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End of January

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Starting Australia Day.

Saturday: All The Things!  I renamed and resized all six thousand odd photos from the Canon from the holiday.  Watched Julia sans Julie.  Had a lovely lunch with the sweetie at Chong Co.  Did our food shopping.  Geotagged a lot of the Canon photos.  Watched Fuller House and The Usual Suspects.

Sunday: Began processing iPhone photos from the holiday, dealing with random changes in time zones and the fact that APPLE SUX (still raging at Apple randomly changing the date fields on my files).  Had dinner at Chrissie's.  Had Over the Hedge on cause Zac wanted to watch it, but Chris and I chatted and didn't really watch the movie.

Monday:  Had a good nights sleep.  Continued iPhone photo processing.

Tuesday:  Backed up the computer (and all that work on the photos).  Salmon for dinner.

Wednesday:  Zombie day on account of epic insomnia on Tuesday night.  Couldn't get to sleep.  Maybe it was the salmon?  Not the first time I've had salmon then not be able to get to sleep.  Got up to resizing and geotagging the iPhone photos.

Thursday:  Had F over for pizza for dinner, and watched bits and pieces of Stephen Colbert.  Appreciated the cool change!  Couldn't get into my computer before I went to bed.  It was swapping hard and the login screen was unresponsive.  In the end I got impatient with it and rebooted it.  But in the process corrupted the inboxes in Eudora :(  


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Back to reality today.  Wasn't too bad I guess.  Two hours catching up with emails.  Some planning for trivia next week (I somehow got talked into running a trivia night).  And fixing something I broke last year.

Tonight was Good Place, and processing and geotagging photos.  Have been doing the little Sony, making decent progress there.

Yesterday was pretty much rinse repeat of Saturday, except we didn't go out.

At one point I was filing some of Stu's photos from a couple of our Hong Kong trips.  For some reason I'd just dumped them in my "in tray" but never actually put them in with the holiday photos.  So was trying to sort out that mess.  And of course those photos haven't been renamed, resized, rotated or geotagged so there was all that to do.  So there I was geotagging our 2016 trip and got into a total mess on Peng Chau.  Some of the photos from that day seemed to be five minutes out, so adjusted the tagging accordingly.  But then later photos were in the wrong locations for those times.  And then it seemed that some in the middle were out of order.  And in fact they were.  When I'd renamed them based on their timestamp it'd placed later photos before earlier photos.  It seems that the camera was on long enough to get a GPS signal, and adjusted its time from being five minutes fast to being the correct time.  Will have to exif-adjust the first lot, and rename them with the correct timestamps.

In the middle of all that drama, I thought I'd compare those photos to mine, that I'd already geotagged.  Except my photos didn't have any geodata! Horror!  Turns out I'd geotagged the actual masters, rather than the resized masters.  So none of the photos I use for distribution (blog etc) are geotagged.  Sigh.  I might try and find some scripts to export and import geodata.

Did a lamb roast for dinner, and left the sweetie to work on his essays while I went down to Kit's for a while.  Slightly late night.  Whoops.

Dramas in Bathrooms

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Ten years ago this month I was scraping yellowed silicone sealant off my shower walls in Sydney.

This month I'm scraping back grout off my shower walls in Canberra.

Le sigh.

Oh did I mention that the ensuite shower doesn't have any sealant at all around its corners, and is leaking under the house as well?

Le sigh.

On a lighter note, the sweetie cooked dinner tonight (pork larb), and I backed up my computer and did some more holiday photo labelling.  I'm 8% of the way through our last trip.  Not too bad an effort I guess, considering the effort I'm going to be specific about locations (thanks geotags!).

Crazy Week

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Completely crazy week at work.  At least it was a short week.

I've finally finished filing and sorting the holiday photos.  And by that I mean changing exif data and renaming files that had the wrong times for whatever reason.  And fighting with the iphone which for some reason on one of the days decided to make the file names an hour different to the actual times taken.  No idea what that was about.  And filing the videos and correcting their times as well.  I swear, holidays should only ever be in one timezone.  Or I need better records of when I take photos so I can line everything up again later.

Thursday night I went with Kit to a party at Heather's (or one of Heather's friends).  It was fun but I was like twice the age of some of the people there.  So it was a little strange.  I felt old!  Unfortunately it was a pretty late night, and of course I woke up at 6am didn't I, so was tired all day yesterday.

We did get out for a walk to Palmerville.




