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A few days

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Late Thursday afternoon Ben invited us over for dinner (lamb roast, with Serena's awesome gravy) so that was nice.

Cheese at Ben's

Ben dinner

Friday night we watched a German movie - Look Who's Back - about what might happen if Hitler existed in modern day Germany.  It's labelled a comedy, and yes there are some funny moments, but it was all just a bit *scary* for me about the possibility of history repeating itself.

Saturday morning we headed out to Fyshwick to go to Material Pleasures to see if I could get some clothes for this boat trip we're going on.  Except the place was shut down until Monday for Christmas.  So that was a waste of a trip.  So we went to Hardly Normal to look at vacuum cleaners.  Except every fricken cordless vacuum cleaner comes with a roller brush head that would get tangled up instantly with my hair.  So that was all very frustrating.

Came home and just did a bit of house stuff.  Not much, just taking down Christmas decorations. 

This morning I woke up at around 3am and I've been awake ever since.  Stressing about vacuum cleaners (the one Stu is looking at is basically a glorified dustbuster, which I can't see how would be any improvement on the vacuum cleaner we already have, aside from easing the hurdle of actually *starting*), and that my bowels hurt (I think I'm dying).



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Oh did I mention we got evaporative cooling installed during the week?  Should make summers here a *lot* more bearable.

Tonight I finally finished building all Zac's Lego sets.  Fun times.  Now to document it all..

Other weekend stuff included watching Top Gun on Friday night and Star Trek First Contact on Saturday night (we'd just watched Metamorphosis with Zefram Cochrane so were inspired), as well as repotting some of my plants that needed some love.


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FFPD?  Frustrating Proxy Day.  Stoopid things don't log *anything* is a user is denied authorisation to a site.  How fail is that?

Tonight was continued Eat What's In the House week.  Tonight's random dinner was some of those damned white beans from like a year ago.  Then more fish tank maintenance, this time downstairs.  Got to do a day of geotagging tonight, but by then it was pretty late and didn't have the energy to attack the pile of crap next to my computer.

Nothing's tripped the RCD in the past 24 hours.  Wondering if maybe it was the USB charger device that's fairly new and I turned off after both power incidents.  Guess I'll plug the RCD in front of that next ..

In Hot Water

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Last week the power tripped just after we left for work, resulting in cold fish tanks and dead fish.  The hot water circuit had tripped that day as well.

Then on Friday morning, my shower water was just barely warm.  Had a look, and the hot water circuit had tripped again.  Turned it back on, but about ten minutes later the whole house as well as the hot water tripped.  

Uh oh.

So I went and had a look at the tank.  The thing was bulging and there were ants crawling around the electrical bit.  

Definitely uh oh.

Dead hot water

Dead hot water

Called Rheem and told them all about it, and they said yup, she be dead.  The thing is 25 years old, so to be expected I guess.  Very likely the pressure relief valve had gotten stuck at some point.

Anyways, then had to try a replacement.  In a hurry.

Called someone at random from the Yellow Pages - 6 Star Hot Water and Plumbing.  The dude said he'd had a cancellation that morning and could do it right then!  Hurrah!!  So he came out an hour later and spent a couple of hours pulling out the old one and installing the new one.  We're going to have to nuke all the ants that have taken up residence though.

New hot water tank

After he was done, we went into work (via The Scottish Restaurant - it was nearly lunch time after all).

Got home.  No hot water.


Called the dude again.  He wanted me to check it had power (I'd already done that - second rule of tech support after all).  And I'd seen him test it before he left.  So he said he'd drop by on his way home.  Half an hour later he comes by and tests all the connections.  It was definitely getting power, and the thermostat was definitely telling the element to heat up.  So he replaced the element, and we all crossed our fingers that it would work.

An hour later we checked it - hot water!!!! Yayyyy!!!  That was a relief!

Pretty bad that the thing was DOA.  The dude said they basically never have any problems with those tanks though.  So we were just unlucky.

