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Thursday night I got an alert for a three star passing of the space station, so went out with Lachie, followed by Jim and Connor.  They were all suitably excited to see it fly over :)

Friday night the sweetie had an eye appointment after work so we had dinner at Happy's.  Headed to the swim night after that, followed by nibbles and soup at EffanC's.

Saturday was Junee.

Sunday I tried to get through some of my todo list but didn't make very good progress.  Went to EffanC's for leftover nibbles and soup and we watched Fight Club, which I hadn't seen for a very very long time.

The ISS was due to jettison its Dragon module tonight (around now in fact), so with a -2.2 magnitude flyover I decided to record it from here..  and got a lovely shot of it flying between the Southern Cross and the pointers.

ISS Southern Cross

In other news, Dad came through his operation ok, but we won't know for a few days what the prognosis is...

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