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Ok so it's been really freaking stinking hot since we got back (and apparently before we got back as well).

In January there was a week where we had 40C days for like four days in a row.  Hottest January on record.  Our cooler was going nonstop for a couple of weeks straight.

The blue periwinkle went a bit crazy while we were away.  This was about five weeks of growth.  I ripped it all out and have been keeping it down, but is going to take a lot of effort to kill..

One month of blue periwinkle

It got over 50C in the parked car on 18 January..

Hot car

We had a very nice sunset on 27 January.  I was at Chrissie's and Zac called me to come look.  It was all over social media that night.

January sunset

We have had a *lot* of thunder storms.  On 30 January one went over, but most of the lightning was cloud lightning rather than ground lightning.  It flashed *a lot*.  I even captured this on my phone.


Today we had a dust storm.  I'll append a pic here when I download them.


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My lower back has been hurting a lot today :(  Meant today I hardly achieved anything, other than a bit of work on the trivia night.

But stepping back a bit.

Thursday I *finally* got another one of my firewalls in and working.  Not really any dramas to sort out afterwards which was good.

Friday the sweetie took me to Smoque for dinner, and then we had a quiet night and went to bed at 10:30.  But was too hot and uncomfortable to get to sleep.  Until 4am :(:(:(:(  I'm thoroughly sick of all this hot weather :(:(

Smoque wings

Smoque platter

Saturday Stu had to go to the club for a committee meeting, and we spent much of the afternoon in the pool which was nice.  EffanC came over for a while last night and we watched random things on YouTube.

Club dragon

Today was just discomfort from my spine.  Watched an interesting documentary on the Last Days in Vietnam tonight which was really good.

Stinkin' Hot

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I'm completely sick of this heat.  Woke up at 3:20 and couldn't get back to sleep.  Maybe got another hour or two's sleep.  Zombie day today.

Tonight was beer and pool.  And Chrissie and pool.

Still Hot

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Tonight consisted of beer, pool, Chrissie over for dinner, pool, Kit and Ben over for pool, and now bed time.  

Dear summer: please piss off now.  Seriously. 


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It's too damned hot.  Couldn't sleep last night.  Too hot.

Washed my hair tonight.  Maybe a wet head will help keep my temperature down for a while ..

So what else happened.

Saturday night we picked up EffanC and went to Scott's place.  We were very late getting there.  It would have been a nice night, except I was overheating and the music was turned up to a level that killed my enthusiam to talk loudly over it.  Ended up being quite late home too.  At least we had a very nice salad for dinner that C made (and lots of yummy cheese!).  Had a swim when we got home to cool off.

Sunday I was pretty tired on account of not getting enough sleep.  Didn't get a whole lot done.  The heat was too miserable-making.  Did manage to do food shopping.  Kit came over briefly to dip her feet in the pool.  Had salmon and salad for dinner.

George is a spud

But last night I couldn't get to sleep *forever* - too damned hot, even with the fan going at full speed.  Dear summer, it's the middle of February, feel free to bugger off and bother someone else.  Felt like a complete zombie today and all the stoopid got to me and made me grumpy.  Also panicking slightly about my firewall project and getting it done in time.  Even our resident expert is not sure what is going on.  We did make one of them work nicely today though, so just need to figure out what *that* means.

Tonight cooked up a bunch of stuff for dinners/lunches during the week.

It's still hot

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Accidentally overflowed the pool last night.  AGAIN.  Fricken.  Fortunately the heat was keeping us awake and Stu heard it shortly after it started overflowing.  Almost broke my ankle racing downstairs in the dark (and in a state of delirium) to turn the hose off.

This morning I emptied many buckets worth onto the front garden, because it's completely parched.  Then this afternoon Annie wanted to come over for a swim.  Which was fine, but the pool was still completely full, and the displacement of five people (well, seven actually) was going to be a disaster.  So I spent ages emptying more buckets onto the garden.  Then did a backwash and rinse of the filter which needed doing anyway.  Was hot and stressed but felt better after the swim.  For about five minutes until the heat made it unbearable again.

Watched some Sherlock with the sweetie but otherwise just sweltered and tried to keep the fish tank temperature down with ice.

So since I last blogged I've been to four parties.

