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Lakeside Village

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I realised I never actually posted a photo of the paint-by-numbers I spent like four months doing!

Here it is!

Paint by numbers - Lakeside Village

Here's the eighteen colours it came with

Paint by numbers paints

And here's the twenty-one extra colours that I had to blend (there were eighteen colours to start with, but the pots were all very large and only the dark brown one was almost finished when I was done - they could have made most of pots smaller and actually provided the extra colours! #grunt)

Paint by numbers extra colours

Somewhat annoyingly, several of the colours were all clumpy, and needed water to thin them out.

Dodgy paint

Also, many of the paints weren't thick enough to be completely opaque - most areas needed at least two coats, which was super super annoying.

So while it was a lovely picture, and the detail was amazing and there weren't any mistakes on the board, I'm not sure I'd buy another set from this brand again.

More backlog clearing

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Just some more photos gathering dust that need blogging.

These were all the dried up paint-by-numbers paints I threw out.  In February.

Paint by numbers paints

This was taken during a walk around Lake Ginninderra. In May.

Belconnen peninsula

Italian thick white hot chocolate in a Hug Mug.  OMFG soooo good!

Hug mug

After a very long lunch to farewell our team as it was, I built this.

Everything is Awesome!

We brought this box of Cadbury Creme Eggs home from Junee with us (they'd been sitting in David's pantry for about five years).  We're still getting through them.

Cadbury Creme Eggs

Stu got kitty snuggles with George

Kitty snuggles

This was my lemon meringue mush a while back.  It tasted great but the recipe needs work.

Lemon meringue mush

Lemon meringue mush

This time I got George (and Petal) snuggles

Me and the menagerie

Holy beer it's your birthday!

Holy Beer

We had a bourbon night a few weeks ago.  They all had fairly unique smells but tasted relatively similar.

Bourbon night

Cute little flowers we saw on the walk up the Owl to complete a mission




I totally love daffodils




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So spent the beginning and the end of the weekend swimming with EffanC.

Friday night was a club swim night at a private indoor pool.  Which should be nice in winter.  Except.  The room has terrible acoustics, which meant it got very loud with not many people.  And then people started pegging balls at each other which made it all kinds of tedious.  But then some people left and it quieted down which made it nicer.  Went back to EffanC's and we had some wine and cheese and watched Peter Jackson's Braindead, which apparently used the most fake blood in a movie ever.  But the horror was all so cheesy and fake that it didn't bother me.  Then a couple of episodes of The Katering Show which was hilarious.

Saturday was very quiet, just housework and painting and tv.

Sunday we did some food shopping and then more of the same.  In the evening we met up with EffanC for dinner.  We were going to go to Kinh Do, but it was booked out, so ended up at Chong Co.  

Chong Co spring rolls

Chong Co satay chicken

Chong Co pad thai

Chong Co soft shelled crab

Then back to our place for a chilly swim.


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I first found out that paint-by-numbers were a thing back in the early eighties.  My best friend at the time, Donna Bonnefin - her brother Paul had been given a set of a collie.  I was amazed and wanted to do one.  So I somehow got a double set (could have been a Christmas or birthday present) and did them.  The brush that came with the set with pathetic, and I was still quite young and my motor skills weren't the best, so I actually did most of them with toothpicks.  I gave one each to my nana and grandmother, where they were displayed until they moved into hostels/nursing homes, at which point I got them back.  Since then I've done several over the years.  I am not creative at all but have great attention to details and patience, so these things work well for me.

So this was the first paint-by-numbers I ever did.  Much of the detail was done with toothpicks but the larger areas and blended areas were done with a brush.  These were oil paints which took *forever* to dry, which meant blending worked really well because both sides were wet.  This one went to nana.

Paint by numbers swans

This was the other one in the set - it went to grandma

Paint by numbers ducks

I'm pretty sure these horses were next.  I was still doing some of the detail in toothpicks, but was a bit better with a brush.

Paint by numbers thoroughbreds

Paint by numbers thoroughbreds

Paint by numbers thoroughbreds

Then I think were these kittens.  Before I left Sydney I was giving things away left, right and centre, and sadly I gave these away too.  I'm actually really regretting it.  I hope the person that got them didn't just chuck em out.  I did at least put my website on the back, just in case...

Paint by numbers kittens

Paint by numbers kittens

Then a couple of puppies.  Little bit boring as a very small range of colours.

Paint by numbers puppy

Paint by numbers puppy

I did the bears a bit later on in life - maybe around my uni days.

