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Fun Run leaves

Red leaves

Orange leaves

Dark red leaves


Thick ice




Rosemary flowering

Rosemary flowers

Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms

Monday morning last week I moved desks.  I moved into the team I've joined, but I'm still doing the work we brought over with us, but now I'm separated from Neil so I felt even more alone.  Not being able to see the sky and being in the dark certainly doesn't help.

Tuesday morning the pool had started to freeze over.  So there were small (and huge) snowflakes growing all over the surface!

Ice flakes

Ice flakes

Ice flakes

Ice flakes

Tuesday and Wednesday nights I made good progress on the "winter hobby room" - sticking plastic sheeting on the bookshelves to protect all my models from dust, vacuuming, organising, purging, tidying.

Stationery desk

Thursday night was whisky night at work.  My favourite was the Glenmorangie.  Such a lovely sweet smell, and very smooth.

2015 whiskies


Then we picked up C and all went back to their place for a nice dinner of fish and green stuff - real food I called it.

Fish dinner

Driving home Thursday night was super beautiful because of all the fog.

Night fog

Friday night we were back at EffanC's for another nice dinner, and then we watched Life of Pi in 3D.  Such a beautifully filmed movie, and probably the first 3D movie where I've actually appreciated the 3D.

Beef roll

Saturday morning we did a shopping run to pick up a Christmas in July feast - which we prepared at the club for Saturday night.  We cooked four kilos of pork, two kilos of turkey, there was a ham that someone else brought, and we did potato bake, potato, sweet potato, parsnips, brussel sprouts, jerusalem artichokes, eggplant, minted peas and honeyed carrots.  And there was almost no leftovers.  Pretty amazing.

Christmas in July

Christmas in July feast

Christmas in July feast

Christmas in July feast

Christmas in July feast

Christmas in July feast

Christmas in July feast

Christmas in July feast

Christmas in July feast

And there were real live lambs!  Two and three week old lambs rescued from the abbatoir.  Apparently some dodgy farmers will sell pregnant ewes which is illegal.  These lambs were at full term and actually born there and now they're being raised by a couple of members of the club.  They were so adorable.  And happy to be picked up and cuddled.  I even had one start to fall asleep in my arms, until he became to heavy to hold heh.


Sunday we came home and had a pretty quiet day.  Went and saw Annie and Stu's new car.  Made pepperoni pizzas for dinner and watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Last Week

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Last week wasn't quite as bad as the week before.  And then Neil came back which helped.  BBQ at @CLBradley's on Thursday.  

Huge steaks

Friday night Chris and Zac came down.  We had wine and pizza and chatted which was nice.

Saturday morning we hung out at home in the morning.  I made a tomato bake for breakfast.

Tomato bake

Went into Civic and got some lunch at the Curry festival (meat on a stick!), then ice skating at Skate in the City.  It was fun but it was super crowded and the ice was all lumpy and rough.  But towards the end a lot of the little kids got tired and left, and the people that were left were getting better at it, so it was a lot better.

Zac in Canberra

Meat on a stick

Skate in the city

Zac skating

Chris skating

Skate snow

Came home and cooked up a lamb roast for dinner, and Chris made a lemon meringue dessert thingie which was delicious.

Wine and cheese

Chris' Lemon Meringue

Sunday not much in the morning, then tried to get organised in the afternoon.  Went over to EffanC's for some delicious soup and boeuf bourguignon and watched Force Majeure which was somewhat cringeworthy.  And the footage of completely empty ski slopes irritated us hehe.

Have seen balloons (and frost) a few times this week.

Frost and balloons

On Monday morning it was *cold*.  Freezing in fact.  The ice was so thick on the tub of water out the back that I have no idea how thick it actually was.  It held up a potplant with no effort.


There was slight freezage of the pool that morning, but just a few crystals.  Same with this morning.

George came by yesterday and said hi to the fish.

George and the fish


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Friday night, the alarm went off to go out and see the ISS.  Magnitude -3.1 .. Super bright! Super cool!  Didn't have time to setup my camera - was too busy with work :(

Yeah so work.  Was online for about four hours on Friday night making sure they didn't break things.  Then again on Saturday morning while they did in fact break things, and even had to go in :(:(  Would have been a nice day to go out to the club but I was on call :(  On the up side, I'll get a bucket load of money for all the overtime.

Last night Nat and Andrew came over and I cooked a pasta bake and we chatted and ate dinner and then played a couple of games of Fluxx (Stu won one and Andrew won one) and then a couple of games of Buzz (I won one and Stu won one), finishing off with some Singstar which my still-slightly-sick-throat did *not* thank me for afterwards.

Missed the -3.3 ISS pass - phone was in another room while I was doing dinner stuff so missed the alarm.

Jigsaw-piece shaped ice
Jigsaw ice

Dinosaur pasta!
Coles dinosaur pasta

We went on a mission to see how many rules we could get onto the table at once.  We managed twelve.
Fluxx rules

Since the weekend I've been keeping my news feeds under control.  A typical day takes about 20 minutes to read all the news feeds for (it was a lot longer before I culled lots and lots).  Which doesn't sound like a lot until you miss a day or two, then it adds up very quickly.  So got today's feeds read and spent the rest of the evening geotagging.  Well sort of.  Finding photos taken over Japan, Russian and Germany and tagging them in Google Earth.

Just for fun, here's some pool freezage we had on July 30 - the best we've had this winter.  Solid enough to hold up the bird seed container easily.

When I came back an hour or so later, it had refrozen!

Had to smash through the ice on the bucket of water - and the crystals forming underneath the surface were amazing!

Bucket crystals
Bucket crystals

Bit of an all over the place day today.

It was 8:20, so of course I had to get some alerts (a scheduled restart of a server, so I get alerts.. yay.. )

Got up to feed the birds and found the pool frozen over again, but this time, a solid sheet of ice, up to 3mm thick in places!  Froze my fingers playing with it :)  (the bowl of water I have out for the birds had frozen completely solid)

June freeze

June freeze

June freeze
Late morning we thought we'd go see the chookens, only to find out the chooken show was only Saturday and Sunday :(  So tried to get a coffee at Satis, but it was closed :(  Decided to go to Dickson and have a wander round the block, and ended up having lunch there.  Then headed out to Bunnings and Jem Aquatics, then came home - three hours later.. doh!

Spent the rest of the afternoon doing some gardening stuff, and some fish stuff.

So didn't get any of the garage organised.. oh well..

Tonight just watched some episodes of Castle online, and Masterchef and did some UK planning.

Ice Ice Baby!!

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A couple of mornings ago our pool froze over overnight.  I didn't think Canberra really got cold enough for such large bodies of water to do that, but apparently so!  Must have been very still in order for the surface to freeze..

Pool ice
Pool ice
It's only wafer thin!!
Pool ice

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