Last Friday was our division party.  It was at the Novotel, so it was a little pricey, but most of the food was really good.  Had some silly but fun activities afterwards, then kicked onto the Wig & Pen.  Went to Zierholz as well after that, but didn't stay long there.

My Christmas cracker joke
Christmas Cracker

We didn't get this.  Turns out "penguins" are like Freddo Frogs - chocolates with individual wrappings
Christmas Cracker

Novotel party

Novotel party

Novotel party

Space Invaders school!
Space Invaders school

Saturday I did house organising type stuff in the morning then went out to the club.  Had a swim and after dinner we played some cards (Fluxx and Uno) with A&J.

Club BBQ

Sunday morning I headed up to Sydney.  

Signs burnt by the bushfires in October
Burnt signs

Fog on Appin Road - really weird considering how hot it was

Went to the home to take dad out for chips, but we got a retarded wheel chair and had an extremelly frustrating time trying to get him to the shops.

In the evening we went to mum's church for a sausage sizzle and carols which was quite nice.

Carols Service

The last time I saw Ruth she was about six years old.. now she's 22!

Monday night I went over to Luc and Lizzi's for dinner.  Lizzi cooked us scotch fillet steaks - yum yum :) Was great to catch up with them.

Lizzi - Paste!

On Tuesday it was the nursing home's Christmas party.  David and Yvonne and Uncle Ian came along too, and we had our own table too.  A friend of Ian's was the entertainment - she sang lots of Christmas songs.  So was a pretty good afternoon.  Did a bit of workshop tidying afterwards.

Palms Christmas Party

Palms Christmas Party

Yvonne being a goofball
Palms Christmas Party

Uncle Ian being a goofball
Palms Christmas Party

Possibly our last ever family photo
Palms Christmas Party

Christmas selfie
Christmas Selfie

Wednesday mum did a great roast pork before I came home.

The car behaved itself too.  The water seems to have gone down a *little* bit but not too much.

Friday was our section party at the lake.  It was super hot and Neil and I were suckers and walked the whole way there.  Dranks lots of beer and bubbly, but also lots of water so had an early night and was totally fine the next day :)

Section party

Henrch won the race to the top of the rope pyramid
Section party

I would love to have joined the boys in a dip in the lake :)
Section party

Yesterday the sweetie and I went out for brunch at As Nature Intended, then did our food shopping.  It was miserably hot and I barely achieved anything all afternoon.

As Nature Intended brunch

In the evening I went over to Kit's for another party so she could christen her new bbq.  Around 10pm I snuck into the lounge room to watch the end of Carols in the Domain.  Even the anti-carols people ended up watching with me :)  *and* they played the Hallelujah chorus which the Sydney one never does, so that was super awesome :)

Kit's BBQ

Kit's frog

This morning the house was ten degrees cooler so got stuck into tidying up the house.  Was at it most of the day.  But of course it got hotter and hotter and by later in the afternoon I was pretty much spent.  Had a swim, then went to Potty's to feed the fish.

And so I'm finally caught up.  Well sort of.  There's still more house tidying to be done.  And photos from the last two months to upload to the blog.  But might get it done by the end of the year.  Maybe  ....

More socialising

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Today was hot.  So we spent the day doing really not much.  Because it was too hot to feel like doing anything.  And I was on call and had to do a bunch of work in the morning and a bunch of work in the afternoon.

Scott and Kerry and the kids came over for a swim (timed nicely for when I had to do the afternoon work #grunt).

We were going to go to Beer and Meat on a Stick Day, but Stu didn't really feel up to it. And it was hot.

After dinner went over to Annie's for dessert.  Watched the first half of School of Rock, which was utterly ridiculous, but then we came home and I had to see the end of it, which turned out to be ok, better than the first half heh.

It's hot.  :(


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Yeah so most of today was me sitting around feeling miserable in the heat, and playing games on Addicting Games (mostly escape games) in front of a fan.

And doing a snapshot backup of my blog.  Which took like all day (it's still going, after the thunderstorm).  #grunt

Only after the change and a beer did I finally start to feel better again.

So the sweetie and I watched some House, and Flash Gordon, which I saw about twenty years ago, but had not seen since then.  Completely ridiculous, but hey, it had a Queen soundtrack :)
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