We were watching M*A*S*H over dinner when the little brother called.  What was the name of your ship he asks.  Queen Mary 2 I says.  Watch channel 7 (6) at 8:30 he says.  So we put on Fantasia 2000 at 7:00 and then at 8:30 watched a special on the Queen Mary 2, filmed on a transatlantic crossing not long after she was built.  It was pretty awesome.  Thanks David!

Slept a lot better last night.  Will tackle the todo list today.


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We've had a pretty quiet week.  We did go down to Kit's for a little while last night though which was nice.

This morning we got up relatively early .. scratch that.. Stu got up relatively early .. I'd been awake since 5:30am on account of having a sore spine from our dumb mattress.  Anyway.  Got ready and went to the farmers markets.  I actually find the farmer's markets somewhat stressful - too many crowds and too many transactions to get stuff from multiple vendors.  We had pies before we started, which were stressful in themselves due to having nowhere comfortable to sit to eat them.

Did a load of linen washing, fixed the hinge in the laundry door (the pin had almost worked its way out), and fought with our network for ages.  I still can't get the NAS working on the Cisco switch (which turns out to be unmanaged, so can't see any sort of logs), and one of the network cameras (which I swear was working this morning) is also being a poo.

Went to Coles in the afternoon and remembered why I hate it so much - there's still no trolley bays in much of the car park, so you have to walk your trolley all the way back into the shopping centre to get your money back.  Fills me with so much rage.

Got invited over to EffanC's, but we're still potentially contagious, so decided not to go.

Have been resizing holiday photos, but geotagging is super painful due to our super awful internet right now.  Our SNR Margin is 15.  Our loop attenuation is 66.  According to Draytek our internet shouldn't work at all....


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You know how Stu came down with gastro the morning after we got home?  Well try as we might to avoid passing the germs on, I still managed to get it.  First sign was before lunch yesterday, so decided to come home.  Was actually fine for the afternoon, and worked from home, albeit very slowly with our terrible internet.  Was unwell last night but at least I wasn't sick (I think I got a milder case).  Decided to work from home again today (again, with super slow internet).

I've geotagged two days worth of photos, and selected highlights from day 1.


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Tonight I finished looking at and geotagging the last three (four) days of the trip.  All twenty thousand photos (including mum's).

That took longer than the trip did..!

Argo and Stuff

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Friday night we watched Argo.  I liked it, aside from constantly thinking "did this *actually* happen?".  Well the plane chase apparently didn't.  heh.

Had a pretty quiet weekend.  Did a lot of housework and stuff.  Geotagged a few days worth of photos.  Did food shopping yesterday.  Watched several episodes of TOS.  This afternoon I pretty much just cooked all afternoon.  First up a raspberry crumble from a packet of frozen raspberries that had been in the freezer probably since I inherited them off Potty at the end of last year.  Then a breakfast lasagna.  Then a real lasagna (prepared but not baked yet).  Had a break to have a walk at the very muddy Palmerville.  Then finished up with a small roast for dinner.

Palmerville parrots

Palmerville parrots

Palmerville parrots

The sweetie made good progress on his essay until he got a migraine tonight :(

Now we're both going to have an early night.


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Last night we went over to Ben's new place for dinner.  He made a lasagna which was delicious.  Then just chatted and half watched the food channel.  His new flatmate Tim seems like quite a nice guy.


Bit better day today.  Even though I never rebooted, the scanner decided it would work this morning so scanned thirty six photos.

Tonight my todo list took me til just now (9:40pm) to get through.  It include such things as cooking dinner, cleaning up the kitchen and running the dishwasher, taking out the recycling, doing a load of washing and hanging it out, and downloading my photos and backing up my computer.  That one took a while because I was closely watching it to make sure windows 10 didn't do anything funky with robocopy.  Aside from some new status codes (anything that's not modified is "modified" - wtf?? and some files said "older", but what the heck does that mean?  It still has extra files, actually modified files, new files etc.  Weird weird weird).  But I checked source and destination file and byte counts and it all looked ok.

I also managed to geotag day 33 of my trip, and after adding the exiftool to the exclusions list from Windows Defender, it seems to run a *lot* faster!

Now it's 9:45pm and I still need to wash my hair.. :/

Had a thoroughly awful day today :(

Mostly because of crappy proxies.  I take it personally when they don't work.  Which is a problem when they're just plain buggy and I don't understand how they work anyway and everyone expects me to be the expert when I'm damned well not.

Also, if you want me to freak out completely, just put me on the spot about aforementioned proxies in front of a room full of people from other organisations who want to know why our proxies are so bad.  Yeup.

