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So we just had a lovely long weekend in Queensland (longer post to follow soon).  We were both inspired to eat better.  For Stu, he's trying to be more strict about low fodmap.  For me I'm trying to be more strict about sodium.  At least for a week or two to see if it makes any difference to my blood pressure.  To that end, we went shopping tonight, mostly for our own food.  And then I came home and cooked.  A kilo of chicken thighs, a scotch fillet steak, rice, mushrooms, potatoes, frozen veggies, and snacks.  I was cooking all fricken night.  Blerf.  At least I won't have to cook again til the weekend.

So I had this thought.  What if I'm drinking too much water and that's why I like salty food?

Because on days that I don't drink enough, I can't stand the idea of eating salty food. 

So I wonder which is worse for your blood pressure/kidneys.. not enough water or too much salt?  Probably both ;)


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So apparently the father-type-person survived his quadruple-bypass today - hurrah!!

And just for fun I put in a twelve hour day today, starting at 3:50am.. gotta love UPS blowups..! (not!)


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So I decided today that when the guy I work with is a foot taller than me but only 4kg heavier than me, something needs to be done about my weight (mind you, he's just scrawny, and I can drink him under the table ;) )

Actually I decided earlier in the day that I should have a go at walking home at least once a week.  Fridays would be the best day because of time, and the fact I wear my sneakers to work on Fridays.

So I walked home.

6km, 72 minutes, 8500 steps later...

The balls of my feet are still sore - definitely need to wear better socks if I'm going to do it again..


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I sneezed today at lunch time, and have had a runny nose ever since :(  Damned annoying.

And my main email address is getting a whole stack of spam bounces.  Also most annoying.


Coolest website of the day -  !!  Insanely cool!  Damn I miss living next to the airport :(:(  Daniel somehow managed to get tracks out of it and laid them over Google Maps .. must ask him how he did it..

Flight paths over Sydney

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