Paint by numbers bears

These swan lake ones I did as an adult, but I got super frustrated because a couple of the paints dried up before I finished them.  The first one is missing just some of the dark brown, while the second is missing some of the blues as well.  All the sets so far except the very first two were by Craft House, so was a little disappointed.  They're oil paints too, which means that even though I could probably make up the colours using my latest set, it wouldn't be the same because the new paints are acrylic and dry quite matt, whereas the oils have a nice sheen.

Paint by numbers swan lake

Paint by numbers swan lake

And this is the one I completed just recently (bought it for the summer break a year ago).  I was a bit disappointed in this.  It looked nothing like the box for a start, because the paint-by-numbers was modelled on an actual painting, and this looked really nothing like it.  Plus there were mistakes, including on the face where there were two large areas next to each other with the same number which made it look really dumb, so I improvised a bit.  Another annoying thing was this was the first set I'd done where you had to blend your own colours.  Sure it doubled the available colour palette, but it was really painful to work with.

Paint by numbers fox

I'll update this post when I finish my latest set :)

ok here we go.  This took like four months to do - felt like forever!

Paint by numbers - Lakeside Village

After the horror of yesterday, today was a quiet dream.  We fixed one of the problems from yesterday (I got the three relevant parties in a room and they sorted themselves out).  Then I spent the afternoon just Getting Stuff Done.  Infinitely better day.

Tonight I started the new paint by numbers set that arrived this morning, while watching dad's nature documentaries.

So Friday night saw us leaving straight after work for EffanC's for F's birthday party.  This was a very pleasant evening (if a little hot - I really shouldn't have worn jeans) and we stayed outside chatting and stargazing for several hours.

Saturday morning we packed and headed out to the club.  Had a very relaxing afternoon in the pool, meat pies for dinner, and a reasonably early night.

Sunday I spent a good chunk of the morning on my jigsaw, and a good chunk of the afternoon on my longstitch - finished it, yayy!!  Then some more time in the pool, cooked a big potato bake for dinner (which everyone else helped share - so much for leftovers hehe) and then back in the pool because it was *warm* there - much warmer than outside after the change came through.  A lovely evening.

Today we cooked up bacon and eggs and tomatoes for breakfast, then came home.  I went downstairs to hide from the TripleJ Hottest 100, which was quite awful.  Did some jigsaw and watched documentaries.  One of the documentaries was Raging Planet and an episode on cyclones.  They were talking about Andrew and how it had spared New Orleans, but how much trouble it would be in if it got hit head on by a hurricane.  The doco was from 1997, and it was a little unsettling knowing that Katrina did just that a few years later... Did a couple of loads of washing, which was pretty much the only useful thing I did at home today.  Then headed out again to Stu's Japanese class for dinner.  

I still haven't done the vaccuuming.

More Achievements?

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Didn't kill anyone today, I suppose that's an achievement.

And got my flex time back in the black for the first time in nearly six months.

Also went into Optus and halved what I'm paying them each month *and* am not locked into a two year contract.  Definitely an achievement.

Cooked our second night in a row of Costco ribs (beef last night, pork tonight).  Both pretty good.  Completely evil though.

Also got our wedding photo book delivered today.  And they didn't dump it next to the letter box to get rain soaked this afternoon.  Epic achievement.  And it turned out really well, the lightened pictures look a lot better.  

Pulled out all the paint from all my paint-by-numbers sets going back thirty years.  Funnily enough all the paint has dried up in them.  Even the more recent ones.  Which is a bit of a poo because I was hoping to be able to use some of those paints to finish another one I got a while back that I never finished because the paints dried up *while I was still doing it!!*  Was pretty annoyed about that.  I can use one of the paints from the last one I did (even though it dries matt) but don't have two of the other colours I need which is a big poo.  Oh well.


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So several achievements tonight.

Firstly, I finished sorting 2013 photos into folders, leaving just a few thousand from 2014 to file.

Secondly, I finished the paint by numbers I've been working on for a while.  A bit disappointed in how it turned out actually.  Not as good as other ones I've done.

Finally, I finished watching Wonders of Weather, a documentary dad had on dvd.  The last episode featured a whole heap of Simon Carroll's work.  Just amazing.


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So I achieved something tonight.  I finally finished the first pass of sorting my digital photos from year/month folders to folders by subject, finishing off photos from 2003 tonight.  I still have a good chunk of the last two or three years to file yet, so still a bit of work in that space.  Also did a bit of painting and watching dad's weather documentaries.

Today was yet another day of stress, problems and interruptions.

But we did have rather a nice lunch for Aquila's birthday at Black Pepper.  I had some satay chicken skewers which were delicious.

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