And I also spent hours fixing another team's problem because I thought originally it was my problem.  But it wasn't.  *sigh*

Spent tonight geotagging photos.  Did all the random camera photos except for Disneyland, where I took over five hundred photos but didn't take the GPS with me.

I finished geotagging the parents' photos tonight.  So that's all 23500-odd photos geotagged!  Not a bad effort considering I've only been home seven weeks ;)

Now for the next step.. culling them down for slideshows..!
Last weekend I finished geotagging all of my holiday photos.  I'm still working on my parents' photos.  They won't be done as accurately though.

Here's a couple of fun things..

My geotagging of Legoland in Denmark.  The big cluster of blue is "miniland"
Geotagging Legoland
The big circle across the globe.  Copenhagen->Zurich then Zurich->Narita
Big Circle geotag
This is the furthest north I've ever been on (or above) the planet.  68 degrees, 29 minutes, 29 seconds.
Most northerly point
And a photo taken near that northernmost point.
Most northerly point

Today was a much better day.  Aided by the fact that I got to spend most of it documenting.  We have a particularly complex application that had broken yesterday and I had no idea how it worked, so we spent a couple of hours trying to figure it out.  There's documentation, but it's practically unreadable.  So today I decided to learn how the application fits together by starting from scratch and redocumenting the entire dev environment.  Not sure how the person who documented it originally will feel about that, but can't be helped I think.  Heck even if noone else uses my doco at least now I have a much better understanding of how it works.  Even if we found so many problems that we need to do a *massive* tidy up!

Tonight the sweetie cooked dinner, and then I geotagged Europe photos.  I particularly liked my day in Amsterdam which included two canal rides and a bus ride (pinpoints don't include Random Camera photos).

Amsterdam Cruising


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I've been working through my geotagging steadily, doing a few days' worth tonight.  I've now geotagged all of the Israel and Jordan photos.  Next step will be culling out the truly boring ones (like all the pictures I took of everything I ate!) and burning DVDs for anyone in the group who wants a copy.

Some of the places were a little challenging as I turned off the GPS logger while I was at a place that involved just walking, because some of the days were very long and the battery wasn't quite good enough to last all day. 

Here's the track around Jordan, including the flight to Cairo which carefully avoided Israeli airspace!

Jordan geotagging


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I was a big fat lump this weekend.  Only physical activity was weeding the garden/pavers.

Other than that.  Geotagging.  Lots of it.  It's fricken *hard* without a GPS track :(
Also a bit of baking, and planning for Dave2's visit.

And last night went to a "games night" at Mishi's, but after sitting around and nibbling and talking, we ended up just nibbling and talking and didn't end up playing any games. 

Superb blue fairy wren
Superb blue fairy wren

Cherry bee

Geotag, Family, Gah!

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Spent a good chunk of the morning geotagging photos.  Then we went out for lunch and ended up spending all afternoon visiting Stu's various siblings, firstly at Kerry's, then at Annie and Stu's new house.  Was a nice afternoon, but it really cut into the time I'd planned to geotag today.  Going to be extra busy tomorrow!

New house
Annie in the kitchen
Violet is 16 months, Immy is three and a half...    !!!
Violet and Immy
Birthday cake for Stu (and me)
Then did our food shopping, and then Stu spent an hour and a half cooking dinner.  It was pretty good.

Stu cooking dinner
Stu's dinner
A year ago today we left Tokyo and flew to London!

Kii Peninsula

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Have I ever mentioned how hard Geotagging photos is? Especially from trains? In other countries with not great Google Earth coverage in places? 


This only took like ten hours to do.. almost as long as the trip itself!

Kii peninsula

Bored yet? :)

410 photos.  And all of this was walked - no trains as we didn't bother with the Tube strike that day.

London Wandering
As I was reading the blog entry for that day last night I remembered I'd actually already tracked where I'd walked for the first few days in London in gmap-pedometer.  I'd so totally forgotten them that I hadn't even downloaded them off the usb stick I've been carrying around ever since then!

London Wandering
Although I did note that there was a pretty big mistake on the Hyde Park track.  Funny how a year later I had a better memory of it than that the same day I was actually there..
Day three of our London wanderings.  477 photos geotagged today.

London Wandering

Had leftover lamb roast for dinner tonight (leftovers from Saturday night - had Kat over for dinner).  Been anxious for the better part of today and this evening.  Stoopid stressful work :(  Need to remember to stay calm, otherwise I'll end up with high blood pressure like last time it was this stressful at work :(

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