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Semi Social Sunday

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So a relatively quiet Sunday.

Well sort of!

This morning Doc came by to play with his Christmas present - a hedge trimmer!  He hacked away at the side hedge, and only tried to electrocute himself once (the house decided it didn't want to comply).  And he took me out to show me the free greenwaste recycling centre out at Holt - who knew!

Lunch of salad, then Doc and the family came by for a swim which was very pleasant.

Stir fry for dinner, to use up the last of the vegies, then Tristan came over to drop off some guppies before he moves to Brisbane.  And there was much chattage and story telling for an hour or two.

And there's been rain! So much wonderful rain!! :)

And sadly the weekend comes to an end...


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I was a big fat lump this weekend.  Only physical activity was weeding the garden/pavers.

Other than that.  Geotagging.  Lots of it.  It's fricken *hard* without a GPS track :(
Also a bit of baking, and planning for Dave2's visit.

And last night went to a "games night" at Mishi's, but after sitting around and nibbling and talking, we ended up just nibbling and talking and didn't end up playing any games. 

Superb blue fairy wren
Superb blue fairy wren

Cherry bee

Spent at least two hours this morning attacking the foliage in the front yard.  Lots of chopping of cherry tree suckers, pulling up of weeds, and hacking away at plants in general, trying to get it all under control.  Piled up a *huge* pile of foliage to be chopped up more and put out in the garbage one bag at a time.

After lunch, I did a jigsaw I'd borrowed from the coast.  Just a map of the world, but with Qantas' flight routes on it - as of April 1965!!  With a 707 :)

Qantas Jigsaw
Qantas Jigsaw
Other than that, just a bit of house tidying and news feed reading.

The little brother turned up just before dinner, so instead of Stu cooking a fritatta for us, he decided he didn't want to cook at all, so I had to make pizzas for the boys.



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Thought I'd plant one of our new (well not so new any more we bought the things like six weeks ago) rosemary plants in the front garden today.  The instructions said it liked a well drained soil.  So epic annoyance when I dug out a place for it, and it is just *clay* :(

So the whole front garden is going to need a lot of work if I want plant more herbs there ...
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