The rest of the week

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Wednesday Kit came over briefly after work for a bit of a cool off (not that she actually went *in* the pool - just her feet!).

Thursday the little brother and Kat came up with the tv and stayed.  Kit and Ben came up as well.  Stu was a little anxious about *stuff*, Kit had decided to quit her job, and all the extra people in the house made for a very strange night.

Friday the sweetie and I had a random day off.  Stu went to the doctor, then we had brunch in town.  Came home and started pulling out stuff to give away and throw out.  Took a whole heap of fluoro lights and old magazines to Revolve and had a walk through the Big Green Shed which was fun.  Also took several boxes of books to Lifeline.  But didn't get too much else done.  Watched Back to the Future II in the evening.

This morning went along to the Mint Open Day.  I'll leave that for a separate post, but their event management and crowd control was just plain awful.

So mum was here overnight Christmas night.  So didn't really get anything much done Boxing Day morning (we did beat the rain on a walk down to Chris' and raced back up during a brief lull - it pretty much rained solidly all day which was *awesome* for Canberra).  Around midday she headed down to visit the little brother in Junee.  I built SPACESHIP!! as well as started a jigsaw mum brought down for me.

In the evening Kit and later Ben came up for a while.

Yesterday morning I completely tided up the fish tank corner of the garage.  Things had been dumped there for months and you had to climb over things just to feed the fish.  Felt so much better to be able to go up to the fish tank without tripping over anything.

I also cleaned the kitchen and then almost completely cleared out the fridge.  I pulled everything out except the condiment shelf, cleaned the shelves, threw out some yukky stuff (including something of Potty's that had rotted in sealed plastic cups that once they were out of the fridge expanded and went off with a BANG - it was soooo loud it made my ears ring and I screamed.. Stu put ear plugs in and took the other cup outside and popped it out there), and then rearranged everything back into the fridge in an orderly fashion.  Felt so much better to have a clean fridge and be able to find everything again!

Then mum arrived back from Junee so didn't get anything much done after that.  Leftover roast pork for dinner.

Today while mum was out and about I spent probably six hours tidying the "workshop" corner of the garage in front of my car.  Mostly just organising all the crap that had just been dumped there over the past year or so.  Felt so much better to be able to walk around that area of the garage without tripping over anything, and be able to find stuff again.

Also did a wander to feed Doc's cat, and pickup a key to feed Annie's cat.

Monday morning last week I moved desks.  I moved into the team I've joined, but I'm still doing the work we brought over with us, but now I'm separated from Neil so I felt even more alone.  Not being able to see the sky and being in the dark certainly doesn't help.

Tuesday morning the pool had started to freeze over.  So there were small (and huge) snowflakes growing all over the surface!

Ice flakes

Ice flakes

Ice flakes

Ice flakes

Tuesday and Wednesday nights I made good progress on the "winter hobby room" - sticking plastic sheeting on the bookshelves to protect all my models from dust, vacuuming, organising, purging, tidying.

Stationery desk

Thursday night was whisky night at work.  My favourite was the Glenmorangie.  Such a lovely sweet smell, and very smooth.

2015 whiskies


Then we picked up C and all went back to their place for a nice dinner of fish and green stuff - real food I called it.

Fish dinner

Driving home Thursday night was super beautiful because of all the fog.

Night fog

Friday night we were back at EffanC's for another nice dinner, and then we watched Life of Pi in 3D.  Such a beautifully filmed movie, and probably the first 3D movie where I've actually appreciated the 3D.

Beef roll

Saturday morning we did a shopping run to pick up a Christmas in July feast - which we prepared at the club for Saturday night.  We cooked four kilos of pork, two kilos of turkey, there was a ham that someone else brought, and we did potato bake, potato, sweet potato, parsnips, brussel sprouts, jerusalem artichokes, eggplant, minted peas and honeyed carrots.  And there was almost no leftovers.  Pretty amazing.

