meet" him :) Came home afterwards for leftovers.

Chrispycon and Phonakins

Tuesday was a very weird day.  The fog didn't lift all day.  This was the back view at 5pm:

Foggy Tuesday

And then later in the evening some bogans came along and rolled our neighbour's car onto its side :(:( I heard something odd and looked out and saw it, but nobody around it, they must have cleared off pretty fast.  Neighbour called the police but not much they could do.  Fortunately there was very little damage - even the side mirror had just folded itself flat and not been smashed off!

Rolled car

Tonight we just ordered pizza for dinner.  It was that kind of a night!

And so now I'm caught up :)

So I open my Dilbert RSS feed this morning to see this:

"Dilbert readers - Please visit to read this feature. Due to changes with our feeds, we are now making this RSS feed a link to"

So that's another feed I won't be moving to a new feed reader this weekend.


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Picture the situation:

Small sealed training room.  Ten people crowded in.  The person sitting next to you is coughing and spluttering and *breathing* all over the place.

Yeah pretty pissed off at the moment.  I feel like my throat is a bit sore but don't know if I'm just imagining it.  All I know is that if I *do* get sick, it'll be just in time for the weekend.

People suck.


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Some days I swear I wish I could shoot people.

Like the woman on the bus who refused to move over to her side of the seat, forcing me out into the corridor where I'm bashed into with school kids' backpacks.

Or the woman who cut across diagonally in front of me with a pram and then just stopped, wedging me against the side of the walkway.

Or the idiots at the sushi train that dumped their lids back on the train, but jammed them in there so stupidly that they caused a train-wreck when it went around the next bend.

That was just today.

Then there's the lazy selfish people that couldn't be arsed putting fresh food they've picked up back where they got it from when they've changed their minds about it.  So seeing meat and cheese and fresh fruit just dumped amongst drygoods shelves to get warm and rotten.  Such people make me furious.  And not just once either, three times in recent weeks.

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