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Home. It's hot.

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Left a 30C Sydney for a 40C Canberra, although thankfully it wasn't that hot when I got here.

Was so immersed in the world of Harry that I had to keep reminding myself to watch out for kangaroos trying to win themselves Darwin awards.  A vanilla coke also helped keep me awake.

Pretty much just got home, jumped in the puddle, then got ready for bed.  Lovely to see the sweetie again.

Survived the week...

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Just barely .. more blog posts to come, backfilling.

Stopped in at Tony's on the way home for a refreshing beverage, then we got Pizza Capers and watch Deathly Hallows Part 2.


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So I heard the most wonderful news today.  Warner Bros will be opening up Leavesden Studios to the public next year for Harry Potter tours!!!!  I saw the studios from across the road last year (including seeing the tops of the Knight Buses and Privet Drive, and the hanger likely to house the Great Hall) so as you can imagine I'm all EPIC SQUEEEE!!  Think I'll be slotting that in next year along with Legoland.

Also went to Jindabyne today to see the dam spilling, but will blog about that when not so grumpy about missed photo opportunities.
Deathly Hallows So last Friday night we went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1) (found a single person to take the third seat so we could book them, thanks Dave).  

Not bad.  Not hugely great, but decent.

What I did really like about it was that it was fairly faithful to the book.  The movies haven't been this faithful to the books since the first couple of movies.

Of course that meant it dragged on while they're wandering round the forest.  Which was a major complaint in the book. 

No explanation offered as to how the Burrow was magically rebuilt since the last movie.  No pun intended ;)

The ridiculous "coincidence" scene was thankfully dropped (where they *just happen* to be around some people they know and get some useful information).


Six months or so to go...

Spring Saturday

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I'm still pissed that iTunes lost all my Trip Journal GPS tracks.  The same backup/restore didn't wipe the iPhone "notes" I took during the trip, just the Trip Journal stuff.  I dread to think how many photos I took out the window of the car that I'll never be able to find now :(  Had a couple of beers at lunch at work yesterday which helped a little.  But not much.

Today was ok.  Built some Lego.  Read lots of news feeds.  Cleaned the kitchen.  Tried to sort out finances (with the intent to figure out how much our holiday cost us in the end).  Dreading doing tax return.  

Watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone tonight.  Was epic cool to see all the been-there's we saw last month :)

Every time I think about my GPS tracks I get sad again .. *sigh*


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Generally crap day.  Finished completely craply at work.  Potty came over and we had pizza and watched Harry Potter (and the Half Blood Prince).  Then I went and hung the washing out and got depressed about work all over again *sigh*

And this just cause.

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Half Blood Prince So, it being opening night and all, and the fact that I'll be on call for the next week, and the fact that Windy will be covering Sunday for me so I couldn't ask him again and and and

Anyways, we went and saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince tonight.  

It was pretty good.  There was a lot of humour, which I suppose offset the darkness.  Voldemort really didn't feature at all except to be talked about.  They finally had to give Draco's mother a face (but sadly no Lucius - him being in Azkaban and all). Ginny got much more screen time this movie which was great, considering she was shafted in the last movie.  The movie flowed pretty well and I think did ok at condensing rather a long book into the movie.

But of course I kept thinking, especially towards the end, "that's not how it happened" .. "that's not how it happened" ..!  Especially the climax.  Where was the battle?  There was supposed to be a battle!  And in the end you never find out *why* he's (not mentioning any names) the Half Blood Prince.  

So all in all not bad, but don't think as good as the last one.


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I've just finished reading the Deathly Hallows again.

And I must say I think I enjoyed it much more the second time around.  The first time I got bogged down in the middle where they were wandering aimlessly in the forest and got a bit bored of it, but for some reason I didn't feel that this time.

I still didn't like how you never find out what happens to everyone afterwards.  If it weren't for some of the online interviews I read, I'd still be wondering.

Anyways, I guess I'll start reading the Little House on the Prairie books next, as the rest of my to-be-read pile is in storage at the moment..

Mirror of Erised

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Stu asked me tonight what I'd see in the Mirror of Erised.  The first thing that came to mind was a quiet but happy life with my sweetie, on our computers, doing our own things but still together in a life of domestic bliss.

So there.  :)

(Gonna need more John Williams at the reception.. :) )
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