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Today alternated between crazy busy and waiting for people to do things.

Tonight we freecycled the old amp and speakers (the dude was a bit dubious about the speakers) then had lamb roast for dinner.  Then out to Mum's new flat (she got her keys today) to drop off the tv cabinet, china cabinet and mirror.  We built the china cabinet (mostly, need a hammer to finish it off) and suddenly it's like 9pm.  Grunt.  So came home to sort through freecycle and ebay emails (the freezer sold for $200, the tallboy $5.50, go figure) and realised I haven't done any of the sorting I wanted to do downstairs.  Sigh.

Too tired for this crap (even though I got a really good night's sleep last night).

This morning I woke up at 5am, and had to think for a moment where I was.  Got up to go to the loo and noticed the power was out.  Had been since about 3:30am.  I'm suspecting another faulty fish tank heater.  So outside to reset the circuit breaker, and then back to bed for a bit.

Had a very slow day.  I still never want to leave the house again.  Which could make going to work tomorrow challenging.  *Especially* because it's work and all the dramas going on there is stressing me out.

So we just stayed inside all day.  I did a bit of house cleaning in the morning, but lost interest in that after a while.  

I did a small jigsaw (one of the $1 jigsaws I picked up at KMart a couple of weeks ago).
Buttons jigsaw

The sweetie enjoyed coffee in his Christmas present from Yvonne.  They're pretty funky little glasses.
Coffee glasses

And he also built our Christmas present from the parents - a little coffee table (called "Lack") for the study 

This is the sweetie's space in the study now

Other than that I just caught up on news feeds, and fought off depression about having to go back to work.

New Lounge

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So this is the new lounge in situ.  We moved the fish tank into another corner and pushed the lounge further back.

New Lounge

Not a bad weekend

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Friday night the sweetie and I continued our Lord of the Rings watching and watched The Two Towers.

Saturday, after documenting daffodils and cherry blossoms, we headed out to Hardly Normal to check out the new version of our couch.  We decided we'd take it.  

Cherry blossom
Parliament House
The sweetie likes the new couch
Lounge take two

Did our food shopping before heading home.

Our plans for having people over on Saturday night fell through, so we drank the beer and did the roast chicken anyway.  After seeing a Hollywood apocalypse video on Neatorama, I thought we should watch a disaster movie, so settled on Armageddon, given that it was also a Michael Clarke Duncan movie, who sadly died this week.

Today we had Damien over.  We (they) chatted for a while before they went downstairs for a war game. 

Gaming Day

I finished this jigsaw in the meantime.  Someone had done some research and labelled it "La Compania de Jesus Church, Cusco, Peru" .. a google image search of that found some stuff that didn't look like it, but a reverse image search found this site, so looks like it's actually Iglesia de la Compañía, Quito, Equador

Church jigsaw

And so ends another weekend.

Yeah so it's been a week since I blogged.  Sue me.

Work.  Yeah, busy.  What else is new.

Tuesday the sweetie and I had a flex day off together which was pretty awesome.  My plan for half the day was to pull out the old amplifier and replace it with the new one we bought last weekend.  But by the time I'd pulled everything out, cleaned it all, cabled everything up, and put it all back together, it was mid afternoon.  And by the time we got the amp configured it was 4pm :(  So what started off as a great day (take a random day off work - highly recommended!) became a bit frustrating at the end.  And I don't even have any documentary evidence of my work :(

Tuesday night we met Peter at the Dumpling Inn for dinner.  We had our usual shredded beef peking style, chinese broccoli, and something we hadn't tried - bbq lamb in shantung sauce.  That was a bit heavy, and not as good as the other stuff.  But we all had room for dessert!

Dumpling Inn
Dumpling Inn
Dumpling Inn
Dumpling Inn
Also on Tuesday our new buffet arrived.  So we moved that last night to its position in the lounge room.  The contents to adorn the top of it are still being decided upon ;)

Today I mostly just felt blah and not inspired to do anything much (like the whole cleaning of the house that I need to do).  So just read news feeds, organised photos and did a jigsaw I started on the last coast trip.

Where was I?

Thursday night was BBQ night at @CLBradley's with his family, Aquila and Robert, which was lovely.

Friday morning was utterly miserable (dark and rainy in the morning) and the sweetie was sick so wasn't going to work so wasn't going to give me a lift and I didn't feel like catching the bus in the rain, so I ended up working from home.  