Christmas in July

Christmas in July feast

Christmas in July feast

Christmas in July feast

Christmas in July feast

Christmas in July feast

Christmas in July feast

Christmas in July feast

Christmas in July feast

And there were real live lambs!  Two and three week old lambs rescued from the abbatoir.  Apparently some dodgy farmers will sell pregnant ewes which is illegal.  These lambs were at full term and actually born there and now they're being raised by a couple of members of the club.  They were so adorable.  And happy to be picked up and cuddled.  I even had one start to fall asleep in my arms, until he became to heavy to hold heh.


Sunday we came home and had a pretty quiet day.  Went and saw Annie and Stu's new car.  Made pepperoni pizzas for dinner and watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Weekly Checkin

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So fairly busy week this week.

Monday night the little brother came to stay.

Tuesday they finished off the white chocolate caramel slice.  David also replaced the light in our study which had blown on the weekend so that was nice.

Wednesday we went to the movies to see Jurassic World.

Thursday the little brother couldn't help himself and replaced half the lights in the house with LEDs :)  I also made another white chocolate caramel slice.

Friday was a swim night.

Saturday was a club night which turned out to be a bit of a wedding reception.  The shed was done up nicely and we had a lovely evening.

Club wedding

Club wedding

Club wedding

Sunday was just food shopping and not much else.


Pork belly roast

And so there goes another week.  We did two jigsaws over the course of the week as well which was cool.

And now back to it again ...

Who needs sleep?

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Woke up around 3:30 this morning and never really got back to sleep, except for a little while between six and seven.  Blerf.  Stoopid spine and stoopid brain that wouldn't shut up.


Had a fairly cruisy morning getting things done, then everyone wanted everything at once.  I hate that.  Super stressful.

And I forgot to do my clothes washing tonight.

And my feet are *freezing* which will probably mean it'll take me forever to get to sleep.  


On a lighter note, we thought our hot water system had died because we ran out of hot water this morning.  But it was ok tonight.  So maybe the sweetie just needs to take shorter showers....

Three years ago today we explored Bethsaida, went up Mount Bental, went to Caesarea Philippi, and explored Tel Dan.

The end of the week

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Wednesday I met up with the sweetie and we went to the Wig&Pen at its new premesis.  I have to say I was a little disappointed - it certainly doesn't have any of the character of the old pub.

Thursday was pretty meh.

Friday I went offline and spent about five hours doing doco/paperwork, and then about an hour doing all the changes I'd just written up.  Finished the day with a little fun doing clean up and diagrams.

Today was just bumming around the house sorting out stuff.  The sweetie made up these zucchini/cheese fritters which were quite nice.

Is it bed time now?


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Last night I posted all mum's stuff to the Canberra Freecycle group.  And got a much better response than from the Sydney south one.  The new Sydney Freecycle is hopeless.  It loses mails and I can't get it to send more than a daily digest.  So I'm not surprised if other Sydney freecyclers have given up on it.

So tonight we filled up my little car full of tables, mounted prints, paper, boxes, boxes, boxes, *bits*, more *bits* and *stuff*.

One more week of this nonsense then I'm not going anywhere for a long time.

Today alternated between crazy busy and waiting for people to do things.

Tonight we freecycled the old amp and speakers (the dude was a bit dubious about the speakers) then had lamb roast for dinner.  Then out to Mum's new flat (she got her keys today) to drop off the tv cabinet, china cabinet and mirror.  We built the china cabinet (mostly, need a hammer to finish it off) and suddenly it's like 9pm.  Grunt.  So came home to sort through freecycle and ebay emails (the freezer sold for $200, the tallboy $5.50, go figure) and realised I haven't done any of the sorting I wanted to do downstairs.  Sigh.

Too tired for this crap (even though I got a really good night's sleep last night).

Soldiering On

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Thursday: work drinks, then Amazing Race, not sure why but I'm *still* surprised how loud, tedious and *dumb* Americans are.  Do they not teach you how to tell which way is north in America?

Friday: Watched part of Leon with the sweetie, then Air Crash Investigations and the Bourne Ultimatum.

