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Saturday morning I gave away the fridge from the caravan that never worked on 240V.  One less piece of clutter in the house!

Then we headed out to the club.  I chatted to Chris and helped de-nail fence palings in the morning, and helped with the working bee (more de-nailing of fence palings) in the afternoon.

Club lizard

Club new fence

Came home and were all set for a quiet night in, started watching Back to the Future, then Kit invited us down.  Serena had brought Jenga Quake.  Which was my third variation of Jenga this week.  At work they have an original set.  At the club there's a much bigger set.  Quake has plastic bricks which have less friction so are a little easier to pull out.  But we didn't use the quake platform cause that's just silly.  Stayed up a bit too late annoying the neighbours by singing along to seventies music.

Today I barely did anything on the todo list.  Best I could manage was to clean the kitchen.  Did our food shopping, cooked/ate dinner, went for walkies with Chrissie then finished watching Back to the Future.

Mt Rogers Bug


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So got home from Mum's in time for dinner Tuesday night.

Wednesday night we went to Beijing House at Hawker shops with EffanC.  We got some dumplings, but after being spoilt by dumplings at Din Tai Fung in Taipei and Sydney, these were chunky and dry and boring.  Not terrible, just not great either.  The service was pretty bad though that night, it took them *forever* to bring out our entrees, then the mains came out straight away.  And they misheard one of our orders, which fortunately they didn't have, so we didn't end up with a dish we didn't want.  And in the end it was probably a good thing as we were totally full anyway.  Did a big food shop, then went back to their place for a nightcap on the way home.

Beijing House entrees

Beijing House dumplings

Thursday I had a quiet night organising freecycle crap.

Friday was our floor party that I organised.  Thirty seven people (minus a couple that didn't show up).  Ate and drank just about everything and I think they day went pretty well.  

Party supplies

Came home and put flocculent in the pool, then watched Air Crash Investigations and Die Hard (I think our disk is faulty - it dies at a spot in the middle, and I think I remember having the same problem last time we watched it.

Today I was up early and emptied the car from the final trip to Sydney.  Organised all the freecycle crap that's here for people to collect.

Half way through the day and already have done lots of organising, two loads of washing, made up the spare room bed, and tidied two rooms.

Still a long way to go though to get the house looking presentable...


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Last night I posted all mum's stuff to the Canberra Freecycle group.  And got a much better response than from the Sydney south one.  The new Sydney Freecycle is hopeless.  It loses mails and I can't get it to send more than a daily digest.  So I'm not surprised if other Sydney freecyclers have given up on it.

So tonight we filled up my little car full of tables, mounted prints, paper, boxes, boxes, boxes, *bits*, more *bits* and *stuff*.

One more week of this nonsense then I'm not going anywhere for a long time.

Today alternated between crazy busy and waiting for people to do things.

Tonight we freecycled the old amp and speakers (the dude was a bit dubious about the speakers) then had lamb roast for dinner.  Then out to Mum's new flat (she got her keys today) to drop off the tv cabinet, china cabinet and mirror.  We built the china cabinet (mostly, need a hammer to finish it off) and suddenly it's like 9pm.  Grunt.  So came home to sort through freecycle and ebay emails (the freezer sold for $200, the tallboy $5.50, go figure) and realised I haven't done any of the sorting I wanted to do downstairs.  Sigh.

Too tired for this crap (even though I got a really good night's sleep last night).

Yesterday morning we went to As Nature Intended for breakfast.

As Nature Intended
As Nature Intended
Then went to Bunnings and also did our food shopping.

Pretty much the rest of the weekend (aside from the Nara Candle Festival) was spent cleaning and tidying around the house.  Spent quite a while yesterday cleaning the pool while the sweetie did some gardening.  Organised a big pile of computer bits and pieces.  Did some video dubbing (until the DVD player had an error - hoping not a permanent one).  Freecycled our leather lounge suite (the one Stu got on Freecycle when he moved to Canberra in 2006).  Cleared everything off the lounge and study floors.  

The space in here looks *massive* at the moment.  It's quite nice to not see clutter everywhere!  It got to the point tonight where you could *finally* see all the effort that I put in all weekend.  At least in here.  The dining table, family room and downstairs are another matter...

Productive Weekend

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So where were we up to?  Hrmmm.. Wednesday.  Will add some photos to this post later.  At the moment I'm in transition and I don't want to lose things.

Thursday was Neil's birthday, and we got invited over to Chris B's.  Picked up some sausages and headed over.  Trampolined with Margaret which was fun.  Lots of food, lots of booze, a pretty good night :)

Friday, pub lunch at the Lighty.  I had quite a nice calamari salad.  Then shared a bottle of bubbly with Neil and Doc after work.

Saturday did some video dubbing to DVD.  Then out to vote and do some shopping.  Gave away some things on Freecycle.  Did some bits and pieces around the house and more dubbing.  Went over to Potty's for pizza and Jake's birthday party.  Lots of peoples there.

Sunday morning I spent an hour and a half in the back garden hacking a path to the back gate (I should have taken a "before and after" photo to show the difference!).  And gave away the Hills Hoist that we've been wanting to give away since we moved in four years ago.  Yayyyyyy!!  Cooked some okonamiyaki for lunch in an attempt to get through our veggie box.  Watched The Last Samurai with the sweetie.  Responded to a wanted on Freecycle from someone wanting computers for "homework" heh.  Hopefully he'll take the three working computers and any other bits and pieces that he might find useful.  So spent the evening sorting all the computer crap into piles to give away and piles to keep, and wiping hard drives.

The back yard is a disaster.  We have this very vigorous plantage at the side fence that is taking over.  Even if we chop it back, we'll have piles and piles of vegetation to get rid of.  Not entirely sure how to go about doing that.  Heck even with a green waste bin it'd be a challenge.  Might have to revisit the idea of a gardener...
I still don't have pictures for this entry.  If anyone cares, come back in a few days.

The first half of the long weekend was great.

Friday night we went over to Nat and Andrew's and met Suki.  Soooo cute!  Had pizza for dinner, then played some Wii music (some bits of it were fun, others were tedious), Singstar, Wiiracas and Mario Kart.

Suki and the sweetie

Saturday we went to Belco markets for breakfast and to look at fish shops.  Got back and got some housework done then spent a good chunk of the afternoon doing fish stuff.  Stu did a big tidy of the fish stuff in the garage and I cleaned out the danio tank and took the five danios back upstairs.

Sunday was doing more housey stuff when I started having an immune reaction.  So went and lay down around lunch time for a couple of hours.  The rest of the afternoon went in slow motion.  Did do a little tidying of my hobby room, so at least the day wasn't a complete waste :/

Today was just a mopey blah sort of day.  Did a jigsaw.  Ripped some of my cds.  Did the food shopping cause we had to.  That was about it really.

Opera House Jigsaw

I did freecycle a couple of inkjet printers which was good.  Although a bit sad giving away a printer I spent $300 on back in the day.  Nowadays it's practically cheaper to buy a new printer than it is to buy new ink.  So stoopid.
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