Friday night/Saturday morning was terrible.  Didn't get to bed til after midnight, and then at 4am got an alert which I'd never had to deal with before, so was up trying to deal with that during hurty when I'd run out of some of my painkillers.  Not at all pleasant.  Went back to bed a bit after five, but was too cold to go back to sleep properly.  Then the patching alerts started at 8am.  The final straw was the sweetie playing a fart noise on his phone right in my face which jolted me awake once and for all.

So not too much got done on Saturday.  Did our shopping in the afternoon.  And over to Potty's to watch Tower Heist.  Which actually kept me awake and wasn't as completely stupid as your average Ben Stiller movie is.

Had a great sleep last night, nearly eight hours of fairly solid sleep which was awesome.

Today was just pottering around the house.

Then out to Hardly Normal to buy a buffet that we'd been wanting to buy almost since we bought our dining table three years ago.  And as we were walking around I saw a lounge suite that I basically fell in love with, and accidentally spent another $2000 that I certainly wasn't planning to!  Impulse buying like that goes against every fibre of my being, but after I'd wanted it but then pulled back and was trying to talk ourselves out of it, or at least ponder it for a while, the sweetie decided that he really liked it too and convinced me to get it after all.  Ooops!!

Lounge Suite

Then home to work on the fish tank and dinner.

Oh, and it seems my parents are back from their post holiday holiday .. hi! :)
This morning I slept in til about 10am, which is completely unheard of for me!  I was shocked :)

Then the sweetie and I went into town to see Arietty.

What a delightful movie!!

Sweet, sad, and stunningly animated.

The sweetie wants to move into Sho's family's house heh.

So yeah, thoroughly enjoyed it.

We saw it in Japanese with English subtitles.  Which is at least one good thing about the Dodgy Dendy.

So after that we grabbed some lunch in the food court, then went and did out food shopping.  I debated buying some "Australia" but they only had big jars, and we'd *never* get through it.  So just documented them instead.

Australia Vegemite
After putting away the shopping, we brought up Stu's new chair.  Well, brand new second hand.  But he got a pretty sweet deal (the person he bought it off had recently spent like $380 getting it reupholstered (Stu paid ~$100) and the dude's father in law wasn't too happy that he was getting so little for it).  This is not its final home (although I do like it where it is - I can sit and watch my screen saver from it :) )

Purple Arm Chair

Then I sat down to do a 1000 piece jigsaw.  It took about three and a half hours.  Probably the fastest I've ever done a 1000 piece jigsaw.  And because it promised to be so easy, I took a timelapse of it.  Which I might put together tomorrow.

Milky Way jigsaw


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Happy Australia Day/Invasion Day, whatever you want to call it.  My ancestors set foot on this country two hundred and twenty-two years ago today! 

We celebrated by building some more Expedit shelves :)

Rumpus room - during

Didn't have any lamb in the house, so ended up having beer and pizza for dinner. It seemed a vaguely Australian thing to do.. altho the pizza not so much ;)

Shelving continues

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Spent a good chunk of today moving the rest of the books into the garage, and building more shelves...


Rumpus room - during
Building shelves
Far end shelves in position

Nice day

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Had a fairly productive day today.  For a while I was setting a timer and doing 15 minutes of computer stuff then 15 minutes of non computer stuff.  Non computer stuff was mostly tidying tho heh.

Spent a good chunk of my afternoon locating my flight photos on Google Earth.  Got freaked out when I saw the ocean was *moving* !!

Then Stu went and got Nat and also James came over and I did a lamb roast - yumm!  And so doing christened our new dining table :)  Then we wiied and generally had quite a lot of fun.  

Dining table christening

This moonrise was actually yesterday


It's good to have the sweetie back home.  Altho I did enjoy being able to make the bed in one second flat - instead of the usual several minutes it takes me to straighten out the bedding that Stu puts all over the place when he sleeps ;)

Dining Table

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Our dining table arrived today.  It's huge!!  And weighs a tonne too.

Of course the first thing I did was spread out all my Japan bits and pieces all over it, and stuck all the little bits of paper and receipts into a scrapbook.

Dining Table

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Stu decided.  He wanted a dining table.  Today.

So we went to Fyshwick (Hardly Normal).

Most didn't strike our fancy, but one did.  It's perhaps not 100% what I would have chosen if I'd had more choices, but it doesn't seem too bad.  Pretty expensive tho :/  Altho not in comparison to the ten thousand dollar massage chairs....!

Anyway, so we should get it in a few weeks.

New dining table

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