Saturday: Went to Kingston and Fyshwick with the sweetie and was successful in part of our shopping mission, but not all.  Went hard on the trivia night, got pretty much everything ready except the whole process of getting it into the slide show.  I tried, but I couldn't connect up the work laptop for some reason, and then I couldn't connect to webmail either because I couldn't remember my pin.  So had to abandon that idea.  So I went ahead and finished geotagging all my holiday photos.  Also finished watching Leon with the sweetie.  Quite a good movie, enjoyed it.

Sunday: Cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and started culling holiday photos.  Also went out with EffanC for C's birthday.  Pics soon.  Then back to their place to chill out and chat for the rest of the afternoon.  Quite a lovely afternoon.  Food shopping, then home and then watched Frozen.  Hoping I don't get hungry later, because I really haven't eaten much since lunch time..

So since I last blogged I've been to four parties.

Last Friday was our division party.  It was at the Novotel, so it was a little pricey, but most of the food was really good.  Had some silly but fun activities afterwards, then kicked onto the Wig & Pen.  Went to Zierholz as well after that, but didn't stay long there.

My Christmas cracker joke
Christmas Cracker

We didn't get this.  Turns out "penguins" are like Freddo Frogs - chocolates with individual wrappings
Christmas Cracker

Novotel party

Novotel party

Novotel party

Space Invaders school!
Space Invaders school

Saturday I did house organising type stuff in the morning then went out to the club.  Had a swim and after dinner we played some cards (Fluxx and Uno) with A&J.

Club BBQ

Sunday morning I headed up to Sydney.  

Signs burnt by the bushfires in October
Burnt signs

Fog on Appin Road - really weird considering how hot it was

Went to the home to take dad out for chips, but we got a retarded wheel chair and had an extremelly frustrating time trying to get him to the shops.

In the evening we went to mum's church for a sausage sizzle and carols which was quite nice.

Carols Service

The last time I saw Ruth she was about six years old.. now she's 22!

Monday night I went over to Luc and Lizzi's for dinner.  Lizzi cooked us scotch fillet steaks - yum yum :) Was great to catch up with them.

Lizzi - Paste!

On Tuesday it was the nursing home's Christmas party.  David and Yvonne and Uncle Ian came along too, and we had our own table too.  A friend of Ian's was the entertainment - she sang lots of Christmas songs.  So was a pretty good afternoon.  Did a bit of workshop tidying afterwards.

Palms Christmas Party

Palms Christmas Party

Yvonne being a goofball
Palms Christmas Party

Uncle Ian being a goofball
Palms Christmas Party

Possibly our last ever family photo
Palms Christmas Party

Christmas selfie
Christmas Selfie

Wednesday mum did a great roast pork before I came home.

The car behaved itself too.  The water seems to have gone down a *little* bit but not too much.

Friday was our section party at the lake.  It was super hot and Neil and I were suckers and walked the whole way there.  Dranks lots of beer and bubbly, but also lots of water so had an early night and was totally fine the next day :)

Section party

Henrch won the race to the top of the rope pyramid
Section party

I would love to have joined the boys in a dip in the lake :)
Section party

Yesterday the sweetie and I went out for brunch at As Nature Intended, then did our food shopping.  It was miserably hot and I barely achieved anything all afternoon.

As Nature Intended brunch

In the evening I went over to Kit's for another party so she could christen her new bbq.  Around 10pm I snuck into the lounge room to watch the end of Carols in the Domain.  Even the anti-carols people ended up watching with me :)  *and* they played the Hallelujah chorus which the Sydney one never does, so that was super awesome :)

Kit's BBQ

Kit's frog

This morning the house was ten degrees cooler so got stuck into tidying up the house.  Was at it most of the day.  But of course it got hotter and hotter and by later in the afternoon I was pretty much spent.  Had a swim, then went to Potty's to feed the fish.

And so I'm finally caught up.  Well sort of.  There's still more house tidying to be done.  And photos from the last two months to upload to the blog.  But might get it done by the end of the year.  Maybe  ....

