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Where is the sweetie?

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Nearly home!  (relatively speaking ;) )

Where is the sweetie

Before we went to Japan I put a lot of work into a big Google Map of things we wanted to see.  I even found out how to  make a backup of it - you put &output=kml  to the end of the url.  

Trying to decide if I'll update that map, or make a Google Earth kml file of some of the places we went to .. decisions decisions...

Nothing much

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Had a (sort of a) colleague (actually a vendor/consultant) of Stu's over for dinner tonight.  Was a very pleasant evening of wine and Stu's cooking and House.  But does mean I got nothing else done tonight.. oops..

So yeah, with that said, nothing much else to say, which makes this a very boring entry. 

Does anyone know how to backup Google's "My Maps" ..?  We've put so much effort into ours that losing it now would be somewhat devastating...


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Been getting pretty frustrated with Google Maps.  Often it will start to work, but then everything will stop, and a netstat will be full of syn_sent messages.  I originally thought it was vista because it started happening when I moved to Canberra and got a computer with vista on it.  But I have a feeling it's our router setup playing silly buggers, because when it's being stoopid the old w2k machine also has problems.

So it's been a little frustrating.  But it was working well enough later on to do a bit more Japan planning.  Busy planning everyone else's itineraries and sightseeing.  Hope they don't mind ;)


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I noticed recently that Google Maps had added some beautiful high resolution sections of Canberra.  These were taken very obviously on a weekend, and apparently around March.

What I hadn't noticed until tonight was the Terrain button.


The hills at the northern end of the ACT..

Google Maps Terrain

Lake Burragorang..

Google Maps Terrain

Mt St Helens..

Google Maps Terrain

I could go all over the world doing this it's so much fun .. except it's bed time..

I could even resurrect my Google Earth challenges.. except participation was so poor last time I gave up..

Remember I was excited the other week because my *car* was on Street View?!?  


Was showing the parents street view tonight and went down the street and there I am waiting at the bus stop!!  I would have seen the Google car and not even realised!! Fail!! hehehe

I don't understand how people could be upset about themselves being on Google Earth - I think it's fricken awesome!! :)

Kazza on Google Maps Street View

Kazza on Google Maps Street View

  • Damien and Amanda got engaged!!
  • Google Maps Street View came to Australia!!
  • Stu got a promotion at work!!

Google Earth Street View

My car is famous!
Google Earth Street View

Even found their car!
Google car 1
Google car 2
ahh.... I could spend hours doing this... ;)


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So tonight Stu had his first book club meeting with the girls.  I went along because I wanted to have dinner with Stu, and the alternative was to just go home alone.  Natalie and Andrew came along for dinner, as Natalie was going to bookclub too.  So that was all very pleasant.  And then they started the meeting, and Andrew and I were told in no uncertain terms that we were a distraction, so we removed ourselves from the scene.  And went inside and chatted about all sorts of crap.

And pondered the physics of the carbonated straw, and why it didn't tip over the edge.  Things like surface tension, volume of coke in the straw, lip of the glass, etc.  :)

Carbonated coke straw
Then Andrew mentioned he had a blog, but wouldn't tell me where it was, because obviously that would be no fun!  He gave me a clue of "it's a town" and I quite randomly guessed a town a mere 30 minutes drive away!  But it was a challenge to find a map of the said location, as Google maps hasn't ever worked on this blackberry.  Until tonight!  When somehow I managed to click on a link that reinstalled it, and now it works!! I was very excited. :)  Looks like I have a couple of years of posts to meander through heh

Afterwards we investigated the spiral stormwater drain and played in it for a bit before heading home.

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