Catchup Weekend

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So the house has been a disaster this week.   Got back from Hong Kong then turned around and headed back to Sydney.  Got home Wednesday night and collapsed.

Thursday and Friday nights, rather than face the mess, I played Diablo with the sweetie.

So Saturday was full steam head cleaning the house and geotagging photos - I alternated between the two.

In fact I was planning on not going anywhere or do anything else all weekend.  But after getting pretty much the whole house tidied up and some of the cleaning done, and a lot of geotagging done, I decided to meet the sweetie out at the club.  There were quite a few ex members there for a pizza night - they'd all left en masse due to conflicts with another committee member.  They were a nice group of people, hopefully they might come back one day.

This morning we came home again via breakfast at the Scottish Restaurant.  Spent the afternoon geotagging (all the photos from the Canon and Random Camera are done now) and playing Candy Crush and also did the dusting and vacuuming.  

Tonight we played some more Diablo before Elementary.

Still haven't downloaded any photos from the past week.. should really do that..


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So I've been looking through the Christmas recipes and needed to know how much *stuff* I have - things like flour, sugar etc.

So I open the pantry and see this..

Pantry - before
Yeah can't really see what's going on in there.

So emptied the whole shelf out..

Pantry contents
Cleaned it, rearranged, threw a few things out, and put most of it back in..

Pantry - after
Taking note of what stuff I need to get more of, and how many more decor containers I need!!

New Lounge

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So this is the new lounge in situ.  We moved the fish tank into another corner and pushed the lounge further back.

New Lounge

Productive evening

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This afternoon had carpet cleaners come by to clean this enormous space

Lounge room
They said this was an easy job, as they usually have to move furniture around.  So they did the lounge/dining/study/hall/bedroom in half an hour!

Then ploughed through my Monday night housework.

Paid some bills.

Backed up my computer.

And did my tax.

Productive Weekend

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So where were we up to?  Hrmmm.. Wednesday.  Will add some photos to this post later.  At the moment I'm in transition and I don't want to lose things.

Thursday was Neil's birthday, and we got invited over to Chris B's.  Picked up some sausages and headed over.  Trampolined with Margaret which was fun.  Lots of food, lots of booze, a pretty good night :)

Friday, pub lunch at the Lighty.  I had quite a nice calamari salad.  Then shared a bottle of bubbly with Neil and Doc after work.

Saturday did some video dubbing to DVD.  Then out to vote and do some shopping.  Gave away some things on Freecycle.  Did some bits and pieces around the house and more dubbing.  Went over to Potty's for pizza and Jake's birthday party.  Lots of peoples there.

Sunday morning I spent an hour and a half in the back garden hacking a path to the back gate (I should have taken a "before and after" photo to show the difference!).  And gave away the Hills Hoist that we've been wanting to give away since we moved in four years ago.  Yayyyyyy!!  Cooked some okonamiyaki for lunch in an attempt to get through our veggie box.  Watched The Last Samurai with the sweetie.  Responded to a wanted on Freecycle from someone wanting computers for "homework" heh.  Hopefully he'll take the three working computers and any other bits and pieces that he might find useful.  So spent the evening sorting all the computer crap into piles to give away and piles to keep, and wiping hard drives.

The back yard is a disaster.  We have this very vigorous plantage at the side fence that is taking over.  Even if we chop it back, we'll have piles and piles of vegetation to get rid of.  Not entirely sure how to go about doing that.  Heck even with a green waste bin it'd be a challenge.  Might have to revisit the idea of a gardener...


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The other week the sweetie bought a coffee machine.  A cute little Nespresso machine that's so easy even I can use it!  He'd previously been looking at fancy machines and fancy grinders that would have taken up a whole lot more space and I never would have learned to use it.  And lets face it, he probably wouldn't have bothered to use it that often once the novelty had worn off.  This one is so easy he can happily make decaf coffees at night, and have them before work, which was far too much like hard work with his old machine.


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